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All in all
Happiness always has a
That must be paid
But in the end . . .
The happiness you may
Come to have
Just may prove
To be entirely worth it


Five Years Later

The Hokage's office was more exuberant and brightly decorated than it had been in years. Their were bright colored posters of light blue, orange, and yellow on the walls from random movies. There was a filled bookshelf lining the right side wall from the doorway. In the center of the room in front of the large window showing a view of the Hokage Mountain was where the desk was. Stacks of thick paperwork and still yet to read scrolls covered the desk along with a old bowl of ramen and a bottle of sake. The traditional Hokage's hat rested on the desk as well effectively covering up one of the many stacks of paperwork. The chair was turned so that the one seated in the chair could look upon the village and the mountain.

The one seated in the chair was noticeable by the shock of blond, spiky hair sticking up over the top of the chair. The door to the Hokage's office opened suddenly causing the Shichidaime turned his chair around to regard the tall, pale man entering the room. A large grin appeared on the blonds face and his blue eyes brightened at the sight of the four year old boy running across the room and around the desk to jump into his lap.

The boy had the same shocking blond hair and blue eyes that Naruto had. Sasuke was taking a seat in the chair in front of the desk. He seemed to be exhausted, but none the less still content. The boy was bouncing excitedly in Naruto's lap, "Daddy, can we go and see Aunt Sakura when you get done working?"

Naruto chuckled and pulled his son into a hug to keep him still, "Sure, why not?"

Naruto glanced over at Sasuke, "If you don't mind."

Sasuke shrugged and nodded when the boy looked at him. The boy leapt from Naruto's lap and ran over to Sasuke jumping into his lap. "Thank you Papa."

Sasuke ruffled his hair with a soft smile, it was a smile Naruto always enjoyed seeing on Sasuke's face and one reserved only for their son. Both of them hadn't changed all that in appearance in the past few years. Both of their looks had matured and Sasuke had allowed his hair to grow past his shoulders by a few inches and wore it tied back at the base of his neck. Naruto had kept his hair barely long enough to grace his shoulders and the red streaks in his hair had brightened to a burnt orange.

Sasuke had become an Anbu captain but he'd recently retired as an Anbu deciding he wanted to spend more time with his family. He instead had taken on a team of genin which did well to cut down on his time away from the village. It had taken some time to come up with a name and to find someone willing to have a child for them. She wasn't a shinobi, but she was healthy and compassionate, as well as willing to carry another child for them.

She had children of her own and felt she was too old to raise anymore children of her own, she only asked that the two of them allow here to be somewhat a part of the child's life. They took turns updating her on what was going on with their son and every few months they took him to see her for a few hours. At the moment she was currently carrying their second child, already seven months along and a girl. Their son was obviously from Naruto's genes and their daughter was through Sasuke's.

They still hadn't decided on a name for her yet, but they'd named their son Minato after Naruto's father. He proved to be hyperactive and cheerful and through Sasuke's strict rules was proving to be fairly good in school. He, of course was attending the Academy and Konohamaru was his teacher.

Minato was occupying himself with a book he most likely took from the bookshelf. Naruto was lazily going through the paperwork and Sasuke seemed to be lost in thought waiting for Naruto to finish his paperwork. After a couple of hours Naruto brought Sasuke out of his thoughts by sighing, "Ne, teme?"

Sasuke looked up with a glare, "What dobe?"

"Why is it you don't want a big party for tomorrow again?"

Sasuke sighed irritably, "I already told you."

"I know, but it's you're birthday and it's summer so it could be fun."


"The kids would have fun, you could even invite your team."

"I already told you . . ."

Naruto cut him off, "Come on Sasuke."


"But you only turn twenty-six once."



Sasuke looked over at Minato who was standing and pouting at him, "Please?"

Naruto grinned for a moment at Minato and then pouted and looked at Sasuke, "Yeah, please?"

Sasuke sighed, "Both of you are impossible."

Minato grinned and ran over to Sasuke to jump in his lap wrapping his arms around Sasuke's neck. "Thank you Papa."

Naruto grinned, "Ne, let's get out of here."

Sasuke stood up holding Minato in his arms, "You should finish that paperwork first Naruto."

Naruto stood up, "Why, it'll still be here tomorrow."

Sasuke scoffed and adjusted Minato to rest on his hip and turned to walk out of the office, "Hn."

Naruto smirked, grabbed his hat, and walked around the desk to follow them out of the office. He closed the door and they made their way out of the Hokage Tower to make their way to Sakura's together. Naruto had a grin on his face the entire time. Sasuke may have remained silent, but he still felt content and happy, something he would have never thought possible after so many years and so many trials.

Upon arriving at the Hyuga Estate they were greeted by Hinata and a smiling Nawaki, his pale eyes gleaming with his smile. Hinata greeted them and offered a smile. Naruto returned her smile and asked, "Where is Sakura?"

Hinata continued to smile, "She's talking to father at the moment. We weren't expecting you three."

Naruto rubbed the back of his neck, "Well, I wasn't expecting Sasuke to agree to have a birthday party."

Hinata turned her smile to Sasuke, "Really Sasuke-san, that would be great, I'm sure the children would enjoy it."

"Hn, I'm sure," Sasuke replied indifferently.

"Papa, can we invite everyone," Minato asked with a sheepish smile. Sasuke sighed, "Hai."

Minato hugged his tightly and Sasuke set him down on the ground and followed Hinata further into the estate. Naruto walked along beside him in the swept and narrow street that led towards the main house of the head of the Hyuga clan. Hinata and Sakura both lived in the same home as Hiashi, but since Naruto had become Hokage he had some of the things about the old clan changed. It was no longer branched off so that only certain members of the clan could become Head of the clan.

Since then the members of the clan were no longer allowed to place the curse mark upon their own clansmen. Naruto had made sure to ban such a thing. The main house where Hinata, Sakura, Hiashi, and Nawaki lived was a grander home than any of the others. It resembled the grand home Sasuke had once lived in, though it was brighter, painted pale colors befitting the Hyuga clan.

The entrance was much like a temple and once you passed through the front door into the home their was a polished deck that led all the way around the center of the home outlining a courtyard in the center. Naruto was already certain that there was a hidden passageway that led to a basement, much like that of Sasuke's old family home.

As Hokage he had to become familiar with the homes of everyone in the village just as much as meeting with those in the village. There were still some villagers that only viewed Naruto as Kyuubi, but he had the confidence of all the shinobi of both Konoha and Suna. Once they moved to the courtyard Nawaki and Minato were playing tag in the courtyard while Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke sat on the deck watching them in a comfortable silence. They were each enjoying the peace the village was now in for the past five years, the construction had moved along smoothly and although there was still some work to be done Konoha was coming back to its former strength once again.

This time of peace did not lower the guard of those who remembered and could never forget times when it was not so peaceful, but it was appreciated and enjoyed none the less. The light breeze was comforting as it carried with it the scent of the cherry blossom trees in the courtyard of the home as well as the cheerful laughs of the two boys playing.

Naruto's blue eyes swept across the courtyard and watching the wind sway the leaves and flowers of the trees, he watched his son proudly and then his eyes fell on Sasuke. He thought back to all the close calls and all the struggling and rough times they had endured, both together and apart. He couldn't ask for more, having his best friend, the love of his life sitting there next to him with a serene look on his face and a happy glint to his eyes that most wouldn't even notice in the usually quiet and stoic Uchiha.

In the last five years there had been times when things were not so peaceful between them. It had taken a lot of talking and fighting between them to get them to where they were today. Sasuke had also needed time to cope with no longer having the ability of the Sharingan and believing that he really could have happiness and someone that loved him despite his past. When Minato was born he had a hard time believing he could be a good father and wouldn't turn out like his own had.

Naruto may have had to do a lot of the work raising Minato with Sasuke always on missions, especially when he was an Anbu Captain, but it was worth it every time Sasuke was there beside him. The serene look on his face and smile in his eyes was a bonus Naruto wouldn't trade for the world. Sasuke looked sharply at him snapping Naruto out of his thoughts. Then there was that glare that always made Naruto glare right back.



"Stop talking like that around the kids, geeze, why won't you two ever grow up?"

Naruto leapt to his feet with a cheerful grin at the sound of Sakura's voice. She smiled back and let out a startled gasp when Naruto wrapped her into a bear hug. She laughed lightly when he set her down again.

Minato chose that time to latch onto her leg, "Aunt Sakura, Daddy and Papa are always saying those things. But I know I can't say them."

Sakura glared at Sasuke who met her glare with his own as she knelt down and pried Nawaki's arms from around her leg. She kissed him on the forehead and pulled back with a smile, "Well that's right, you shouldn't say such words even if they do."


She stood up just in time to catch Nawaki leaping at her. She hugged him tightly and set him down with a kiss on his cheek. "Did you behave for Hinata-chan?"


Sakura smiled and ran her hand through his hair affectionately. Sakura moved to sit down on the deck next to Hinata and the two boys went back to playing cheerfully in the courtyard. Sakura watched them even as she addressed Naruto as he took his seat next to Sasuke on the deck once again.

"So, to what do we owe this pleasant visit?"

"Sasuke agreed to have the party."

Sakura looked at Sasuke who was adamantly refusing to look at her, she smirked, "Oh really, I wonder who it was that convince him."

"Minato does seem to take after me in getting Sasuke to do things he would usually refuse to do . . . Ow! Teme!"

Sasuke smirked slightly at Naruto's outburst from him punching him in the arm. Sakura chuckled, "It would seem so. I'm sure Minato-kun will grow up to be quite the charmer, something you lack Naruto."

Naruto glared halfheartedly at her, "Hey, I managed to . . . OW!"

Sasuke cut Naruto off again this time by pinching the arm he'd just punched. Naruto turned his glare to Sasuke, "Teme."

Sasuke gave a shrug of his shoulders and Naruto grinned mischievously as a thought came to mind. He looked to Sakura with his best pouty expression, "Ne, Sakura-nee-chan, could you do a favor for me?"

Sakura sighed, "It depends on what it is."

"Well, do you mind watching Minato for the night and possibly tomorrow night as well?"

Sakura shrugged and looked to Hinata, "If Hinata-chan doesn't mind, I have to work the graveyard shift at the hospital tomorrow night."

Naruto turned a smile to Hinata, she didn't give him time to ask. She smiled with a nod, "Of course Naruto-kun, I don't mind."

"Arigato Hinata-chan, you're the best," he said cheerfully with a grin and then pulled her into a hug. She blushed slightly still completely used to Naruto's exuberant displays of affection. Naruto looked at Sasuke with the same mischievous grin from before in place, "Hee hee."

Sasuke glared at him, "Baka."

Naruto glared, "Just keep in mind Sasuke-teme, it's just going to be me and you tonight and tomorrow night."


"Uh-huh, whatever you say teme."

Sakura sighed, "Naruto, stop taunting Sasuke-kun, the children don't need to hear the two of you having one of your colorful arguments."

"I should suppose not," the four of them looked to see Hiashi standing on the deck close only a few feet from where they were. Both Sasuke and Naruto calmed at his presence and couldn't help but feel immense gratitude to the man for having saved Sasuke's life.

Hiashi bowed his head to them in greeting, "Uchiha-san, Hokage-sama, how great of you to grace us with your presence. Would you honor us by joining us for dinner?"

Naruto glanced at Sasuke who gave a slight nod and then looked back to Hiashi and got to his feet to bow thankfully and respectively, "Hai, arigato Hyuga-sama."

Hiashi smiled slightly, "Hai, good I shall have someone inform you of when dinner is ready then?"

Naruto nodded and remained standing as Hiashi turned and walked back the way he came until he entered a door at the front of the deck towards the entrance of the home on the right hand side and went back to whatever he was previously doing. Naruto sat back down next to Sasuke.

"You can just call him Hyuga-san you know?"

Naruto shrugged at Sakura's statement, "He addressed me as Hokage-sama, so it would have been disrespectful or something."

Sakura chuckled, "You're the Hokage, I don't think he would have minded. He's really not as uptight as you may think he is, once you get to know him."

Naruto glanced at Hinata who was smiling at him then at Sasuke who still had that indifferent and uninterested expression on his face. "What do you think teme," Naruto asked.

Sasuke looked at him, "If you need my opinion on it then you're an idiot. If he wanted you to address him any other way then he would have said so. Though Sakura-chan may be right, he may be less uptight than you think and is most likely just trying to make you nervous by addressing you as Hokage-sama, Shichidaime."

Naruto sighed and hung his head, "Bastard."



"Stop it you two, you're both acting like children," Sakura scolded. Sasuke and Naruto glared at one another and the glare was gone as soon as Minato jumped into Naruto's lap.

"Daddy, when is nee-chan going to be born?"

Naruto chuckled and ruffled Minato's hair playfully, "Soon Minato, don't worry about it."

"Why didn't you or Papa give birth to me?"

Naruto looked at Sasuke for an answer but Sasuke gave him a look that clearly said he was on his own. Sakura sighed, "Well because Minato-kun, it just doesn't work that way."

"Why not?"

"Well because you're daddy and papa are both males and can't carry or have babies."

"Oh, okay, so that's why Nana has babies for you?"

"Yes, you'll understand it better when you're older Minato-kun."

"Hai, arigato Aunt Sakura."

"You're welcome."

No more than ten minutes later dinner was finally ready. Everyone enjoyed a quiet dinner and Minato had asked to stay with Hinata and Sakura that night. After Sakura had assured Naruto that it wasn't a hassle Naruto finally agreed to let him stay the night. Once they were heading home Naruto started to think on the fact that they had the house to themselves tonight, and tomorrow night. As not so innocent grin curled his lips and Sasuke noticed it and let out an exasperated sigh.

Naruto grabbed Sasuke's wrist and pulled him hurriedly down the street, Sasuke pulled his hand free and scowled. Naruto looked at him, "Teme?"

Sasuke glared, "I am capable of getting home on my own, I don't recall needing an escort to guide me."

"Stubborn raven, come on, the sooner we get home the sooner I get to pound you into the floor."

Sasuke had the decency not to blush at the crude comment and continued to glare at him while saying in a calm tone, "If I allow you to do so."

The mischievous grin was on Naruto's face once more, "Allow me to do so eh? By the end of the night, I'll have you begging for it."

"Hn, I'd like to see that happening."

Naruto chuckled darkly, "You asked for it then, Sasuke."

Heated coursed through Sasuke at the way his name had rolled off Naruto's tongue in that seductive husky voice Sasuke couldn't help but respond to. He still refused to give in to Naruto however and again challenged him, "I doubt you'd be able to live up to such promises."

Sasuke's breath caught in his throat when Naruto suddenly had him pinned by his wrists against the wall of a nearby building. He shuddered when Naruto's hot breath was on his ear and that husky voice spoke in his ear, "I always keep my promises teme."


_*I wouldn't do that to you . . _

Onwards to the smexieness ^^

Sasuke growled low in his throat when Naruto effectively had him pinned against the wall just inside their house. No matter how much he tried to twist and break himself free of Naruto's grasp he was only met with Naruto effectively distracting him by rubbing his erection again his thigh, pressing his body against the ravens and pinning him more against the wall, or biting and sucking on the overly sensitive skin on his neck.

Naruto's head came up from his teasing biting and licking on Sasuke's collar bone at the sound of his growl and then the paler man found himself distracted from his irritation at being held against the wall and unable to grab hold or touch that smooth honey skin as Naruto's mouth was on his own. A gentle nip at his bottom lip and swipe of a tongue to follow it parted his lips. Sasuke gasped into the kiss as Naruto kissed him deeply, possessively. He always felt breathless and light headed when the two of them kissed, even after more than five years he still couldn't get enough and everytime felt like it was the first all over again.

He was more than addicted to the wild, tangy, citrus scent of Naruto, the strength in his hands, the muscles he could feel moving as their bodies were pressed together against the wall of their home. He barely stopped a whimper of disappointment from escaping his lips when Naruto pulled back, breaking their kiss. When Sasuke leaned just the slightest bit forward in an attempt to kiss him once again Sasuke felt a flash of anger when Naruto smirked at him smugly.

"I think it's time we test just how much you trust me," Naruto said in a husky voice, even though the hunger showed in his expression, there was so much more Sasuke could see in those glazed blue eyes. It rushed through him, blood rushing down to his groin and fueling his hunger for the blond even more. So much was laid out before him when Naruto met his eyes, so much love, trust, devotion, he was only that open with Sasuke. When the now oldest of the Uchiha clan had seen the guarded look in his lovers eyes years ago as he sat before the council, elders, and Rokudaime it was the first time he'd noticed that this blond bundle of energy had always kept himself at a distance, a distance he used to have towards him and would never be seen unless one truly looked. But when they were together now, even out in public, the look in those impossibly blue eyes as they bore into his own was nothing but open honesty.

The paler of the two shuddered as tan, only slightly calloused hands brushed across his clothed erection forcing him to grit his teeth against the lustful growl that had tried to force its way from his throat at the action. A deep husky chuckle resonated around him and through him as his hand was pulled him and he was lead through their home and into their bedroom. He let out a grunt when Naruto shoved him against the wall just inside their room and kissed him once more, leaving him breathless again. Sasuke wasn't aware he'd closed his eyes until he opened them when a thumb gently caressed his jaw.

Obsidian eyes met sapphire eyes as a smile was turned to him, a mischievous glint in those eyes darkening them to sky blue that caused what was said earlier to come to the forefront of Uchiha's mind. Sasuke smirked, "So how are you going to go about testing how much I trust you?"

Naruto grinned, "Don't worry, you'll find out soon enough." Sasuke was frustrated with that answer, why wouldn't his lover just tell him? His tan companion continued holding his hand as he led Sasuke over to their bed. Sasuke watched him curiously as his blond ushered him to sit down, if it wasn't for his curiosity he would have pulled the current Hokage down onto the bed with him so they could continue what they'd been doing earlier. But he wasn't certain that would have worked, Naruto had a calm aura around him that frustrated the raven further, he was still hungry with desire, his immense control was the only thing keeping him still as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

Lips kissed him chastely then pulled back with that same irritating grin, "Stay here," he turned and walked to their closet on the far side of the room and Sasuke tilted his head to try and see what he was up to. When Naruto stood and turned back to him one hand was behind his back, in the other was a blindfold. The raven grimaced at the blindfold but remained silent. As his blond came to stand before him again he knelt down in front of him setting down whatever was in his other hand and cupping Sasuke's face in the hand that held the blindfold to keep him from looking at the floor. The grip was tender enough to make his earlier grimace dissipate.

"Trust me Sasuke," dark, piercingly intense eyes met curious and weary cerulean eyes he licked his suddenly dry lips with a nod and those blue eyes narrowed to watch his tongue slide across his bottom lip. Naruto reached up with his other hand and pulled the black, silk blindfold up to cover obsidian eyes. He could do little else but close his eyes as he took a deep breath and concentrated on his lovers' familiar and calming scent, the feel of his hands as they began to comb soothingly through his hair before caressing his face softly. The other hand made itself busy moving down his neck and collar bone before moving back up to rest on his left shoulder.

Even after all this time, this vulnerability unnerved him, threatened to bring up nightmares from his time spent with The Snake Sannin . . . he focused on Naruto's warmth, the heat coming from the blonds' body and took in a deep breath of his scent. If Naruto was truly going to go through with this and if the Uchiha was going to allow it and make himself trust Naruto this much then he would have to know that it was Naruto. He didn't want to lose his touch, his presence and feel threatened with memories best left forgotten. The last time he had allowed himself to be vulnerable Naruto remained there through most of it, always touching him, always present and close enough for his scent to remain lingering in the air.

He jerked when Naruto pulled back and his hand brushed up Sasuke's leg to rest on his knee. He heard rustling, something being moved and set on the bed next to him. When he made to reach for it and figure out what it was his hand was caught at his wrist stilling his hand. That familiar touch and the reprimand in that grip sent a flush of heat rushing through him even when his hand was maneuvered up to a warm mouth. He blushed as each knuckle was brushed by warm lips tenderly. He had to fight back a moan when those same lips around his index finger, a wet tongue teasing the appendix before his finger was promptly being pulled deeper into that warmth. As his hand was slowly pulled away from that inviting and oddly arousing sensation he had to fight back letting out a sound of protest. The cool air caused goose flesh he could feel to rise on his fingers as it was directed to rest beside him then. A warm hand ushered him to lie back as it splayed across his chest. He leaned back breathing in deeply to reassure himself of his lovers' presence, breathing in the natural scent of the forest they had both grown up around he felt the warmth of his lover move in close to him as he lay back. The hand that was resting on his shoulder moved up the column of his throat to cup his chin and hold it in place just before his lips were devoured and all he could feel, taste, and smell was his blond lover.

He couldn't help but to shudder from the intensity he felt from Naruto's touch, his lips moving against his own, his tongue moving into his mouth and probing and tasting before coaxing his own tongue to respond. He began to feel the pooling heat from before stirring in him, growing as he felt himself lowered back on the bed and a all too hot body was pressing down on him, flush against one another. When Naruto rolled his hips and their still clothed erections rubbed together forcing him to break their kiss, panting for breath.

Naruto smirked at the raven as he lightly kissed his cheek and then moved to kiss along his throat and collar bone. The flushed raven beneath him was responding gorgeously to him and he smiled to himself, tonight he would finally make it so that his lovers' past nightmares never haunted him again, tonight he would show him the advantages to allowing yourself to let go of your control. He sat up smirked at the protesting growl from his lover for his action and moved back to the edge of the bed taking the long, black, silk sashes he'd been given as a birthday present from Kakashi.

He moved back to hover over the pale man's form and kissed him chastely once more, he could never get enough of Sasuke's taste, the feel on him beneath his hands. The few remaining scars the proud raven had were luminescent on his already pale skin. His skin was soft and at the moment there was a delicious flush to his skin, a slight heat coming from the usually cold man. Naruto leaned his head down to whisper into Sasuke's ear, smirking at the shiver that passed through the raven; "Move yourself to the head of the bed."

He hesitated instinctively knowing what was going to come next, a flash of uncertainty running through him before he did as Naruto's wanted. He was kissed him again as he laid his head back against the pillows. The paler man could feel those blue eyes watching him intensely, it only fueled his desire even more, he detested being teased but for tonight he would savor whatever it was the blond had in mind. He felt a chill rise in him when he felt something soft lightly moving up and down his arms.

Naruto licked his lips, he was nervous about what his all too tormented lover's reaction would be to what he had in mind, nervous as to how he would handle it, but still determined, he would see this through no matter how long he had to wait or what he had to do. He was determined to help his companion, his best friend and lover conquer all the obsticals that still tormented him. The blond leaned down and captured the ravens lips once more, this time a gentle kiss that ended too soon from the low growl Sasuke gave as he pulled back. Naruto smirked and ran both of his hands up and down Sasuke's arms slowly coaxing them to stretch above his head.

The raven shivered when Naruto's hands ran back down his arms and then down his sides to rest on the hem of his shirt, his thumbs rubbing the bare skin beneath the shirt lazily. Naruto leaned forward to whisper in Sasuke's ear when his arms twitched above his head to most likely remove the shirt; "Keep your arms where they are."

Naruto grinned when Sasuke's hands clenched for a moment then he let out a sigh and kept his arms stretched above his head. Naruto pulled the bottom of the shirt up and moved so that he could ravish the pale skin that was revealed to him making his way up a taunt stomach and chest and pausing for a moment to ravish both dusty, pink nubs momentarily before he fully removed the shirt and threw it aside on the floor. He bent back down to tease the ravens skin with his mouth, nipping, licking and sucking languidly until he had Sasuke panting for breath.

When Sasuke's hands moved to grab Naruto he pulled back and held both wrists in one hand and tsked, "I said to keep them where they were Sasuke." Naruto then lightly brushed the silk binds across Sasuke's arms and then released one wrist to wrap one of the silken rope around the ravens wrist before securing it in place around the slender wrist. When he leaned forward to attach the other end to the bedpost stretching Sasuke's arm loosely above his head he tensed upon the sharp inhale of breath from Sasuke.

He leaned back to straddle Sasuke's hips and kissed him before whispering huskily as his breath mingled with the one beneath him, "Trust me Sasuke, I would never hurt you."

"Baka, your damn cock was pressing into my hip."

Naruto chuckled and kissed Sasuke again, this time purposely letting the kiss become heated before he pulled back and repeated his previous actions with Sasuke's other arm. When he pulled back and sat back on his heels he took in the ravens' appearance in the dim light on their room. The moonlight from outside was pouring in through the window to his left casting a celestial glow to the pale skin and illuminated the flush to the ravens' skin. Sasuke growled low in his throat pulling Naruto from admiring his flawless skin; "Hurry up before I do this myself."

Naruto grinned and leaned forward grinding his hips down onto Sasuke's forcing a groan to pass through the ravens' lips before he bit down on it and turned his head away. Naruto took advantage of the exposed neck and bit down lightly on the spot where the curse mark used to be eliciting a deep throated moan from the raven that coursed heat straight through Naruto to his groin which was further stimulated when the ravens back arched off the bed further pressing their still clothed erections against each other. Naruto bit down harshly on the junction between the pale throat and shoulder to keep himself form moaning which resulted in a pained hiss from Sasuke. Naruto swept his tongue over the skin before sucking lightly at it and kissing it before he pulled back.

His heart was racing in his chest and he was painfully aroused, he needed to speed things up before both of them lost control. He moved back so that he was straddling Sasuke's knees instead of his hips and hooked his fingers in the ravens pants and boxers before pulling them slowly down. The paler man let out a hiss as his erection was finally freed from the confines of his clothes and the blond discarded his own clothes quickly before he took in the sight of his pale lover lying on the bed.

His flushed skin glistening in the moonlight with a light sheen of sweat, his hands tied securely, but lose enough for him to break free should he wish to do so, above his head, and the quick rise and fall of his chest as he took in panting breaths. Blue eyes took in the curve of tastefully muscular arms, chest, stomach, the toned curve of strong legs and the leaking, gorgeous, reddened, and swollen cock standing at attention just begging to be touch and ravished.

Naruto licked his lips hungrily and moved forward so that his mouth was only a breath away from that gorgeous cock, his own hardened at the sight and thought of what he wanted to do. Two tanned hands came up to grip slender hips and he pressed a kiss on the ravens' stomach just above the mushroom head of the leeking erection. Sasuke inhaled sharply, hissing through gritted teeth at how close the blond's mouth was to aching cock. A short cry escaped his lips when heat enveloped him. Naruto groaned at the taste, smirking around the length in his mouth at the moan his groan had pulled from the raven.

Sasuke could focus on nothing else but that wet heat around his throbbing cock, his hips bucked against his will when the blonds' tongue swept across the vien on the underside of his erection and he felt bruising pressure keep him still. His back arched off the bed when Naruto sucked harshly on his cock in that heated cave of the blonds' mouth. Sasuke could never get over how damn good it felt when Naruto sucked, groaned, and used his tongue on his erection, it drove him insane with need and want.

Before long Sasuke was unable to stop the moans he let out or his own thrashing as Naruto continued with his lavishing. He felt his muscles tightening, coiling and alerting him to his quickly approaching orgasm. He tried to warn Naruto but then the blond moaned around him and Sasuke saw white shoot across his vision as he came with a sharp cry of Naruto's name.

Naruto made sure to take in everything Sasuke had to offer sucking him dry before he finally pulled back. He sat back on his heels and admired the breathless, flushed raven lying before him, completely relaxed and lost in the afterglow of his orgasm. His own arousal throbbed painfully, wanting attention, but Naruto managed to push the need aside for now, tonight he wanted to pleasure Sasuke. He would have his chance shortly to take care of his own aching erection.

He moved so that he was on his hands and knees, hovering over Sasuke's form than he leaned down and captured those swollen lips, running his tongue over the ravens bottom lip. Those lips parted immediately to welcome him and the blond smirked again, taking his time in coaxing Sasuke's tongue to participate in the kiss as he let the raven recover. When teeth nipped lightly at his bottom lip Naruto chuckled and pulled back with a grin. He ran his right hand through the damp, silken, black hair then down the outline of the perfect pale face before he moved back a little so that he could sit back on his knees.

He teasingly pressed his body along the length of the body beneath him reaching one hand beneath the pillows at the head of the bed to grab the lubricant placed there. When he moved back to sit on his knees again he grinned at the clenched hands and pursed lips, apparently he'd hand some effect on the raven. He let one hand trail down the pale chest and stomach before he grabbed the budding erection and swept his thumb over the head. The low groan and thrust of pale hips to the action made a possessive feeling stir in the blond.

Sasuke was his, only he could touch and see Sasuke like this, only him. He opened the cap of the lubricant and poured a generous amount on his hands. A low hiss passed through his lips as he coated his own erection, forcing him to make use of his own self control to keep from coming at the stimulation. Then he coated three of his fingers with the lubricant and ran his other hand down a pale thigh urging them to part.

Sasuke frozen, a damned memory forcing its' way to the forefront of his mind and coating all the desire he'd felt just a moment before in ice. He longed to have the blindfold off, to make certain that it was Naruto there. Sasuke moved his head from side to side trying to remove the blindfold. A warm hand came up to cup his face, stopping his movement, a calm voice saying to him, "Sasuke, it's okay, it's me. It's just you and me here, Sasuke and Naruto."

Sasuke clenched his eyes closed and forced back the nightmarish memory then he managed to say in a breathless voice, "Take it off . . . the blindfold . . . "

The warm hand cupping his face moved into his hair, removing the blindfold and Sasuke opened his eyes and let out a sigh of heartfelt relief upon seeing blue eyes staring down at him. Naruto leaned down and captured his lips lovingly and Sasuke returned the kiss savoring the taste, the scent and feel of Naruto's warm skin touching his own. He let himself fall back into just feeling, the feel of the the hand cupping his cheek and moving down the column of his neck and back up then moving up and down the length of his right arm. The paler man tilted his head and leaned forward as much as he could, trying to deepen the kiss.

That hand came back to tangle in the hair at the nape of Sasuke's neck and hold him in place as the blond slowly brought back the heated desire while they kissed. When he broke their kiss Sasuke let out a groan of protest that turned into a sharp gasp when those lips ravished his already abused neck and then developed into a low groan as his that same mouth moved to take one nub at a time into his mouth, sucking lightly and swirling his tongue around it so that it was erect before repeating the process with the other.

The hand that was once tangled in black hair trailed behind that sinful mouth until it wrapped securely around his swelling erection, bringing it to full attention in moments. He distantly felt his legs being parted again and his legs being bent at the knee before he felt a slick finger circle his entrance. He tensed at first to the intrusion and then quickly relaxed as the finger probed and stretched him before another joined it.

Naruto scissored his fingers, stretching his lover thoroughly, determined not to cause him any pain. He looked up to watch his lovers face when a sharp hiss was released above him upon pressing in another finger. Naruto leaned down and circled the tip of the already leeking erection with his tongue as he continued to prepare the paler man for his own cock. He pulled back when he deemed the raven prepared enough and positioned himself.

Sasuke arched off the bed again as the thick, swollen cock of his lover pressed into him swiftly as far as he could go. Sasuke focused on breathing and relaxing and the blond stilled above him, his arms on either side of his stomach, trembling with how much control he had to administer to keep himself still. The throbbing cock inside him made Sasuke fully aware of how aroused his lover was and he felt warmth spread through him that was followed by blood rushing straight to his erection causing it to throb painfully.

Sasuke was relaxed now and he looked sharply at the blond, "Move already."

Naruto's blue eyes locked with black and he pulled back slowly before thrusting in long and deep, hitting Sasuke's prostate steadily and causing the raven's hands to clench and his arms to pull at his restraints as his hips seemed to meet each thrust of Naruto's. Before long they were both breathless, moving blindly together and it frustrated Sasuke to no end that he couldn't touch the tanned, glistened skin of his lover, feel him beneath his hands and that everytime they were close to going at the rushed speed he wanted the blond would slow down to a point where he was pulled back from that edge over and over again, never reaching it.

Again they were meeting each others' thrusts and again Sasuke's prostate was hit forcing moans from his hoarse throat, but right before he reached his orgasm the blond stopped, grabbing pale hips and stilling them from further movement. Sasuke groaned in desperation, "Damn it, Naruto . . . " Naruto rolled his hips forcing a deep throated moan to break apart whatever Sasuke was about to say.

"I rather like you like this, moaning and groaning carelessly, begging for me to let you come," said a breathless and husky voice that made the raven growl. Another roll of tan hips and the raven's back arched painfully off the bed, he was too wound, three times they'd worked themselves up to reaching their orgasms and three times he'd been denied. He was going mad with how badly he wanted the blond, with how badly he want to get back to the edge and finally let go.

Naruto pulled out so that just the head of his cock was inside his lover and then thrust forward, he watched with a hungry, needy look in his eyes at the pale back arched again and a loud moan filled the room. Naruto wasn't going to be able to work them up again and pull back this time. He began to set a slow and steady rhythm that was soon lost as their bodies demands coiled tighter and tighter. Each thrust was met with the others, each one pushing them closer and closer until they finally both saw white. Sasuke came with a hoarse scream of Naruto's name, his erection not needing any further stimulation as his cum coated his stomach and chest as well as Naruto's as he all but collapsed on top of him.

Sasuke could still feel his lovers' erection pulsating inside him and he was shocked as another orgasm raced through him, his head thrown back in a silent scream. When he could finally see more than white spots again he opened his eyes and let out a hoarse grunt as Naruto pulled out of him and moved to untie his arms before the blond settled on the bed next to him.

Sasuke lazily turned his head to regard the blond scowling at the smug smirk on his face. He made to say something, but found his throat hurt too much for him to speak which only deepened his scowl into a glare. His glare became at death glare when Naruto laughed at him and brushed his hair behind his ear and said in a rhaspy, but still strong, voice, "What's the matter teme, scream yourself hoarse?"

Sasuke pursed his lips and turned his head away, Naruto brought his hand up and turned his face back to look at him holding him still as he lightly kissed him. "Don't worry teme, your throat will heal in a few days, probably by morning if you're lucky."

***The Next Morning***

Sure enough, Sasuke wasn't lucky, he still could do more than whisper when morning came and the worst part was that everyone was going to be sure to ask why. Naruto was going to blush, grin sheepishly, scratch the back of his neck, and that would be enough for everyone to figure it out. This was exactly why he hated birthdays, especially his.

The party was long, embarrassing, and aggravating and Sasuke was not in a good mood by the time they made it home. He blatantly ignored Naruto the rest of the night and slept in one of the spare rooms by himself. He knew he was being childish, but he could care less. Maybe he would be grateful in a few days, but currently he was just severely annoyed and pissed off.

***Six Months Later***

Nothing could ever make him happier than he was right now, he now had a daughter and a son, was with who he could claim to be the love of his life, and he was finally able to live a peaceful life. The village was changing for the better with Naruto as the Hokage and Sasuke had retired from being a shinobi to care for their family, content with staying at home and spending all the time he could with the baby girl and the growing boy.

Minato proved to be much like his father, cheerful, energetic, loud, and caring. He always helped take care of his baby sister. Sasuke and Naruto had settled on naming her Ariana, calling her Ari for short. Sasuke was reluctant at first to name their daughter after the little girl whose death had finally driven him over the edge, but Naruto was as persistent as ever and managed to talk him into it. So many had died in his life and now he finally had those that would remain in his life, a family of his own, and he could finally moved past everything he'd been through and look forward to his life ahead of him. He could finally see what he wanted to do with his life, finally had a place where he belonged. He wasn't foolish enough to believe that there wouldn't be difficult times or that everything was going to be perfect now, but he could actually hope and believe he was finally going to be happy.

He adjusted his hold on Ari as he held her on his hip and made his way into the kitchen calling out for Minato who was playing in the living room to help him with dinner. He looked to the courtyard of his home, the blond had also convinced him to move back to the old estate in the Uchiha district. They fixed up his old house, brightened up the walls with lanterns along the hallways and cleaned up the house and courtyard. Sasuke was taken by surprise when he'd learned that one of Naruto's hobbies was gardening, he was able to bring the courtyard back to life in no time at all, adding a few plants here and there to liven the place up. There were plants just outside the doors of the kitchen out on the polished deck.

When Naruto tried to convince him to let some of their friends move into the Uchiha district as well Sasuke was also reluctant of that as well, but of course, he was unable to say no to him. But Sasuke had pressed that they wait until they had at least settled in and adjusted to having two kids living with them. In a few more months Sasuke was supposed to be working with a few retired shinobi to fix up the old district and make it more lively and less solitary. It wouldn't be long before Naruto's friends were living close by and the peaceful silence around their home was lost.

Sasuke snapped out of his thoughts when his shirt was tugged and Minato was looking up at him with curious, bright, blue eyes. "Papa?"

Sasuke smiled softly at Minato, "How about we make some Miso Ramen for your father?"

A familiar grin spread across the now five year old face, "Yay, Miso Ramen!"

Sasuke sighed, it seemed that Minato had the same taste in food as Naruto as well. Ari fisted her hand in his shirt at the loud sound of her brothers' voice and Sasuke looked at her to see the attempted glare she sent to her brother. Only four months old and already she was a lot like himself in ways that Naruto made a habit of pointing out. Her black eyes looked up at Sasuke and a childish smile crossed her face causing Sasuke to smile softly at her as well and lift her up so that he could place a soft kiss to her forehead.

Other than the lack of sleep, cleaning up the huge messes the two children made, and changing Ari's diapers, it was fair to assume that the two were pretty well behaved. But he didn't want to press his luck, Ari hadn't started talking or walking just yet and he was pretty sure she was going to be a handful. Between her and the energetic spawn of Naruto, things were going to get much worse before they got better. Gratefully, Minato was going to school five days out of the week, but the vacation times always reminded him of how much the two were a handful, just like every weekend, and every night when he tried to put them to bed.

Naruto slept through everything, so Sasuke was the one up in the middle of the night when Ari woke up crying or when Minato had a nightmare or had to go to bathroom and was too frightened to go by himself just yet. Every other weekend Sasuke had to have Sakura or Hinata babysit them so that he could catch up on the sleep he'd lost. But really, as he set Ari in her high chair and watched Minato make faces at her that caused a cheerful giggle to fill the kitchen, it was worth it.

By the time Sasuke had finished with making dinner, after stopping Minato from taking away Ari's bottle and then stopping Ari from throwing the bottle at her brother. Which was followed by a huge fit from Minato when he was told to leave his sister alone and then persisted that she'd started it and was told to go to his room. Sasuke had to stop cooking when Ari started crying, apparently needed her diaper changed. By the time he finished that he checked on Minato, who had previously been tearing up his room to find him asleep on his floor with his toys and blankets scattered on the floor.

Not wanting him to wake up in the middle of the night because he'd gone to sleep too early he woke Minato up and told him to come help him in the kitchen. He'd finally finished dinner and let Minato help him set the table by the time Naruto finally got home. The blond walked into the kitchen to see Sasuke pouring portions of ramen into the three bowls at the table and smiled.

"Hey there Sas' dinner smells great."

Sasuke smirked as he looked at Naruto a set the empty pot in the sink, "Good, how about you fix drinks for everyone?"

Naruto grinned and crossed the kitchen quickly standing in front of Sasuke suddenly. He cupped the back of his neck, kissed him tenderly then pulled back and made his way to the refrigerator on the far left side of the kitchen next to the sink. Sasuke stared at him for a moment then ran his hand through his hair tiredly as he took his seat on the left of where Ari sat in her high chair. Minato sat down across from him as Naruto took out the apple juice from the fridge and grabbed a few cups and set them down on the table before putting the juice back in the 'fridge and taking his seat across from Ari.

Minato and Naruto were too busy eating to say much and Sasuke ate in silence enjoying the small amount of quiet. That, of course, only lasted long enough for Minato to finish eating and Ari to start crying once Naruto stood to clear the table. Sasuke took Ari into his arms and made his way out of the kitchen and out onto the deck while Naruto had Minato seated on the counter next to the sink as he washed the dishes.

"Daddy, why does sis' cry so much?"

Naruto chuckled as he washed the cups and set them on the dish rack to his right on the other side of the counter.

"Because she's a baby and babies need a lot of attention."

Minato looked at him, "Why do they need so much attention?"

Naruto set the bowl he'd just rinsed off on the rack, "Well, I guess that's just how babies are."


Naruto let out a sigh, "Umm, I guess it's because they are still learning about everything around them and they need attention so that they don't feel alone or scared of all the overwhelming things around them."

"So sis' cries because she's scared of being alone?"

"I guess so, I don't know."

"Were you and Papa alone when you were babies?"

Naruto tensed at the question, his son was sharper at times than Naruto expected. Sometimes his childish curiousity caught him off guard, like it did right now. Naruto finished up the dishes before he answered while looking at Minato, "Why would you ask that?"

Minato shrugged, "I don't know, just that sometimes I hear Aunt Sakura and Aunt Hinata talking about you and Papa. They said that you and Papa were lonely and that they were happy you found each other."

Naruto smiled and picked Minato up in his arms and brought a hand up to mess up his hair as he held him in one arm causing Minato to laugh. "We were lonely growing up, but now we have each other and you and Ari to keep us company."

Minato looked up into Naruto's face for a moment and then he wrapped his small arms around Naruto's throat, "We'll always be here daddy, you and Papa won't ever be lonely again."

Naruto hugged Minato close, set him down on the ground and knelt down in front of him. He brushed his hair out of his eyes and kissed his forehead, "We won't ever be lonely as long as we have you and Ari."

Minato grinned at him and Naruto stood up and held out his hand for Minato to take, "Now let's get you ready for bed."

[i]Finally,[/i] Sasuke thought with a sigh as he leaned on the door frame of Minato's room. Naruto had given both Minato and Ari baths and then made Minato clean up his room before he put him to bed. Ari was resting her head on Sasuke's shoulder, her small fists curled up in his shirt as he cradled her in the fold on his right arm. Naruto tucked Minato in and sat on the bed beside him. Minato yawned and looked at Naruto, "Daddy?"

Naruto smiled, "Yes son?"

"I love you."

Naruto leaned forward and kissed the top of Minato's head, "I love you too."

Naruto then got to his feet and walked over to Sasuke holding out his arms to take Ari, the raven carefully handed her over trying not to jostle her too much and wake her up. Sasuke walked over to Minato's bed and brushed his hair from his face before he leaned down and kissed him lightly on the forehead, "Goodnight Minato."

"'Night Papa, love you," came the tired, mumbled reply.

Sasuke stood up, "Love you as well Minato," he had Naruto and their two children to thank for how easily those words left his lips now.

Sasuke then walked back to the door and shut off the light, it was much easier to walk into the room that used to be his own now with his son resting peacefully. The room was split in half with a thin bamboo wall cutting off the other half of the spacious room, both of them felt Minato was too young to have such a large room and that al the empty space would only overwhelm and frighten him. When Minato needed a bigger room they would remove the bamboo wall, but for now the room was just the right size.

One of the few renovations to the large house was making two bedrooms smaller than they originally were with the bamboo walls and the addition of electricity to light up the house at night. The lanterns Naruto had put in the hallways and along the deck to illuminate it at night were electrical, with a five year old and four month old neither was willing to risk them knocking the lanterns over and getting burnt or setting the house on fire. Sasuke switched off the light and looked one last time at Minato's sleeping form curled up on his side asleep, the dim light of his nightlight the only light in the room, before he closed the door. Naruto was standing on the deck just outside Minato's room waiting for him.

They made their way quietly along the deck, heading along the left wall beside Minato's room, their room was across the courtyard on the other side of the house and Ari still slept in the crib they had in their room. They were quiet with years of being shinobi to keep from waking Ari up. Naruto laid her gently into her small crib on the other side of the room from where their bed was and pulled the small white blanket over her sleeping form. He lightly brushed his fingers through her growing black hair before he stood up and glanced at Sasuke.

Sasuke quickly changed into a thin pair of sweats, he usually showered in the morning now, trying to shower at night was nearly impossible since he was usually worn out by the end of the day. He knew Naruto was watching him as he pulled the sweat pants on and he turned to look at him with a smirk from where he stood at the dresser across the room from their door. Naruto grinned at him and was standing in front of him in seconds capturing his lips hungrily.

Sasuke pulled back after a moment and stepped back making his way past Naruto to their bed. Naruto stripped down to his boxers before he crawled into the bed with Sasuke. Sasuke was lying on his side with his back to Naruto and Naruto placed an arm around Sasuke's waist and pulled him close kissing his neck softly, "Love ya."

Sasuke placed his arm over the blond's arm around his waist, exhaustion closing his eyes and sleep already pulling at him. Before he completely surrendered to sleep, warm and safe in the embrace of the blond he managed to mumble, "Me too."

Naruto savored the feel of Sasuke in his arms, everything was finally how he wanted it to be, he had a family, he'd brought Sasuke back, and he was finally the Hokage; finally respected by the shinobi in the village and he couldn't ask or want more than what blessings he had. He still had so much to look forward to, this was only the beginning of longer road in his life, a road he planned to tread happily.


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