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Hotaru's mind shut down, not just from the unexpectedness but also from the pleasure of her first kiss. Sure, she had kissed in her fantasies; it was how they usually started. But the real thing was so much better than any fantasy she ever had. Her eyes fluttered closed, and a moan escaped her.

Suddenly she felt her lips being parted by an outside force; startled she realized that it was the older girls' tongue that was sneaking into her mouth. It took a few moments for her to react to this development but when she did she enthusiastically responded and soon their tongues danced around each other.

Usagi on the other hand was even further gone. Her mind was almost solely focused on the feeling of the body beneath her. She poured all her longing and lust into the kiss, trying to make it as good for Hotaru as she possibly could. Her right hand held the smaller girls head, while her left was placed on the couch-seat for support.

The kiss was different from the ones she had with Mamoru. They had made out at several occasions, sometimes up to the point of light petting. But while those had been as filled with heat and felt as good, there was something nagging her and she tried to analyze it as much as her lust addled mind allowed. She had known there would be a difference between kissing a boy and a girl, but there was something extra in this kiss, something she could not identify.

After some time of trying to find the difference she gave up and decided to just enjoy it. It was not the time for thinking, at least not for the kind that didn't lead to greater pleasure for the both of them. She instead placed her focus the younger girls taste. At first there had been traces of ice-cream and fruit, but now those had vanished leaving only the pure taste of Hotaru's mouth. Usagi could not describe it, but she knew that it would from now on be one of her favorite tastes.

Hotaru was slowly adjusting to the sensations washing over her. By now their tongues were dueling fervently, and she was growing comfortable enough to take some initiative. Her hands found their way to the older girl's back, at first just lightly bunching her shirt but soon they started roaming up and down. The pleased hums from Usagi encouraged her and she let the kiss consume her. Soon it was not enough for her though, and she absently pulled the shirt out of the way. She felt a spike of uncertainty when her fingers encountered hot skin, but the feeling was immediately quenched by a pleased moan and even more energized kissing from the older girl.

Usagi almost couldn't believe when her shirt was yanked up; she had not expected Hotaru to be that forward. She dove deeper into the kiss, her tongue twirling. After a while the hands on her back didn't move enough though, impeded in their range by the now bunched up shirt. She pulled back, her lips separating from the younger girls' with a wet pop. She took a moment to savor the glazed look and swollen lips of Hotaru while she undid the two topmost buttons of her shirt. When they were open she pulled the shirt loose from the front of her skirt where it was still stuck and then over her head. Throwing the garment over the back of the sofa she dove in to resume the kiss and the smaller girl eagerly met her.

She wasn't done yet however. She shifted her knees forward, carefully sitting down on her own heels and Hotaru's legs. This released her left hand and she sneaked it under the raven haired girl's t-shirt. Fortunately it was several sizes big and she could easily reach any part she wanted. She felt the small hands on her back roaming higher and higher before starting to manipulate her bra. It only took a moment before the bra snapped open, and after a quick wiggle it also went behind the couch.

"My turn," Usagi said huskily after pulling back again.

Hotaru raised her back from the couch and stretched her arms up to let the golden haired girl pull the t-shirt of her. She did not wear a bra, so her small mounds were exposed immediately, her nipples already erect. Usagi wasted no time and returned to the kiss. This time however she made sure to press her chest down so that their breast were touching and adding that stimulation. This caused Hotaru to throw her head back and moan. Usagi seized the opportunity to start planting kisses down the smaller girl's throat, and she didn't stop going lower until she reached the peak of one lovely breast.

The moment Hotaru felt the mouth on her nipple her hands flew to the golden locks, intent on making sure the sensation would last. She made sure not to grip too hard, but it was only just that she managed. She gave a whimper of disappointment when Usagi released her nipple, her hands trying to hold the older girls head there. It was of no use, but she was soon rewarded with those warm lips closing around her other nipple.

Usagi was thoroughly enjoying herself. The feeling of suckling on a girl's breast was even better than she dreamt it would be, and she admitted to herself that she could not deny herself the pleasure of doing it again. The pleasured moans she managed to coax from her lover were the sweetest sounds she had ever heard and she wowed to cause them as often as possible from now on.

Her hands were roaming over the smaller girl, trying to memorize the feel of that wonderful body. She soon reached the hem of Hotaru's pants and she started pushing them down. Hotaru got the idea quickly and lifted her hips to make the removal easier. Both of them were surprised when her panties followed the trousers down but Usagi made use of the opportunity and removed them too.

Hotaru looked on as the blond briefly got up from the couch to unfasten her skirt and take off her panties. It was clear that the older girl was very aroused, her panties were soaked and the pussy itself was glistening and puffy. She looked her lover over, for the first time seeing her body totally naked. The sight aroused her even more; she could feel her juices start dripping.

Usagi was surprised at how fast she was getting aroused, even with her being primed before; normally it would have taken her much longer to reach such heights. She absently chalked it up to being with another person, and that she wasn't just using a fantasy. She saw that Hotaru was not far behind, both from how wet she was and from the lustful glint in raven haired girls eyes.

She surged forward, again pressing their bodies together and resuming their heated kissing. Now there was nothing in the way for their exploring hands, and they both made full use of this opportunity. Hotaru's hands where concentrating mostly on the older girls back, with the occasional foray down to her ass. Usagi had a firm grip on the smaller girl's hair with her left hand and her right was wandering over the exposed side. Suddenly she leaned to the left, resting her weight on her left elbow and pulling up her right leg, bracing against the back of the couch. Hotaru had just before placed her left hand on the older girl's ass and reflexively caressed the raising leg all the way up to the inside of the knee where she took hold of it.

Usagi used the new position to sneak her right hand in between their bodies and down to the junction of her lover's legs. Hotaru gasped at the new and unexpected move and threw her head back in pleasure.

"U-usagi, ohhh!"

"Shhh, don't talk, just feel," Usagi whispered while kissing the smaller girls throat.

The blonde's nimble fingers started exploring the warm and moist opening, searching for what gave the most pleasure. She touched the pussy all over, but regularly made a pass over the small but now erect clitoris. The smaller girl now breathed in small gasps, obviously quickly getting closer to the edge. Then Usagi suddenly drew back, rising up from her position even as Hotaru tried to hold her back.

"Usagiiii," the smaller girl whined.

The older girl gave a throaty laugh. "Don't worry, you will like this."

Hotaru watched entranced as Usagi moved up against her, straddling her left leg and lifting the right out of the way. Her eyes flew up to meet the deep blue ones when she realized what was going to happen.

The moment their pussies touched it was like they had been exposed to a live wire, their bodies jolting. Hotaru let out a small scream and reached up to grab the older girl's shoulders; dragging her down for more kisses. The flurry of movements made their cunts lose contact, and it took them a few moments and some wiggling to rejoin them. Again the sensation shot through them, but this time they remained pressed together.

Usagi was totally blown away by the sheer pleasure. She thought she had felt pleasure before, with the orgasms she got from masturbation; but this, this was something totally different. It was like going from a bland meal prepared by a talentless chef to an expensive meal on a five star restaurant. A part of her mind reflected that, as those orgasms had hardly been fulfilling as it was, she would probably not be able to go back to satisfy her own needs.

After a short while they found a rhythm that suited both of them and that allowed them to concentrate more on pleasure than technique. Their combined lubrication made sure that they had no risk of too much friction and the absence of hair, Hotaru's by age and Usagi's by shaving, made for a smooth ride. Usagi arched her back so that their breasts were just touching and putting most of the stimulation on the nipples. The feeling of them trailing on the skin was fantastic and when they occasionally met it sent a jolt of pleasure through them both.

Their kissing soon turned frenzied and their hips started moving in fast jerks and circles, both fast approaching release. Suddenly Usagi threw her head back.

"I'm going to come soon Hotaru-chan!"

"Hold on for just a little while, I'm almost there," pleaded the smaller girl.

Then it happened. It was just a small shift in both girls' position, but suddenly their clitorises met head on. Both girls went rigid as the almost painfully pleasurable sensation propelled them both into orgasm. Usagi straightened out her arms, threw her head back so far it almost rested on her shoulder blades and virtually howled. Hotaru was only dimly aware of that though, as the orgasm short-circuited her system. Her hearing was muted and dominated by her thundering pulse, her vision grayed at the edges.

Usagi's movements turned so fast and short that they could be better described as vibrations, and though it all their position held so the sensation didn't lessen. It soon became too much for the smaller girl and she turned limp as consciousness left her. That finally removed the contact between their clitorises and Usagi collapsed, panting harshly. She had just enough sense returned to her to remember to use her elbows to make sure she did not crush the smaller girl under her weight.

She tried to calm her heavy breathing, only slowly succeeding. Looking down she saw that Hotaru was totally out of it, though the steady rise and fall of the young girl's chest indicated that she was fine. Usagi laughed under her breath, but it quickly turned into a cough. She rubbed her throat and grimaced, the scream having left her sore. She reached over and grabbed one of the cups, taking a sip to ease the pain.

Noting the chill of perspiration drying she figured it was best to make sure they did not get cold. She grabbed a blanket from a pocket on the back of the couch and placed in on the armrest. She carefully lifted Hotaru and turned her around so she lay on her stomach, then slipped in under her, ending up with the smaller girl lying on top of her. She grabbed the blanket from the armrest and threw it over them both before settling in for a nice post romp nap.

Hotaru woke slowly, feeling warm and secure. She burrowed her head deeper into her pillow, lulled back to sleep by a rhythmic slow heartbeat.

"Wait, heartbeat?"

Her sleep clouded mind started processing the sensation her body sent it. She immediately noticed that she was naked, as she could feel a blanket against the skin of her back. But it was the sensation against her front that really caught her attention. Instead of textile she felt skin against skin and under her head was not a pillow but two soft breasts. She blushed a fierce red as the memories of the day started catching up with her and she identified the body under her as Usagi.

Her first instinct to bolt was tempered by the fact that any fast movement would be very likely to wake the older girl up. That hesitation gave her time to think through what had happened. The fact that Usagi had instigated the physical contact helped calm her a lot. Whatever it was that had happened between them was clearly a mutual thing.

She listened to the blond's calm breathing, pondering the older girl's actions. In retrospect, it was quite obvious that she had been nervous too, Hotaru concluded as she went over the evening. She had just been too wrapped up in her own issues at the time to see it. She let out a little sigh and rested her head back down on Usagi's breast. If nothing else, she now felt confident that there would be no problems talking with Usagi about the increased sex drive she had experienced.

After a while she heard Usagi take a deeper breath and felt the older girl stretching her arms before placing them around her waist, her fingers making lazy circles on her back. Hotaru tilted her head up, instantly meeting blue eyes filled with mirth and affection.

"Did you sleep well, Hotaru?" Usagi asked, her voice low and husky.

"Mmm, yes I did. How about you? I'm not too heavy on you, am I?"

Usagi giggled and hugged her. "No no, I'm alright. In fact I really like feeling your weight on me. We have to sleep like this more often."

Hotaru breathed in sharply. "You, you wouldn't mind doing it again?"

The older girl turned serious, though her eyes still held affection and warmth in them. "Oh yes, I really want to do it again." She let her hands wander down to the smaller girl's bum and gave it a squeeze. "All parts of it."

Hotaru blushed, but stretched up to peck Usagi on the lips. At least, that was her intention. Usagi's left hand snapped up to tangle in her hair and hold her for a longer kiss. The smaller girl didn't mind and was fast to reciprocate, and they kept kissing until air became scarce. The kiss was languid and not as filled with lust as the earlier ones, but with much love instead. After a few minutes of kissing they broke apart, and Hotaru laid her head on the older girl's shoulder. Usagi slowly caressed her hair, getting a pleased moan in response.

Suddenly the blond snickered. "We totally forgot about the tea."

Hotaru raised her head and saw the cups still on the table. "I think we better clear them away before we forget," she said while carefully raising herself up from her comfortable resting place. She sat herself up on her heels, feeling the blanket skip down her back and stretched to get the kinks out of her back. When she looked back down, she flushed, as Usagi was looking over her body in obvious appreciation. She smacked the older girl's hip in embarrassment.


"Hey, I can't help that I am captivated by your beauty," the blond defended. It probably would have been considered a somewhat suave reply if it had not been accompanied by an exaggerated wink.

Hotaru turned an even deeper red, lifting her arms to cover herself, but Usagi caught her wrists before she got that far.

"Hotaru," she said, her voice suddenly serious.

The black haired girl shook her head slightly, but her eyes were still turned down, focusing on the blonde's stomach.

"Hotaru," now her voice had turned pleading, "Please look at me."

When Hotaru looked up, all traces of teasing were gone from the older girl's face.

"I'm sorry; I shouldn't have said it like that."

"It's okay, I'm just." Usagi silenced her by placing a finger on her lips.

"No, it wasn't okay. It was perverted of me to ogle you like that, and I should have stopped when it made you uncomfortable." Now she had moved her hand to cradle the smaller girl's cheek, her thumb slowly caressing the corner of her mouth. "I want you to be able to feel comfortable around me, no matter the circumstance. This time I moved too fast. I promise I will be more careful next time."

Hotaru had leaned her head into her hand while Usagi was speaking, a smile playing on her lips. She looked down on the older girl tenderly. "Thank you Usagi. But, it was my fault too. I overreacted because you took me by surprise. No one has ever looked at me like that before, and I got insecure." Well, she thought, no one except the senshi side of me. But that doesn't count. Though, part of why I was so comfortable with her was because she has seen me naked so many times. If I stay naked in front of Usagi for a few times, I should grow just as comfortable with her.

She took a deep breath. "Usagi, could we try something?"

"Of course, whatever you wish."

"If...if you promise to not stare like that, we could try g-going naked for a while. That would allow me to get comfortable with being naked around you." By now she was blushing furiously, and her blush was spreading down her chest. Not that Usagi noticed; she was peering intently into the dark haired girl's eyes.

"Are you sure that is a good idea?"

"It should be the quickest way for me to grow comfortable. And if I can't handle it, we can always get dressed again, right?" She gave a brave smile, trying to not let her thundering heart be seen on her face.

Usagi studied her for a long moment, searching her eyes for how to proceed. She nodded slowly, apparently having found what she was looking for. "Okay, we'll do that. But if it gets too much for you, I want you to tell me immediately. It's better that we let it take a little more time than risking your feelings."

"I promise I will," Hotaru said before removing the blanket from their legs and getting off the couch. She began turning away from Usagi before changing her mind and just moved as she needed to pick up the cups. She carefully averted her eyes from the rising Usagi, even though it was hard not to let her eyes wander when she saw movement in her peripheral vision. Both girls stayed silent, not wanting to risk upsetting the moment with small talk.

Usagi opted to gather up their clothing to give the smaller girl some space. She did her best to act casual, not looking too long on her lover but also not avoiding her totally. She reasoned that both extremes could affect the smaller girl negatively. Not that she had all that much opportunity to look, because as she bent down to gather them, the back of the couch blocked her view.

She was thankful that the couch was placed with its back out against the room so she didn't have to get into a cramped space to get them. Another good thing was that she herself had been mindful of not throwing them too far away, resulting in them not being difficult to collect. Of course, she reflected, it also meant that she did not hit the porcelain vase sitting on a table a bit further away.

When all the clothes where collected, she straitened up to find that Hotaru had already left the room, and from the kitchen came the sounds of dishes being rinsed off. A slight smile came to her lips, one that turned positively lecherous when she imagined how the smaller girl would look out there, standing naked while doing an everyday chore. She had to suppress a sudden urge to go to the kitchen and ravish her young lover. Taking a deep breath, she reminded herself that the goal of this was to make Hotaru comfortable, not to have hot lesbian sex all over the house.

"Of course, once she is comfortable, all limitations are off."

Usagi nodded in agreement with her inner voice. "Well, not all limitations. I won't do anything that would hurt her."

"Of course not," was the response, her inner voice sounding affronted. "I don't want to hurt her. Which is why I think it would be good to get her something that is easier to slip into."

"Ahh, a bathrobe?"

"Yes, exactly. And it would also give her a few minutes alone down here to get acclimated to being naked."

"Hotaru, is it okay if I take the clothes up to your room and take your bathrobe down with me instead? It would be easier for you to dress in that than these clothes."

"That works fine. Could you place my clothes in the hamper? I will just switch to my pajamas before I go to bed. "

"Sure, I'll do that."

In the kitchen Hotaru blew out a relieved breath while a fond smile played on her lips.

Usagi is right, my bathrobe is much easier to slip on. I just hope I won't need it. It feels quite good to go without clothes, now that I don't feel so embarrassed.