Title: Uncontrollable

Author: Always An Angel
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Future!Peter/Nathan
Rating: light R
Warning: Sexual thoughts, nothing explicit
Summary: Nathan tries to not think about his brother in that way
Note: This is not supposed to take place after my other drabble set in 3x03.

Disclaimer: I own nothing

He shouldn't be thinking this

The phrase runs through Nathan's head over and over

He shouldn't be thinking this

He stares at the man in front of him, the man who is and is not his brother, and listens to his voice. It's deep and unemotional, so different from his Peter.

He should be asking himself where his Peter is, or what happened to Peter to make him this way. What caused Peter to turn into this hardened man before him? How did he become a man who willingly shot his own brother?

He stares at the scar and the gelled hair and the leather jacket and all the reasonable questions flee his mind. All he can think is how much he wants to toss him down and have his way with him.

He shouldn't be thinking this

Or maybe it would be the other way around. Maybe Peter, with all his confidence, wariness and detachment, would be the dominant one. Maybe the experiences that changed him so much would not allow him to be submissive. Maybe he would pin Nathan down and fuck him hard. The thought both scared and aroused him.

"What's on your mind big brother?" Peter asked with a knowing smirk. Nathan didn't respond as Peter stalked towards him. Nathan backed up until he was against the wall. Peter placed his hands on the wall on either side of Nathan's head and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"You would rather fuck one version of your brother than look for the other? What would your Peter think of that?" Nathan gulped, but remained silent. Peter pulled back to stare into Nathan's eyes and Nathan felt the sudden urge to cry at the emptiness there.

That urge quickly disappeared when Peter pressed the entire length of his body against Nathan's.

"That can be arranged."