Phantom of the Opera, and Friends

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Phantom of the Opera characters, however, I do own Black Vampire, for I am her, and I do own Becky, Jazz, and Tabby, and Steve, but he comes along in a later chapter.

Chapter 1

Eric: AngelofMusic

Raoul: LovesChristine

Christine: ConfusedGirl

Meg Giry: LikesRaoul

Me: BlackVampire

Becky: Hairsprayfanatic

Jazz: Eminemfan

Tabby: WerewolfGirl

AngelofMusic, LovesChristine, ConfusedGirl, and LikesRaoul have signed on.

AngelofMusic: Hello my precious angel.

ConfusedGirl: Who are you?

AngelofMusic: Do you not remember your angel?

ConfusedGirl: Erik, don't do that to me! You know how much that confuses me! You know I hate that!

AngelofMusic: Well, I had to try.

LovesChristine: I'm still here.

AngelofMusic: Go away Fop. No one wants you here.

LikesRaoul: Excuse me, I do. I happen to be a fan of his.

LovesChristine: At least someone likes me.

AngelofMusic: And only her.

Eminemfan, WerewolfGirl, and Hairsprayfanatic have signed on.

Eminemfan: I like Raoul too.

AngelofMusic: And that makes two. Well Raoul, you've become popular.

WerewolfGirl: Not as popular as you Erik. Every girl in my school would kill to see you in person.

Hairsprayfanatic: That's true. Most of the girls in my school love you.

BlackVampire has signed on.

BlackVampire: Ok, Mademoiselles' and Monsieur's, what have I missed.

WerewolfGirl: Nothin' much. Just trying to cheer Erik up.

AngelofMusic: I do NOT need cheering up by a bunch of Raoul fans.

BlackVampire: Hello, do you NOT see the Black in the name? That represents you, Monsieur Erik. Kind of though you would figure that out, since you are a genius, Monsieur.

AngelofMusic: Oh….

Hairsprayfanatic: So, BlackVampire, what's your real name?

BlackVampire: I do not tell that to strangers, I am sorry.

LovesChristine: Probably because she likes the Phantom of the Opera.

BlackVampire: I would shut your trap Raoul before I come over there and suck you almost dry, then Punjab you!

AngelofMusic: ….

Eminemfan: If I'm correct that has to be one of my friends, T-

BlackVampire: You too Eminemfan, there is to be no guessing my name.

ConfusedGirl: Ok, I'm confused. Doesn't Erik usually threaten to Punjab someone?

AngelofMusic: … Yeah, I usually do, but not this time. Are you trying to steal my identity?! That would be very bad, if you did!

BlackVampire: I would not try to threaten me right now; besides, I'm right outside your front door.

AngelofMusic: WHAT! *Jumps out of chair and runs to the stairs*

LikesRaoul: Ok…. That was weird.

WerewolfGirl: Totally. Are you really outside his front door, BlackVampire?

BlackVampire: No, I just wanted to scare him. *giggles to self*

Well, I hoped you liked the first Chapter. Tell me what you think Mademoiselles' and Monsieur's! Please!

Chapter 2

Hey everyone! I know I just put this online, but I love writing, and I have so many ideas for this! So enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Phantom of the Opera characters, but I do own Becky, Jazz, Tabby, and BlackVampire.

Erik: AngelofMusic

Raoul: LovesChristine

Christine: ConfusedGirl

Meg Giry: LikesRaoul

Becky: Hairsprayfanatic

Jazz: Eminemfan

Tabby: WerewolfGirl

Me: BlackVampire

AngelofMusic, Hairsprayfanatic, and BlackVampire have signed on.

Hairsprayfanatic: Isn't today a lovely day?

AngelofMusic: Not really.

BlackVampire: Oh, don't be such a sourpuss. It is a very nice day, Hairsprayfanatic. By the way, what is up with Christine? I saw her crying in her bedroom today.

AngelofMusic: …..

Hairsprayfanatic: Do you have the feeling that Erik had something to do with it?

BlackVampire: Yes, I do. Erik, what happened?

AngelofMusic: asdiflenslomendosfdarela;riwefdnafrfar;e;foiah;

LovesChristine has signed on

LovesChristine: What is he doing?

Hairsprayfanatic: I have no idea. What are you doing Erik?

AngelofMusic: My fault, all my fault.

BlackVampire: What is your entire fault?

AngelofMusic: *Mumbles to self* was so stupid.

AngelofMusic has signed off.

LovesChristine: ok…. That was awkward. What was that about?

Hairsprayfanatic: No idea. Christine was crying in her bedroom today, and when we asked Erik if he has something to do with it, he started doing weird stuff.

BlackVampire: Yep, and we have no idea why.

ConfusedGirl has signed on.

BlackVampire: Speaking of the devil… What happened Christine?

ConfusedGirl: I-I don't want to talk about it. It was nothing to be concerned over.

LovesChristine: oh, come on. We all know something happened, so, what was it?

ConfusedGirl: Nothing, I have to go. I have to… do my laundry.

ConfusedGirl has signed off.

BlackVampire: ok, weird.

Hairsprayfanatic: yeah, very weird.

LovesChristine: I better go see what's wrong. Ta ta!

LovesChristine has signed off.

Hairsprayfanatic: I better go, see ya BlackVampire.