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Summary: For some the needs of the flesh are greater then for others. What do you do when you have no chance of relieving yourself? Yuri F/F Usagi/Hotaru

Warning: Contains adult situations. Will contain Yuri. If you do not like, click Back in your browser. You have been warned.

Hotaru woke with a muted cry through her clenched teeth. Her breathing was laboured and sweat poured from her forehead.

As the fog lifted from her brain she began cataloguing the things she noticed. Her right hand was in her pyjama-pants, and she could feel that it was all sticky. Her left was under the top, resting on a still sensitive breast.

"Mou, that's the third time this week," she grumbled.

It had begun about two months ago when she had experienced another growth spurt. She had finally started catching up with her real age and was now in a body of a thirteen year old. While she appreciated that fact that her growth was accelerated she did not like the havoc this played on her hormones. A normal girl would start with vague feelings and curiosity, Hotaru had been thrown right into a frenzy of fevered dreams and great hunger.

It didn't help that her classmates was scared of her still somewhat dark personality and that her abnormal growth forced her adopted parents to move her to new schools every time they happened. Both those things made her a lonely child and she had sought solace in her hobbies. Her collection of antique lamps was growing steadily, as was her collection of books, and she could spend much time in her room, taking care of the former or reading the latter.

She didn't blame her parents though; Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama had done their best to raise her. They where however a bit too young and inexperienced to really be able to take care of all the abnormalities in Hotaru's life. And while Setsuna-mama also contributed in raising her, she was most often guarding the Time-Gates. Had Hotaru been a normal girl she would have been fine, now however she struggled a bit.

As her breathing slowed down to a more normal speed she started going over her options. It was clear that she needed to talk to someone about how her body was reacting, the question was who. She dismissed Haruka-papa immediately. The masculine girl was hardly ever serious enough to be a solid support and this would be prime teasing material for her. Setsuna-mama was away on another long stint at her post and Michiru-mama was away on a tour and would not be back for a few weeks.

That left her with the other senshi. Most of those she only knew fleetingly. The only one she had any regular contact with was the moon princess herself. Usagi had taken special interest in Hotaru after her rebirth after Mistress Nine. She had talked the older outers into letting her be the primary babysitter for Hotaru and the older Tsukino's had seen this as a good way for her to be more responsible and had readily agreed to the deal. (Of course, Usagi had presented it to them as just a way to get more spending-money, as she couldn't give away their common ground as senshi. She had also been vague on the details of the family itself.)

"That's it," Hotaru said out loud in her now quiet room, "I'll ask Usagi-san when she comes here tomorrow."

Haruka had a race in another town tomorrow night and after that it would be a party. She would spend the night at a hotel and wouldn't be back any sooner then the next afternoon. Usagi would stay the night at the Outers house. That would give Hotaru plenty of time to vent her troubles to Usagi.

"And Usagi will know what to do," she said as the drowsiness from her orgasm set in. "Even though she doesn't have the same problems she is very good at telling me the right things."

With that she fell asleep, content with the decision she had made.


In another part of Juuban another girl was in much the same position. Her right hand was working furiously inside her bunched up nightgown, her left almost mauling her breasts. The piece of cloth she had stuffed in her mouth muffled the most of her moans.

Knock, knock. "Usagi, go to sleep now, you have school tomorrow."

And like that her arousal died and was replaced with a burning irritation as she let out a whimper of frustration. She took the improvised gag out of her mouth and tossed it across the room in anger.

By Selene, what have I done to deserve this? Damn you mother, two hours of work unmade. And when I finally got rid of Luna too.

Tears of frustration leaked from her eyes as she tossed in bed, trying to fall asleep as soon as she could. She new that it would be impossible to work herself up again after the interruption, just like it always was. In the last three months she had only gotten of once. It had gone so far that she had trouble getting aroused, as every time she started; she was reminded how she kept being disturbed. And as a normal session for her took about an hour and an half at the least she really didn't need that.

She was aware that her libido was higher then what was normal from the times she had breached the subject with the other senshi. They had been so sure she was too innocent to really know anything about sex and had been very careful about what they told her. She had managed to work out that while they got the urges it was nowhere near as often or as hard as it was for her.

It had taken her much puzzling and reviewing her memories from her past to find out that it was the fault of the Silver crystal. Being bonded to the greatest magical object in the universe did have its downsides. And unfortunately the clash between teenaged hormones and the crystal had not been one of the things that her predecessors had included a solution to. Of course, this would not be such a problem if she just could deal with those urges in a timely manner.

But her schedule was full of school, study-groups with her fellow Senshi to bring up her grades and chores to do at home to earn her allowance. She had also no privacy at home with Luna in her room most of the time, her mother and father disturbing her or her little brother barging in on her despite all the times she had told him not to.

It didn't help that she was very vocal, a screamer even. The first time she had orgasmed, she had scared the living daylights out of the neighbour that thought the poor girl was murdered. She had been mortified to have him ask her about it later that day and she claimed she had seen a spider.

Mamoru was of no help. He had left for America and his education there and she had not heard a single thing from him. She would still be worried about that if she could feel past her frustration and need.

And the times she had been at sleepovers with the girls they had been entirely too nosey to leave her alone long enough. She had been so desperate that two weeks ago she had blamed an upset stomach to skip one class and frigged herself of in one of the toilets of the school.


Usagi adjusted her panties before looking in the mirror above the sink. It was right before first class and she had left the other girls for a quick trip to the bathroom, telling Ami she had drank to much this morning. While it had been necessary for her to pee it was for other reasons then that. She couldn't have any accidents ruin her plans. She smirked at the mirror. It was lucky this bathroom was abandoned. Of course, the fact it was only minutes to class-start was a big reason, one she had counted on.

She smoothed out her skirt before lifting the front of her blouse. There, taped to her skin right under her bra, sat a small control. The wire from it was similarly taped to her skin down to where it went under her skirt. She caressed the control with her index finger for a moment before pushing the switch to its lowest setting. A shudder went through her body, and her nipples hardened.

She straightened out her blouse and left. The pleasant buzzing from her nether-regions was already affecting her. If all went according to plan she would be ready before lunch. It was a gamble, the risk of giving herself away was big but she didn't have any other choice. She was slowly going insane and this was a desperate plan to get some relief. She had worked it all out in the last week. The vibrating egg was purchased via the magic of the transformation-pen making her look older. The clerk at the store hadn't even lifted an eyebrow at the nervous young woman buying several different toys.

She hadn't been able to resist the temptation to buy more things while she was there. She had raided a small emergency stash of money that she had saved. It had been safe through even a week's drought of sweets and manga when her allowance had run out and none of her friends was willing to share any more. Now though, she had encountered a crisis worthy of depleting that reserve.

Swiftly walking to the classroom she was a bit distracted when she felt the first moistness spread in her pussy. It was one of the bigger problems with her plan, that the juices she would produce could give her away. She had pilfered one of the pads her mom used for her monthly problem, a bigger version than the ones she used herself. Hopefully that would be enough to keep her from dripping all over the place.

Just before the last class of the morning she was ready to launch the final stage of her plan. She went to the teacher and explained that she had an upset stomach and needed to visit the loo. Her awkward gait and the beads of sweat on her forehead convinced the teacher that she wasn't bluffing. As soon as she got permission she raced to the nearest bathroom and simultaneously cranked the vibrator up the last steps, to full power.

Once there she went to a stall she had prepared for use. The lock had been jammed with a small bit of metal so that the stall would be the least desired to use by others. She removed the metal and locked the door. Once in she stripped out of her uniform and then removed a small package from behind the water tank. Ripping it open she had in her hand a plastic gag to silence her moans with.

She quickly placed it in her mouth and fastened the straps behind her head. She pulled down her panties and ripped of the tape with the control and wire. Then she plopped down on the toilet seat, one hand going to her pussy and the other pushing under her bra to find a nipple. A finger nudged her throbbing clit and she released the first moan she had let herself give today.

Thirty minutes later she was almost at her climax. Her bra had long since joined the rest of her clothes on the floor and she was now only clad in her socks and shoes. One of her braids had come undone and the other had been used to tease both her nipples and clit, and was somewhat sticky. Now though she had given up any subtlety and both her hands was working furiously at her pussy. Her left hand was under her wiggling butt, working fingers in and out of her hole. Her right hand was at her front, flicking her clit at a wild pace. Suddenly she tensed, her head resting on the tiles of the wall and her back arching. She screamed through her gag and bit down so hard her teeth actually made marks in it.

It didn't go on for more then half a minute but for her it felt like hours. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever had. When she slumped down she tried to catch her breath, but she had no time to enjoy the afterglow. She heard the door to the bathroom open and then Minako's voice echoed between the walls.

"Usagi-chan, are you in here?"

She knew that she couldn't ignore her friend or she would not hear the end of it so she fumbled loose the ball gag and, in a voice not quite steady, called out: "I'm here Minako-chan."

"Are you okay? Have you been here the whole time?"

OH yes, I'm more then okay, the moon princess thought. Out loud she said: "I'm better now, just a bit tired."

"Wait here while I get the others, we split up looking for you."

When she heard the residing footstep of the Venusian girl she pulled herself up to sit straight. She had no time to lose, and pulled some paper from the dispenser and started towelling of all her emissions. It took three flushes before she was done with the worst and she turned to the sink instead. She was thankful these stalls had a sink inside them so she could use that to clean up. She wet a paper towel and then made another pass over her body. Just as she wet number two she heard the outer door open again and chattering voices.

"but she sounded really tired," came Minakos voice.

"Usagi, how are you feeling?" half shouted Makoto.

"I'm better now, give me a minute to freshen up." Usagi threw the last towel in the trash-bin and picked up her panties. The pad went the same way as the towel and she put the somewhat damp knickers on. Her bra was next in line.

"Are you sure, can't you open the door so we can see you?"

"Just give me a few seconds, I'm not decent," and there she had to stifle a snort. Not decent indeed. She quickly put on her skirt and then flung on the blouse, without buttoning it. She flicked the lock open and then the door. Outside stood three worried inner scouts, their eyes searching her for answers. She flashed them a calming smile and stepped out of the stall.

"Usagi, you don't look well," Ami pointed out. Well she couldn't blame them for thinking that. The signs she hadn't manage to clear of did point at massive exertion and dehydration. She walked over to one of the sinks in the main room and filled plastic cup with water, drinking noisily.

"I'm fine; it was just something I ate that didn't agree with me. I thought that sandwich wasn't really fresh." She gulped down another glass while Minako rolled her eyes.

"But you was here for the whole class," Makoto said.

Usagi adopted an embarrassed expression and turned around. "Well my stomach just wouldn't stop running and I didn't want to have an accident in the hallways. So I waited long after my stomach settled." Now she looked downright sheepish. "And I ...ehh...fell asleep in the end"

All three senshi rolled their eyes at that. "But now I feel much better, just a bit tired…and hungry."

"I don't think you should eat anything now Usagi, it's not good for you," Ami warned.

"Please," Usagi whined, "just something light. Then I'll be right as rain."

In the end Ami had let her eat and she had happily wolfed down her entire bento. The girls had thankfully chalked it up to her enormous metabolism.

She had been in a wonderful mood the rest of the day, without the frustration hanging over her. Unfortunately she had relapsed during the night, when she had a dream about that day's masturbation. In it she had been interrupted by the Senshi and when she awoke her frustration was rising again.

End flashback

This led her to here and now, laying in bed and wishing she could achieve another orgasm. The future didn't look to bright though. The next day she was going to baby-sit Hotaru for the evening and the whole night.

And there is no chance in hell that I will masturbate in the same house as the innocent little firefly.

Even if she is a cute little piece, with that tight little but she has.

Gah, bad Usagi. Lusting after a little girl now? Thank God Haruka isn't there for long though, I wouldn't be able to take any of her flirting without jumping her. And what would Michiru do to me then I wonder?

You could always pull her into a threesome.

Absolutely No. I will not use my friends as sex-aids.

It would be long till she fell asleep.