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Chapter 1

Lily Truscott had just skated though he best friend Miley's front door when Miley's older brother ambushed her.

Jackson dragged her off her board and practically threw her on the sofa before quickly placing a small cushion over each of her ears.

"Jackson what are you doing?" Lily yelled so she could hear her self thought the cushions

"Trust me you will thank me later" Jackson yelled back while getting 2 cushions for him self.

Lilly was about to yell at Jackson again when a high pinched squeal filled the whole of the Steward house making Lily crush the cushions agents her head in an effort to protect her ears.

Once the 2 friends were sure that the mini sound wave had subsided they cautiously removed the cushions from their ears. Even with the cushions in place Miley's squeal left the two friends with a loud ringing in their ears.

When they were able to hear again they both became aware of a low grown coming from the sill open front door.

"Oh my gosh, Ollie" Lily cried as she jumped to her feet and rushed over to her fallen friend.

Oliver smocking Oken had arrived moments after Lily. He was too late to receive cushion ear protectors so he had felt the full force of Miley's squeal. It had left him sprawled in the door way.

"Are you OK man?" Jackson shouted to Oliver once Lily had him up on his feet.

"Yeah" Oliver shouted back "DJ's don't really need ear drums do they?" he asked

Before Lily and Jackson could reassure Oliver Miley came rushing down the stairs.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh" she continually chanted while constantly moving around the front room.

Jackson, Lily and even the still disorientated Oliver made desperate grabs at Miley as she raced past them. It was Lily who eventually court her.

"Miley, Miley, Miley" Lily said to her friend but got no response.

Finally Lily lost what little patience she had.

"MILEY!" she screamed while shaking her friend with as much force as she dared.

That seemed to do the trick, Miley's eyes focused in on Lily.

"Hi Lilz" she said cheerfully as if she had not just been running around like a mad woman.

"Hey Miley" Lily said brightly also ignoring Miley's strange behaviour "What's up"

"Guess were you, me and Oliver are going to spend the summer?" Miley almost squealed again.

"Well Oliver is visiting family in Florida" Lily answered slowly in a puzzled tone before getting all excited "Are we going with him?"

"No Lily we're not, let me re-ask the question ok" Miley said.

Lily just nodded.

"Guess where you and me are going to spend the summer?"

Lily just looked at Miley she had no clue what her friend had up her sleeve, then an idea hit her.

"Some cool Hannah event?" she asked slyly thinking she had figured out what her friend was getting at.

"Nope" replied Miley gleefully shaking her head and sending her curls flying "Hannah is not going to make a single appearance all summer and nether is Lola. This summer it's all Miley and Lily all the time"

"Really?" asked Lily, she was so surprised that she finally realest Miley's shoulders witch she had been holding ever since she had managed to catch her.

"Really" Miley replied her smile just kept getting bigger.

Lily looked over her shoulder at the two boys' behind her; it was obvious that Oliver was as confused as she was. It was also obvious that Jackson knew exactly what was going on but was too scared of his little sister to spoil her moment.

"OK I give in" Lily said "Where are we spending the summer?"

"Lily my friend you and I are going to Camp Rock" Miley crowed shooting her fist into the air and leting out another loud squeal.

Lily was frozen to the spot staring at her friend with wide eyes.

"You're not screaming" Miley commented

"Why aren't you screaming" she demanded sounding just like Lily had years ago.

Lily quickly moved from shocked to panicked

"We're going to Camp Rock" she said almost hyperventilating.

"Yeah" said Miley with barely concealed excitement.

"Lily Likey" she asked with a huge grin.

"No" Lily gasped out sitting down fast.

"Lily no likey, Lily can't breath, Lily needs a paper bag"

Jackson threw a paper bag in Lily's general direction from his hiding place in the kitchen; he was staying well out of her reach.

Miley watched as Lily breathed into her bag.

"I thought you would want to go" Miley said gently.

Lily shook her head vigorously.

"Miley – I – have – no – musical – ability" Lily said between gasps before going back to her bag.

"Sure you do" Miley reassured her

"Like –what" Lily asked still gasping for air

"Well you can-" Miley began

"Then there's-" she continued

"You can- Your" Miley looked to Jackson and Oliver helplessly

"Cheerleader" Jackson hissed under his breath

"You were a cheerleader" Miley stated confidently "That takes rhythm"

Suddenly Oliver took a coughing fit but every cough sounded like the word "Rap"

"And you and Ollie are always doing your little raps"

None of this seemed to help Lily; she was still hyperventilating into her paper bag.

"Shane Gray is going to be there" Miley said in a rush desperately playing her ace card.

Instantly the hyperventilating stopped.

"Secret pop star best friend say what" Lily asked quickly

"Shane Gray is going to be a special celebrity instructor this summer" Miley explained.

"Seriously Shane - connect 3 - Gray?" Lily asked shocked

Miley just nodded

"Epppp" Lily let out a squeal of her own "When do we leave" she asked all of her panic now forgotton as she and Miley happy danced around the front room together.

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