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"Name?" Esibu asked.

"You work here?!" Naruto said.

"Of course, I can't just baby sit the Hokage's grandson all the time, I would go crazy, name?" he said impatiently.

"You know my name," Naruto said.

"Just say it,"

"But you know it!"

"You're holding up the line, just say it,"

"Nooo-ruto," I have to look mature in front of Hinata! I forgot…..

"Last name first," Esibu said as he pushed up his glasses.

"But isn't it the first name first, that's why it's called the first name?"

"Last name," he said more forcefully.

"Uzamaki Comma Naruto," he said. "Table for 4,"

"Very well," he said, "This way…sir." They got seated at a small round table, with Naruto sliding next to Hinata and Sakura and Neji on the other side of Sakura. They opened their menus.

"Oooo, I heard the duck is good here," Sakura said.

"As did I," Neji said.

"There are two duck dishes, Peking duck and duck a la orange," Hinata said.

"So Peking duck for us two or duck a la orange?" Neji said to Sakura.

"And how about us?" Hinata asked Naruto.

"I like the buns for the Peking duck but duck a la orange is healthy," Naruto said.

"Really?" Neji said as he raised an eyebrow.

"It has orange in it, orange is a fruit, it's healthy," Naruto said, slightly annoyed.

"That doesn't mean it's healthy! Apple pie has apple in it, is it healthy?" Neji said, also annoyed.

"…Well, I like orange!" Naruto said.

"You wear it! Of course you like it!" Neji said.

"Me and Naruto will eat the duck a la orange," Hinata said, breaking up the two males' conversation.

"That means Peking for us," said Sakura to Neji.

"What is Peking anyway?" Naruto said.

"I think it's a country…" Sakura said.

"I thought it was a special sauce…" Hinata said.

"Maybe it's a country's special sauce," Sakura said.

"That's possible…" Hinata said. As the two girls were discussing the origins of Peking, the boys were glaring at each other. Neji was very good at glaring, but Naruto had a lot of practice since him and Sasuke always had glaring contests. They were pretty evenly matched.

"Sorry I'm late, you see I-"

"What?!" Naruto and Neji both said in unison as the girls glanced to the side.

Kakashi was standing there in a messy apron with loose strings and a notepad and pencil in his hand.

"Are you ready to order?" he asked casually.

"Kakashi-sensi?" Naruto and Sakura said as 'Kakashi-san?' was heard from Hinata and Neji. (Kakashi's not their sensei, so I guess they would call him Kakashi-san)

"Hello Naruto, Sakura, Neji, Hinata," the copy-nin answered.

"What are you doing here?" Naruto said.

"Well you see…There's going to be a Make-out Paradise Con in the Mist Village and I need the money to travel there, buy my ticket, and of course buy all the merchandise I want," Kakashi said.

Of course…figures I would have to do with his stupid books…. Sakura and Naruto thought.

"It's fun catching up, but now if you don't mind, I'm paid by the order, not by the hour, so if you could order…" Kakashi said.

"One Peking duck special…That's two servings right?" Kakashi nodded and Neji was about to continue until Naruto interrupted," One Duck a la Orange special and a medium tub of rice with four glasses of sparkling cider, we'll order dessert later,"

"Very well, your order will come soon," Kakashi said as he walked off.

"I'm impressed, Naruto," Sakura said, "Gentlemen always order for their dates,"

"Yeah, Uzamaki, didn't think you knew that," Neji said.

"T-t-thank you Naruto," Hinata said, blushing and playing with the hem of her dress.

"You're welcome Hinata," Naruto said with a grin on his face.

"So how was this date arranged?" Sakura asked Naruto.

"Well, I was swimming in a nearby river where Hinata was training and since we're both close range fighters, I decided that we should practice together. We both got some great practice in, Hinata's super cool! I wanted to do something with her again, so I invited her to ramen with me. She's like really good at eating ramen too and she mentioned this place so we arranged a date, but her dad wouldn't let her go alone, so Neji had to come, but he needed a date, so I asked you…and here we are," Naruto said. Hinata nodded shyly.

"But why didn't you ask Tenten, Neji?" Sakura asked.

"She's on a date with Lee,"

"Did someone say my name Tenten?"

Oh no…Neji thought.

"Hey look, there's Neji, Naruto, Hinata, and Naruto!" Tenten said as she dragged Lee to their table.

"Hey! What are you guys doing here?" Lee asked.

Trying to have a romantic date with Hinata

Trying to have a romantic date with Naruto and not faint

Trying to help Hinata and Naruto to have a romantic date

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