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Sakura was walking down the road after a hard day's work at the hospital. At least I have a day off tomorrow she thought before her thoughts were interrupted by a certain hyperactive ninja.

"Oi! Sakura-chan!" he called, jumping from the roof of the nearest house to the ground.

"Yes Naruto, what is it?" she called with as much patience as she could muster.

"Well, Hinata-chan and me are going on a date tomorrow…"

"ARE YOU SERIOUSLY?! That's great!" she screamed. Finally, I guess Naruto's not such an idiot after all.


"Except what? You love her, she loves you, what's the problem?" Sakura said, very annoyed since she got interrupted in her happy dancing. (A/N: x3)

"Her father doesn't want her to go out with me alone, he says it has to be a double date," Naruto said. Sakura's eyes widened in surprise. She understood Hinata's father's worry, but seriously, Naruto would never hurt her. The most painful thing he would do to her would be to poke her eye with a chopstick in his hurry to eat ramen.

"So will you?" he asked.

"Will I what?" Sakura said, phasing out of her thoughts.

"Go on a double date with me and Hinata?" Naruto said, using his chibi eyes.

"Of course! You're my friend and Hinata's my friend. What wouldn't I do to help you guys get together?" Sakura said.

"Okay, see you outside Puriti Mizuumi (A/N: means pretty lake….I think) at eight, dress formal!" he shouted as he "poofed" away.

"Bye!" Sakura called. As she began to walk away, her eyes widened in realization. Whose going to be my date?

Sakura groaned as Ino continued to throw clothes on her lap.

"Forehead! Help me pick out something for you to wear. You're the one who invited me over!" Ino said. And I'm starting to wish I didn't Sakura thought.

"Umm how about this one?" Sakura said, lifting a dress from the middle of the stack out.

"That's too long!"

"This one?"

"Too purple!"

"This one?"

"That's….perfect!" Ino exclaimed, "Go try it on!" Sakura went to the bathroom and slipped into the pale peach chiffon dress with short sleeves and a jewel neckline. Ino applied lip and cheek stain to her face and clipped her hair back with rhinestone pins.

"Thanks Ino, I wouldn't know what I would do without you!" Sakura said.

"You can thank me later, hurry and get going to your double date with Naruto, Hinata, and some mystery dude!" Ino said, pushing Sakura out the door with her bag. They grow up so fast!

"Hey Naruto! Hinata!" Sakura said, waving with one hand, the other clutching her bag.

"Hey Sakura-chan!" They both called as Hinata shyly waved and Naruto was waving as fast, it looked like he was about to smack Neji in the face. Wait, NEJI? Neji is my date? Sakura thought.

Neji was currently in a white button down shirt with plain black pants on. A simple black tie completed his look of "Brooding Emotionless Honorable Simplicity With a Touch of I'm Still Better Than You" that only he and a certain Uchida could pull off. Though, and even Sakura admitted it, there was a little something else too that made him even more charming than Sasuke. Or was it the lack of seeing Sasuke's face daily that made it seem that way? Then, it stuck her, like a bird that runs into a glass wall, a handsome, white-eyed glass wall like in those Windex © commercials. (A/N: Those are hilarious!)

It was in his eyes, yes, those seemly blank eyes that made him seem even more mysterious. Sakura could sense pride, not "Sasuke" pride, not pride for himself, but pride for his cousin. He had come a long way from the Chunin exams when he wanted to kill her. He was proud that his cousin was dating a ninja that could even beat him/ saved him from himself and that pride and gentleness shone though his eyes. That's why he agreed to be here, for Hinata! Sakura thought as she walked over to the group.

"Sakura-chan, t-t-thank you so much for agreeing to go on this double date with us, and thank you again nii-san!" Hinata said, her eyes aglow with the excitement of going on a date with Naruto. Cheeks flushed, eyes sparkling, Sakura felt a "Happy, Happy, Oh So VERY Happy! I hope I don't faint…" aura from the girl.

"It's my pleasure, like I said, you are my friend, Naruto is my friend, why should I refuse?" Sakura said.

"Uncle has instructed me to make sure that… Naruto-kun is a worthy gentleman on this date, though I have already told him that I approve. I am here just to give Uncle a security of mind and for you, …Hinata-chan….," Neji said. He said their names without larger honorifics like it causes him pain! Sakura said, struggling to hide her giggling. (A/N: -Kun and -Chan are more terms you would use if you knew the people better, but not as friendly as without honorifics.)

"Nay, Neji, we are all friends here, and even if I don't know you well, you are a "kun" to me. Call me Sakura-, Hinata, Hinata, and Naruto, baka!" Sakura said. Hinata began to giggle, until she covered her mouth with her hand, looking down at her pale blue shoes that matched her traditional pale blue kimono with lavender designs. Did I just insult Naruto-kun?

"No, no Hinata-chan, baka is like my middle name now! It's just like using "kun" or "chan" now," Naruto said fixing his collar. I have to look proper in front of Hinata-chan, she's very elegant and I already messed this up with my ramen tie, though it is yummy…Ramen…

"We tease, cause we love," Sakura said, grinning and nudging Neji to make some comment to make Hinata feel better. Come on man!

"It is seemingly appropriate if occasionally you stray from the path of fate and somehow managed to use insulting and somewhat crude terms in Japanese even though this is an English fanfic and the author barely knows anymore Japanese words than "baka," Neji stated. (A/N: That's why I wanted to take Japanese, but I have to do Spanish, there's nothing wrong with Spanish, but I wanna take Japanese!)

"…Yeah, what Neji said!" Sakura said.

I haven't a clue what's going on, but I'll act like I do, believe it! Naruto thought as he nodded. (A/N: Sorry for all the author notes, but I would like to say that that line isn't mine, it's a recycled line, from Naruto's English dub, the episode with Kabuto and his Ninja Info Cards.)

Hinata, too confused by Neji, forgot all about what was going on and just smiled.

"Well, shall we go in?" Sakura said.

"Yes, let's," Naruto said, and started to walk away until Sakura gestured with her hand the opening of a door and linked arms with Neji. Naruto, got the hint and opened the door for Hinata and linked arms with her. Neji followed suit, opening the door for Sakura too.

"Thank you Neji and may I say you look rather dashing in that outfit," Sakura said in the tone that duchesses and dukes use, to make themselves sound important.

"Thank you, Milady and may I compliment you on your stunning gown," Neji said in the same tone, closing the door behind them.

"You may sire, and let's now link arms and go skipping to where your cousin and her date are stationed," Sakura said, holding out her arm.

"Of course, but I would prefer not to skip," Neji replied, linking arms.

"Tough," Sakura stated before dragging him off to where Naruto and Hinata were.

Neji just cracked a funny, maybe this double date's not going to be perfectly horrid after all. Wait…perfectly horrid? I meant suck. Yeah…Why am I still talking to myself….This is weird….

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