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Genre: Romance/Action

Summary: Dominic Toretto decides to leave the love of his life behind to protect her from the dangers of living with him, but what happens when he discovers that somebody is using his feelings for Letty against him?

Note: This is my version of the movie Fast and Furious 4. If you're not interested in spoilers don't read!

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Chapter 1- 20 % Angel, 80% Devil

"Never ever think about leaving me!" Leticia Ortiz whispered into her boyfriend's ear after listening, once again, to his arguments about them separating to keep her safe.

He embraced her against his chest of steel, crushing her in a comforting way against his body as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"If you ever leave me, I swear that I'll look for you and I'll kick your ass when I find you!" She quietly said.

Dominic Toretto laughed and relaxed for the first time that evening and kissed Letty several times before saying. "I have no doubts about that, Baby!"

She kissed him again and nibbled on his ear. Dom caressed her dark curls and smirked as he said. "Behave yourself Letty!"

"Let's get out of here, Dom!" Letty seductively said while pressing her body up against his.

Dominic couldn't resist Letty. He never could. Never…since the first time he saw her! She was 20% angel, 80% devil, on the track, in bed and in his heart.

Leticia Ortiz was pure fire and leaving her would be the hardest thing that Dom would ever do in his entire life. He knew that without her he'd never feel complete, again. She would always be the missing piece…the part that propelled him forward.

Holding Letty close to him with her legs still wrapped around his body, he continued kissing her while he walked back to their room. He didn't care about the malicious glares and smiles from the people who were having fun on the beach. He just needed to get to their room and make love to his woman one last time.

People at the beach party watched Dom pass with Letty in his arms, greeting and congratulating them because of the success of the last heist and the money they had earned. But Dom was feeling empty because he was the only one that realized that he was going to leave his heart behind. Letty was his heart.

Once inside the bedroom they didn't talk much. It would be easier if they didn't talk and Dom wouldn't have time to think about it what he was going to do and change his mind.

He placed her gently on the floor and led her slowly to the bed. Letty unbuttoned Dom's shirt and lightly scratched his chest making him excited.

"Mr. Invincible!" She teased him.

Slowly he slipped her white blouse down her shoulders and then untied the loop of the black bikini top that she had been wearing underneath, and removed it completely. He held her close again, feeling her breasts caress his muscular chest. Dom wanted her desperately at the moment.

He needed her.

"Dom…" He heard her moan his name as he lay down with her on the bed, kissing her thighs and knees before removing her sandals.

Letty remained quiet as she watched Dom finish removing the rest of her clothing. He looked into her dark eyes and sensed at that moment that she suspected that something was wrong.

Dom felt guilty but he tried hard not to show it.

He removed her shorts and panties, sliding the clothing down her legs and to her feet. Dom stood for a few minutes admiring her nakedness, noting every detail of that body he loved.

Dom wanted to record his Letty in his memory… the colour of her skin, her lips, her smile, her scent, everything!

Letty broke her silence in the bed and whispered. "Dom? What's wrong, papi?"

He didn't answer… he just undressed and covered her small body with his. Letty relaxed when she felt him next to her. She loved feeling his strong body against hers because he made her feel safe.

"Baby? Are you really ok?" She repeated the question caressing his shoulders. "Are you still thinking about what we talked about back on the beach?"

"No." He lied. "I was just thinking about how beautiful you are and how this night is going to be so special for us, Bella Mia. (my beautiful)

Dom kissed her to silence her suspicions. Letty wrapped her arms around his neck and opened her legs to accommodate him. Her knees caressed his thighs.

Dom moved his body above Letty's. She moaned with their close contact and raised her hips up urging him to receive her. "I need you Dom…" She whispered. "I need you now!"

"I love you Letty… no matter what…mi amor (my love)." The guilt was tormenting Dom again.

"Don't say that! Not that way!" She begged him.

"I just don't want you to forget it, mami." He kissed her lips.

"Damn it Dom!" Letty exclaimed. "Shut up and make love to me! I told you that we'll be together forever." Tears were threatening to form in her eyes and Dom felt his heart break.

"Letty… please don't…" He began to take her body, slowly.

Letty received him inside of her body with such pleasure that she grasped him closer to her. Dom moved his hips desperately against hers whispering words of love to her.

In his mind he was wondering if these were just excuses for Letty to forgive him about what he was going to do.

Dom felt Letty reach her climax and cry out his name… he never wanted to forget this moment…the sound of her voice crying out for him! Dom had his release in silence, trying to recover his breath. Now it was really all over. Even so, Dom knew that his Letty would be fine when he left because she was Letty after all!

Later, after a shower together and a little dinner, Letty finally fell asleep in their bed holding Dom's hand next to her breast, close to her heart and whispered, "Please don't go!"

Dom kissed her forehead and checked the clock. The time had come. He got up out of the bed and put his clothes back on and placed his personal stuff into his backpack. Outside a soft, sad rain was beginning to fall.

Dom quietly looked at Letty sleeping, barely covered by the white sheet. He sat on a chair and remained watching her for a few moments… trying in his mind to say goodbye to her.

They had dreams and plans for their future together and now they'd never realize them because of him! It was all his fault.

Dom finally stood up and placed his backpack on his back. It was time for him to leave.

To be continued