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My first memory is clear as day to me. I guess that's the great thing about cats- we remember.

My mother. Demeter, the humans called her. She was grooming me. My eyes were closed tight, but I could feel her tongue, rough, yet somehow comforting. And the sound. A deep rumbling, like a thousand heartbeats all at once. My mother was purring for me.
She was warm, not like whatever was beside me. It was strangely cool. Whatever it was, I didn't like it. Soon the cold thing was taken away. I heard Mother calling for whatever it was. Karket, she called it. Sounded like me. I was Kirikat.

It wasn't until I opened my eyes that I met the rest of my family.

I saw my mother for the first time as a blurred face, black and gold. She was beautiful, even with my meager eyesight.

My sister looked like her. Now- I have to explain that this sister was older- not born with me. She had big eyes and soft paws. Humans called her Jemima.

My aunt. She sang with the most amazing voice. She was red, and very big, it seemed, to me. The humans called her Aphrodite. I loved how she would curl up around my mother, and Jemima would snuggle next to me.

I had thought this was all my family. I was rather wrong.

I reached my third week happy as it was possible to be. My mother seemed sad at times, but Jem told me not to worry about it.

I learned that I was a Jellicle, and that I had three names. Aphrodite told me about the three names, then re-introduced herself as Bombalurina. I couldn't pronounce either of her names. Jem laughed at me, until a deep voice sounded from farther away than I could see.

'Demeter? Jem?'

Bomba didn't seem to mind that her name wasn't called.

I did. 'And Kirikat!' I managed to squeak out.

The deep voice laughed. I liked the sound.

'Munkustrap,' My mother said warmly.

Great. Another name I couldn't pronounce.

'Kirikat? Only… only one?' The deep voice stepped close enough to see.

At first I thought it was me. What little I had seen of myself by twisting like a contortionist was silver with black stripes. This cat looked to be the same. He was big, but I wasn't scared. I could almost see green flashing from his face. Eyes like emeralds, just like the ones Mother said I had.

With a start, I realized Bomba was speaking. 'There… there was another. He was stillborn.'

The graceful movements of the lookalike cat stopped short. After a moment of silence, he moved forwards and brushed his face against Mother's. 'One is perfect.'

I didn't understand. Who was the other? Stillborn? I let myself fall back into my thoughts so deeply that Mother had to stand before I snapped back to reality.

'Kirikat, this is your father.' Ah. The world makes sense. He was my father, not a lookalike.

I took uncoordinated steps up to him. Suddenly I wanted nothing more than to be in his embrace.

'Daddy...' I whispered as I snuggled into his silvery fur.

He was warm.

I grew quickly from then on.

The humans gave me a name: Artemis. It took me a while, but I learned how to say it. Who's proud?

My eyesight improved until, at about a month, I could run without hitting anything, even if it was moving.

I discovered the soft hands of a human- the smallest of the three in our home. I had heard her called Celeste. I thought it was a pretty name, but got laughed at for saying so.
She was the one who gave Jemima and I our second names, I discovered. That was why Jemima was conspicuously not named in our fancy tradition of Human deities. At the time Celeste was too young to know better. Apparently 11 years old isn't mature for a human. How old did they have to be?

Not even my parents were 11. Mother was almost eight, and father was just past nine. Jemima wasn't far over one. Bomba, I worked out, was eight. But that confused me.

Adults were adults. They were all old. Jem was my big sister. And I didn't know anyone else until I was weaned.

That happened when I was eight weeks old. At first, it was agonizing being away from Mother, and I missed her milk, but soon I found a replacement source.

One room in our home had the most wonderful tidbits. Once the biggest human (Celeste called him Dad, but I think his name was Sean, which is an odd name) dropped glorious milk all over. I lapped up the entire puddle, but felt sick afterwards.

The humans muttered something about 'lactose' and treated me gently for a while.

I didn't drink the floor milk again.

The song for this chapter is 'Circle of Life' from the Lion King.
Just because I love it, and it has something to do with the birth of a child. :P