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Chapter 13

Mitchie and Lily were surprised when Miley returned to the cabin alone.

"Didn't Caitlyn find you?" asked Lily

"Yeah she did" answer Miley

"But she stopped to talk to some dancers she knows" She explained dismissively

"Oh my gosh you will never believe what I heard on my way here" she almost shouted.

Mitchie looked unnerved by Miley's random outburst but Lily just rolled her eyes at her friend's behaviour.

"What?" she asked

"Tess is making Ella and Peggy match their outfits with hers tonight, they are even having the same hair dos" Miley didn't know this for sure but she needed to lay the ground work for operation green pyjama's and it sounded like the kind of thing Tess would do.

"Eww that is so tacky" said Lily in discussed

"And kind of mean" Mitchie added

"This is Tess we are talking about everything she does is kind of mean" Miley dead paned

Lily and Mitchie nodded in agreement

"Anyway" said Miley eager to move on with the plan

"We need to make sure that none of us match, we all need to wear different colours and styles of pyjamas and do our hair differently too" she told the other two girls in a commanding tone

Again Mitchie and Lily just nodded in agreement.

"Let's look at what we each have" said Miley in a much louder voice than necessary.

The next instant Caitlyn came racing though the door as if on cue and looking very worried

"Lily come quickly" she gasped trying to pull Lily out of the cabin door

"Why, what's wrong" asked Lily who was completely bewildered by Caitlyn's actions

"It's Andy" said Caitlyn in the same urgent tone as before

"I just heard from some of my dancer friends that Tess challenged him to a dance off and he accepted"

"Oh no" gasped Miley dramatically

"He's going to need our help" Caitlyn told Lily before pulling the shocked blond out of the door.

As soon as Caitlyn and Lily were out of the door Miley raced over and slammed it shut behind them.

"Quick, get out all of your and Caitlyn's pyjama's" Miley told Mitchie as she rushed over to the draws that she shared with Lily and franticly began pulling pairs of PJ's out of them.

"Hurry we don't have long" she shouted when she realised that Mitchie hadn't moved.

Mitch tipped all of her PJ's out onto her bed before moving on to Caitlyn's

"Miley what are we doing" Mitchie asked she was totally confused.

"Shouldn't we be going to help Andy rather than worrying about our outfits for tonight" she demanded

"Andy doesn't need our help" Miley said shortly as she inspected the array of PJ's spread across the four beds in front of her

"He might" Mitchie pushed

"I know we're not as good as Lily and Caitlyn but we might be able to help him with the dance off somehow"

"Mitchie" Miley yelled losing patience with her friend

"Andy doesn't need our help with the dance off because there is no dance off. Me and Caitlyn made it up to get rid of Lily" Miley explained slowly as if she were talking to an over excited child

"Now hide these" she said urgently throwing three pairs of Lily's PJ's at Mitchie "We don't have long"

"Why did we get rid of Lily and why are we hiding her pyjamas?" asked Mitchie as she slipped Lily's PJ's under her own pillow

"We got rid of Lily so we could hide her pyjamas and we are hiding her pyjamas to make sure she wears green tonight." Said Miley with a slightly exasperated smile as she stowed two pairs of Lily's PJ's under her bed

"How are we going to make sure she wears green?" Mitchie asked

"Leave that to me and Caitlyn" Miley reassured her

"Just make sure you hide any green PJ's that you and Caitlyn have" Miley instructed

Miley and Mitchie spent the next ten minutes in silence hiding all bar four pairs of Lily's pyjamas. Mitchie had never known anyone who owned as many pairs of PJ's as Lily did. Miley laid out four pairs of pyjamas on each of the girl's bed.

"Witch one do you want to wear" asked Miley pointing at the PJ's on Mitchie's bed

"The pink ones" Mitchie said decisively

"Perfect" Miley grinned

Before ether girl could say or do anything else Caitlyn and Lily came though the cabin door

"That's so strange" Caitlyn was saying she sounded genuinely confused

"I'm sure the guy's said that Andy was having a dance off with Tess"

"Isn't he?" Mitchie asked inosently

"No he not and when we asked him he looked at us like we were crazy" Lily said sounding slightly annoyed

"I was so sure that the guys said that Andy and Tess were having a dance off" Caitlyn persisted with her confused act. Mitchie was very impressed with Caitlyn's performance if Miley hadn't filled her in on what was going on she would have believed every word coming out of Caitlyn's mouth.

"Maybe you misheard" Miley suggested "Maybe it was Randy and Bess that are having a dance off" she said

"I bet that was it" Caitlyn agreed quickly

Lily was feeling very confused, Miley and Caitlyn were both acting very strangely but she decided to put it down to excitement over the pyjama jam.

"We've got your PJ's all ready for you" Mitchie beamed at Caitlyn and Lily.

"We just have to make sure none of us match" said Miley

"So let's each try to wear different colours and cuts, OK?" she instructed

The other three just nodded, Mitchie and Caitlyn did so because they were in on Miley's plan, Lily did because she knew that when Miley set her mind on something it was pointless arguing with her.

"So seen as Caitlyn is performing she gets first pick" Miley announced

"I'm going with the purple leopard print" said Caitlyn

"Great choice, everyone disregard anything purple" said Miley brightly

"Now Mitchie's turn" she said

"Pink" said Mitchie with a firm nod of her head before snatching up a pair of white PJ bottoms and a pink t-shirt

"Anything pink has to go" said Miley calmly before squealing like an excitable child "My go now"

Miley seemed to consider her options for a moment, even though she, Caitlyn and Mitchie knew exactly witch of the remaining 2 pairs she was going to chose.

"Blue" she finally announced

"Defiantly the blue ones" she confirmed picking up her blue and white striped PJ bottoms and a blue vest top.

"I guess that leaves me with green" said Lily looking down at the only pair of PJ's left on her bed. Green and white checked bottoms and a green long sleeved flannel shirt. They were her oldest PJ's but they were also her most comfortable so she didn't mind.

"So now we know what everyone is wearing can we get on with the pampering?" asked Mitchie eagerly

"Sounds good to me" said Lily brightly and both Miley and Caitlyn agreed.

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon having hot baths with lots of bubbles, doing their hair, painting each other's nails and dancing around to the room to the music that came pouring out of Caitlyn's lap top.

Miley convinced the other's that it was a good idea to match their nail varnish and shoes to their PJ's. Matching the Nail varnish wasn't hard as Miley had brought almost every colour of the rainbow and any colour that she had somehow managed to forget Caitlyn had.

The shoes were another story all together; Caitlyn and Miley didn't have any problems. Caitlyn wore her own purple converse and Miley had a pair of blue flip flops with her but Lily and Mitchie ended up having to borrow shoes from the other two girls.

Mitchie borrowed a pair of pink walking boots from Miley but she wasn't too happy about it the only reason she agreed was because she knew how important it was that Lily's outfit was perfect tonight and she didn't want to risk messing up Miley's plan by saying no to the shoes. Lily accepted Caitlyn's offer of a pair of green converse without giving it a second thought.

When it came to hair Miley had agreed that both Mitchie and Caitlyn could wear their hair down as Caitlyn's was curly and Mitchie's wasn't while she scooped her own up into a high pony tail and talked Lily into putting her hair into two braids.

Miley finally declared that all the girls were good to go but just before they walked out of the door Mitchie spotted Lily's green beanie sat on one of the bed side tables, she scooped it up and tossed it to Caitlyn who passed it to Miley who slipped it onto Lily's head as she walked past.

Lily had long since given up wondering what had caused her friends to act so strangely tonight so just kept walking without looking back. If she had she would have seen her friends exchange bright smiles and high five's before following her out the door.

Shane was one of the first to arrive at the pyjama jam. He didn't bother to sneak in or hide he merely stood towards the back of the room where he could observe the comings and goings. He watched as more and more campers arrived soon the once empty room was teaming with people, there was so many of them that he nearly missed the arrival of Tess and her back up girls. The three of them were all dressed in Green PJ's, Ella and Peggy were dressed exactly the same in simple shorts and hoodies while Tess was dressed in a silk pyjama set. Shane couldn't help but feel that the green ensembles were Tess's attempt to impress him and the truth was it might have worked if Lily and her friends had not walked in directly behind them.

It was hard not to make comparisons between Lily and Tess at that moment as they were both fair, both blond and both dressed head to foot in green. Shane never liked comparing people as it always felt like he was playing them off against each other but in this case there was a clear winner.

Lily was warm and friendly when Tess was cold and closed off, Lily truly cared about those around her while Tess was just out for all she could get for herself. In short Lily was everything Tess wasn't and Shane was shocked to realize that just a few weeks ago he wouldn't have seen that he would have fallen for Tess's sweet, girly act and over looked Lily the genuine, beautiful tom boy.

Shane was bought back to reality by the amazing music that was now filling the room he looked up to find Caitlyn on stage he couldn't believe how good she was the whole room was swaying to her music at least they were until Tess's screams filled the air.

"HELP, SNAKE, SNAKE" she screeched pointing to the corner of the room

Soon other people were screaming too the room became so loud and disordered that Caitlyn gave up on playing her music as no one was listening any more.

Shane watched as Dee cautiously began making her way towards the corner that Tess had pointed into but before she was even half way across the room someone raced passed her. A blond someone wearing green that defiantly wasn't Tess.

Shane wasn't aware that he had reached out to stop her until he felt her arm brushing past his hand nor had he planned on saying anything but sure enough he heard his own voice fill the cabin along with many others

"Lily, no"

Lily completely ignored his attempts to stop her along with any others that were made and was in the corner in a matter of seconds

"It just a power cord" she announced with an angry edge to her voice. She held the cord up high enough for everyone to see.

"Just a power cord, everyone, nothing to worry about" Lily reiterated shaking the cord above her head

Shane glanced back towards her friends and suddenly Lily's rash actions made sense. Miley had gone white as a sheet and had a death grip on Mitchie's shoulder. Shane knew the signs of fear when he saw them and right now Miley was terrified. Miley had a fear of snakes and Lily was doing all she could to allay her fears.

"Tess you are so full of it" Caitlyn raged as she got down from the stage and up into Tess's face.

"You just can't stand that people might just like something that some one other that you does" the shorter girl seethed

"Whatever" Tess dismissed with a role of her eyes

"You make me sick" Caitlyn spat

Tess's response was some complicated hand gesture that Shane didn't understand and apparently neither did Caitlyn

"OK, what was that?" she asked in confusion and anger

Ella chose that moment to step in; she repeated Tess's gesture but also explained what it meant

"She said, whatever major loser"

Tension was thick in the air and the room was deathly silent for a moment then Mitchie laughed

"Wow Tess, whatever major loser, that's so last year everyone knows that" she giggled before immediately looking sorry for her words

"Well, I guess not everyone, sorry Tess" she added she almost sounded genuinely sorry but the evil look she shared with her friends proved that she wasn't. Everyone in the room dissolved into fits of laughter as they watched the new girls take the camp queen down a peg or two

With one last angry huff Tess turned and left, Ella and Peggy made to follow her but Miley who now seemed to be back to normal reached out to stop them.

"You guys don't have to go just because she did" she told them with a warm smile

The two girls looked flabbergasted that anyone would want them to hang around after what their so called friend had just done and everyone could tell they were slightly scared of what Tess would do if they stayed too long without her

"You should at least stay and listen to Caitlyn's set" Lily suggested

"She's really good" Mitchie added with a bright smile.

Before the girls could agree or disagree Caitlyn decided to take control and jumped back onto the stage she stared to play once again. Soon the room was full of music Lily took the lead and began to dance Miley and Mitchie soon joined her dragging Peggy and Ella along with her.

Shane watched as Lily fell into the role of teacher once again and tried to show the other campers the dance moves that she was doing he could see her love for and enjoyment of music shining in her eyes.

He was suddenly hit with a bolt of inspiration that he was desperate not to lose but there was no way he was just leaving her like he did the other night especially when he remember the way his heart had raced as she rushed into that corner moments ago.

As he passed her on his way to the door he lent down so his lips brushed her ear

"Good night, Lily" he whispered

Lily nearly jumped out of her skin, she had been so court up in the music she hadn't even noticed that there was anyone behind her let alone who it was but thankfully she gathered her wits before he disappeared

"Sweet dreams, Shane" she returned

Shane gave her a Smile before he left, not his famous smerk a real genuine smile and she returned the gesture with a dazzling smile of her own.

As Shane made his way to the cabin that he was beginning to think of as home he had no doubt that he would have very sweet dreams indeed.

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