The Black Knight was not happy. Not only did the fish tail look incredibly stupid poking out of his armour, it also felt increasingly dry and itchy. He tried again and again to wriggle himself free from the tree, but no such luck.

He was so wrapped up in his attempts that he didn't really pay attention to his surroundings, so he had quite a jolt when he looked over to the lake, and saw a girl with beautiful blonde hair bending over the water, flicking her hair, pouting suggestively and admiring her reflection. And it was an admirable reflection, the Black Knight found as far as he could judge from his position, the blonde hair enhanced the huge, brown eyes, the full lips were excessively kissable, and she was beautifully curvy too. Maybe her nose was a bit too big to be classed as beautiful in the classical sense, but overall, the Black Knight was quite taken. Only one thing didn't quite fit – instead of a beautiful dress, the lady was dressed like a knight with a coat of mail.

"Hey, Lady!" he shouted, ever the gentleman.

The Lady turned round with an outraged look on her face.

"It's Sir! SIR! My name is Sir Galahad, I'm part of King Arthurs Round Table!"

He flicked his hair back and scowled at the Black Knight.

"Well but you sure look like one from behind!" the Black Knight grumbled, disappointed and slightly embarrassed at this outcome.

"How dare you!" Sir Galahad shouted, with an impressively posh voice, frowning and pouting.

The Black Knight bit back another sarcastic remark and forced an apologetic smile on his face.

"I'm ever so sorry, my mistake. It's obvious that you are a fine, brave knight, and so handsome too. My eyes aren't what they used to be."

He saw that this idiot was a potential chance for him to break free from this tree. All he needed was a plan. Unfortunately thinking wasn't one of his strong points, but Sir Galahad gave him all the time he needed. Appeased by the remark, he continued where he had been so rudely interrupted, admiring his reflection.

"Hey, Sir Galahad!" he shouted eventually.

"What use is a knight to the great King Arthur without a sword?"

Sir Galahad tore himself away from his reflection, looking thoroughly bemused.

"Well I see you don't have a sword – don't you want one?"

Sir Galahad thought about it for a moment, and then nodded, slowly.

"Well I can offer you a sword ... it once belonged to the great King Arthur himself, wouldn't you like to own it yourself?"

Sir Galahad contemplated that a bit further, and his face slowly lit up. He had been peeved all the while to never have his own sword – what an opportunity!

"Well, if you want it, it's there for the taking – all you have to do is to pull it out of that tree, and it is yours!"

Without further hesitation, Sir Galahad pulled out the sword. The Black Knight fell to the ground with a loud metallic clonk. Sir Galahad completely ignored this, he didn't take his eyes off his sword for a second. He struck a pose with the sword, admiring the effect reflected in the pond. Finally, he galloped away, sword stretched out in front of him.

Now the Black Knight was freed from the sword due to his cunning idea, which he was very proud of. However, his situation hadn't really improved a lot. In fact, lying face down in the mud couldn't be counted as an improvement to being stuck on a tree – not when you had useless fins and a fishtail instead of arms and legs and couldn't just get up and go away.

For a while, he tried to flick himself round or get up, but the effort exhausted him, and he dozed off.

He was woken up not long after by some music in the distance, lovely, rhythmical and tuneful. He had always had a weakness for music, and even, on occasion, liked to intimidate his opponents with his fierce dance moves. He flipped his fin in the rhythm of the beat, getting wrapped up in the music, almost forgetting his plight. He was tapping along until suddenly loud shouting and screaming drowned out the music. There were a few more notes, then a crashing and banging sound. The Black Knight felt a great big fury overcome him, all he wanted was to get up and run over there and give the idiot who stopped the lovely music a piece of his mind. He felt a tingling sensation in his legs and arms, and came over all funny. The world around him started spinning and he felt like he was falling into a black hole. When he came around again, he could still hear the commotion in the distance, and he noticed something else- his fins had turned into arms and legs again! He wasted no time to ponder this strange occurrence, but jumped up and ran towards the scene of the crime. What he saw was a bearded fat man hitting the musicians with a big stick, all the while shouting about how he hated music and if they didn't stop at once he'd throw them all from the highest tower of Swamp Castle.

"Who dares to disturb the music?" the Black Knight hollered in his loudest voice.

The bearded man looked up at him, eyes ablaze with fury and not in the least impressed with his rather fierce opponent.

"What's the matter with all of you?! Is there no end to this constant singing? Has everybody around me lost their mind?!1

The Black Knight didn't take kindly to this kind of impudence.

"You will apologise at once to these nice musicians!"

The bearded man growled and kept his mouth firmly shut.

The Black Knight lifted up his sword and lifted it to the bearded man's throat. The man didn't budge for a moment, but a careful, slow look into the Black Knight's steely eyes convinced him otherwise.

"Sorry..." he mumbled.

"Louder! Like you mean it!" the Black Knight insisted.

"I'm SORRY!" the bearded man shouted, increasingly desperate.

There was agitation amongst the musicians, and eventually, the tallest of them, the singer, piped up.

"Sorry isn't quite good enough unfortunately,– our drummer's hand is broken, and without a drum, our music just doesn't work!"

The bearded man growled "Well he brought it on himself, if he'd just stopped banging it..."

The Black Knight frowned, thought for a bit, and then broke into a broad smile.

"I know a solution to your troubles, brave musicians. Why not let this sorry creature make himself useful and play the drums until your drummer recovers? I'll personally make sure he doesn't run away or gets any silly ideas."

The musicians turned to each other to discuss the idea, and finally the singer stepped forward and announced that yes please, they would be very happy with this solution!

The bearded man had been standing there, quietly fuming, until he finally couldn't hold himself back any more.

"Hellooooo?! Are you nuts? I'll do no such thing! I don't even know how to play the drum!"

The Black Knight leaned forward and looked the man directly into the eye.

"Well, you'll learn quickly... I'll just give you a poke with my sword whenever you have to hit the drum!"

The bearded man opened his mouth to say something, and quickly shut it again.

And so it was done... Together, they trekked through the land, singing and dancing. The drummer's hand healed well, and after a month the grumpy, bearded old man was allowed to return to Swamp Castle, but not without promising that he'd never harm a musician again in his life unless he wanted to incur the wrath of the Black Knight.

As for the Black Knight himself, he found he enjoyed himself so much that he decided to stay with the musicians, singing, dancing and watching out for them in case anybody else would dare to threaten their lovely music.