Here we are the final update. Enjoy!

Derek had made reservations at the favourite restaurant. He helped Meredith out of the car and placing his palm at the bottom of her back has he passed the valet his key and led Meredith inside the restaurant. Derek gave the maitre'd his name and he led them over to the private room at the back of the restaurant. Derek held out Meredith chair, before sitting down himself across the table from his wife.

"Your waiter will be with you shortly" he told them before leaving them alone, Derek reached over the table and took Meredith's hand in his.

"Thank you for agreeing to join me tonight"

"Derek; I do agree that we do need to talk" Meredith said smiling at him, she couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked that night; she had really missed her husband.

"I know that; but I'm scared of losing you" Derek told her.

"Derek, I am not going anywhere, I love you too much" Meredith assured him, squeezing his hand across the table as their waiter approached them.

"Dr, Mrs Shepherd...what can i get you tonight?"

"I will have a mineral water with lime, thanks" Meredith said.

"Just water for me too, thanks" Derek said; the waiter nodded before leaving, which Derek was grateful for, he wanted to spend some time alone with his wife.

"Derek; you can drink if you want?" Meredith told him

"I know but I never drank when you were pregnant with the twins; and I won't this time, you aren't going through any of this alone.

"I know that...and you have been wonderful considering I kicked you out"

"This is my baby too, and you know no matter what happens between us you will not be alone, I will always be there but saying that Meredith I want to come home, I've missed you so much"

"I've missed you too Derek" Meredith said smiling and squeezing his hand

"So what did you want to talk about, Derek?"

"I have resigned as chief"

"What?" Meredith said shocked, knowing that chief was why he moved to Seattle. "Derek, I never want..."

"Meredith, I know that but I don't want lose you or the kids"

"Derek i would never keep Em and Tyler from you, you know that"

"Yeah but i don't want to lose you either...god Meredith...i love you so much, i can't imagine my life without you in it" Derek said, not bothering to hide his tears. Meredith stood up and sat on her husband lap wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him close to her.

"Derek, I never wanted you to give up chief, when I married you I knew that it was your dream. All I want is for you to remember you have a family that want to see you, I want you to make us as important as your job, because Derek I hate it when Emily and Tyler ask where their daddy is when they go to bed and when they wake up in the morning. I can't even remember the last time we made love, Derek"

"Meredith, you and the kids have never been second to my job, I know I haven't known you that recently; but everything I ever did for you and the kids, obviously I didn't do it right, and if giving up chief means that I have my wife back than I want to do it. The board have offered me my old job back, and I want to go back to head of neurosurgery, I miss cutting"

"Only if you are sure that is what you want Derek, I don't want you resenting me"

"Meredith, I have made my choice; i want to be by your side no matter what i love you and that is all that matters"

"I love you too Derek Shepherd" Meredith said pressing her lips against Derek's, before the waiter came back to order their food. The evening went well with laughter and they finally felt that they were back on track.

It was late by the time Derek dropped Meredith off at the house, he walked her to the porch, before turning to her and taking her hand in his.

"I had fun to night Derek, I've missed doing this"

"Me too, i promise to make it all up to up Meredith, i am not willing to lose you"

"I know" Meredith said moving closer to him, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Meredith kissed him gently at first but quickly becoming more passionate, until Meredith pulled away. "I've missed you" she whispers to him.

"I've missed you too" Derek murmurs against her lips, kissing her again. Meredith steps away from him, and toward the front door. She turned to him and holds her hand out to him.

"You coming home" Meredith says. Derek smiles at her and takes her hand; she leads him into the house and closes the door behind them.


This is it, just after a year of writing this story, it is finally over. I want to thank each and everyone of you that have stuck through this emotional roller-coaster of a ride. I especially want to thank those of you that have been kind enough to share your personal stories we are all survivors. There will be no epilogue to this fic, because i really don't think it need one. I want to show that love can shows no boundaries and i hope i have done that.