A/N: Haha, I know what you're all thinking, "Oh my gosh, she's starting ANOTHER story when she hasn't finished any of her current ones yet?" I am really sorry, but this idea popped in my head, and it won't go away. Be warned: Some of the things might be really OOC, and the characters might or might not be really off, I'm not really sure how to imagine Channy as a couple :) Basically, I like Channy, but I don't know how to write it :) Forgive me if it's too Anti-Chad or too fluffy, I'm trying my best :) This is set right after "With A Chance Of Dating", and Chad didn't "Peace out suckas" and take off, just to clear things up. And most of all, enjoy and don't forget to review!

Summary: After their "fake" date, Sonny and Chad realize their feelings for each other, and decide to date, for real. But what if James comes back, determined that Sonny will be his. Lovers are kidnapped, and lives are put in danger. Can they be saved before it's too late?

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"So..." Chad leaned back in his seat, staring at the small, petite girl that was sitting in front of him, her arms also crossed. Sonny stared back at him, the same bored expression on her face, waiting for him to say something - besides 'so' - first. Normally, she was the one to start up a conversation, but today for some reason, she just didn't feel like it.

"So." She replied monotonously, watching the young actor's face closely in an attempt to figure out what was going through his mind. But, he was an actor, and Sonny knew that it was nearly impossible to catch a glimpse of what he was thinking. So, he really thought she'd kissed him, did he? He should've known that she - really, she was just the 'comedian' from 'chuckle city', and he was a true Hollywood actor - would never kiss someone like him, at least not for real. To throw James off, yes. Because she actually wanted to? Maybe. She really wasn't sure at the moment, her thoughts were a jumbled mess and she didn't really know what to think. But all thoughts led back to one: He really thought she'd kiss him?

"I still think you really kissed me." Chad continued, and Sonny rolled her eyes. She really hadn't, he should felt when she slapped her hand down ontop of his mouth before pretending to kiss him, he should have guessed it was all just a way to get back at James. Or had it been?"

"Did I, Chad? Would I really have?" Sonny shot back cleverly, raising an eyebrow at him, a tired expression on her face that Chad couldn't understand.

"Well, of course you would have, just look at me." Chad sat back in the seat, a coy smile plastered onto his face, a sign that his ego had just kicked in. Chad and his ego always made a good team, Sonny probably should just run for it now. "Why wouldn't you have?" The smirk dropped off of his face as he leaned forwards ago, the attitude gone, just like that, as he asked Sonny what seemed to be just an honest question. Sonny paused, shrugging ever so slightly.

"Chad," She began, sighing softly, "We hate each other. Wait - we do hate each other, right?" Really, Sonny wasn't so sure. This whole "fake date" situation, and the slips that both she and Chad had made that night - "This is nice - in theory." She'd said, and Chad had replied, "Yeah, we'd make a good couple - hypothetically." - had left her clueless, confused, and tired. And now, seeing Chad paused as if to think, an unsure look on her face, she was even more puzzled.

"Do you think we hate each other?" He asked, and Sonny sighed, running her hands through her hair. After tonight, she'd begun wondering about their love/hate/don't-really-care relationship. Being on a date - no, scratch that, a 'fake' date - with Chad had made her think of the endless possibilities, and how maybe she and Chad were better suited for each other then they acted.

"Sometimes. And sometimes, you turn into a decent human being, and I enjoy being around you." Oh no, she hadn't meant to let that slip. Seeing Chad's slightly surprised expression - which he quickly composed, of course, he was Chad Dylan Cooper and things did not take him by surprise - Sonny knew he hadn't been expecting her to say that either. "Like, for instance, when you admitted you cared by pretending to be Eric and saving my butt from major embarrassment, or like tonight." She smiled softly, and watched as Chad followed suit with a genuine grin, not some fake 'I hate you, but I'm smiling so that even you'll be unsure' smile.

"Yeah, it was kind of nice. Tonight - I mean." Chad corrected, and Sonny chuckled quietly, nodding in agreement. Chad was right; she'd enjoyed the time she'd spent with Chad even better than the date she'd had with James - before she found out his intentions, anyway. And it left her confused as to why she enjoyed it. I mean, she didn't dislike spending time with Chad, just it wasn't that she normally enjoyed it, either.

"So... where does that leave us?" Sonny questioned, wishing that it was just so simple as to say that he either liked her or he didn't. Sadly, this was Chad, it might take a while to reach a conclusion. Or he might just go straight out and tell her, one could never be sure what to expect from the Hollywood actor. Now, Chad was shrugging his shoulders, hesitating.

"Where do you want this to leave us?" He asked, instead of giving a straight-forward answer. He wasn't sure how to just tell her that he liked her and he'd agreed to be her date to make James jealous, because he'd been jealous of James. James had had the guts to just go up and ask Sonny out, not fearing rejection, and where had that gotten him? Well, on a date with Sonny while he'd secretly been thinking about Tawni.

"I...I..." Sonny stuttered, staring up into Chad's eyes, swallowing. What if she messed up their whole relationship - not that they really were even friends or anything right now - by admitting that she secretly liked him? Was she willing to take that risk? "Okay, fine." Giving a sigh of defeat, Sonny crossed her arms, looking Chad straight in the eyes. "I like you - and no, not in the obsessed fan girl way, if that's what you were thinking about saying - but I still don't know where that leaves us, or if my opinion even matters to you. Like you'd made no secret of, I'm just the girl from Wisconsin, and you're the Hollywood actor."

"Sonny, I like you too. Even if you are just the small town girl from Wisconsin." Chad cut her off before she could continue to ramble and watched as a smile appeared on Sonny's face at his announcement. Now she didn't look as worn out as much as she looked excited. "So, do you think we should..." He broke off, rubbing the back of his neck. Curse Sonny, Chad Dylan Cooper is never unsure of himself. She did this to him - all of it. She made Chad Dylan Cooper shy, unsure, and worst of all, she made him care for someone other than himself. "You know, if we should..." Sonny's grin grew wider, if that was even possible, and she nodded quickly.

"If you're trying to ask if we should go out, I think the answer is yes. Although, I think our castmates - or co-workers, in your opinion - might freak a bit." She replied, not missing a beat or hesitating. Chad's smile returned - phew, now the objective of rejection couldn't bother him - and he couldn't help but make it genuine.

Sonny Munroe had just agreed to go out with him.

Sonny squealed inwardly, although she kept it inside, because she knew that Chad wouldn't appreciate it if she embarrased him again (I mean, think about it, clucking at him while calling him a chicken? And that was only one of the many things she'd done to rile him up) and she didn't want to ruin the moment as he replied with a sure "Yes".

Chad Dylan Cooper had just agreed to go out with her.