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Chapter 8:

AngelofMusic has signed on.

BlackPhantom has signed on.

Oversensitivegirlyman has signed on.

AngelofMusic: Hello Raoul.

Oversensitivegirlyman: Hello Phantom.

BlackPhantom: Hello to you both.

AngelofMusic: Who are you?

BlackPhantom: Do you like? It used to be BlackVampire.

AngelofMusic: Oh, that is right. I am so sorry love to misunderstand.

BlackPhantom: *Blushes* You really have to call me love.

AngelofMusic: Yes, I do.

Oversensitivegirlyman: I'm still here you know.

BlackPhantom: We know, but we don't care.

AngelofMusic: ditto.

BlackPhantom: O_O

AngelofMusic: What was that for?

BlackPhantom: You just said something from my language.

AngelofMusic: Oh.

LovesRaoul has signed on.

LovesRaoul: *Looks at past conversation* What does ditto mean anyways?

BlackPhantom: It means that he agrees to what I said.

LovesRaoul: *Looks at past conversation again* But that's mean!

BlackPhantom: and again, don't care.

AngelofMusic: Really do not care. I am coming over BlackPhantom.

BlackPhantom: Okay? See you in a bit.

AngelofMusic has signed off.

BlackPhantom: Oh boy.

Oversensitivegirlyman: What was that for?

BlackPhantom: Nothing! Keep your nose out of my business!

Oversensitivegirlyman: Okay…

BlackPhantom: *Growls*

BlackPhantom has signed off.

Oversensitivegirlyman: I am dead.

LovesRaoul: Not on my watch.

LovesRaoul has signed off.

Oversensitivegirlyman: I'm alone. Again.

Oversensitivegirlyman has signed off.

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