ALL BELONGS TO THE GREAT STEPHENIE MEYER! =] and i hope you guys enjoy this story =] i combined one of my alltime favorites books and their characters with basically my alltime favorite sport - volleyball! R&R is greatly appreciated! thanx!

Ch 1 - After Practice Encounter


"Outside!" I call out as loud as I can to Alice while quickly backing up to barely outside the court. As one of the back row players passes the ball up, Alice positions herself under the ball and lifts her hands preparing to set the ball.

"Outside!" she shouts as the ball softly lands in her hands only to leave it seconds later, flying through the air in my direction. The ball arches through the air, almost like a rainbow. As it reaches its peak it begin to fall towards the ground. That's my que.

I dash forward, quickly going through the fancy footwork for an approach, and lunge into the air. I pull my arm back preparing to swing. Where should I spike it this time? Line or cross court.

"Go line Bella!" I hear Rosalie shout from my right. With about 50% of my full swinging power, I pull my arm forward and hit the ball. It flies over the net, spiraling toward the ground on the other side. Zooming past a back row player, it slams the ground barely inside the boundary line. Perfect!

I land and Rosalie slides over to me. "Nice swing Bella!" she says as we slap hands. I smile. "Thanks Rosalie! Nice call by the way. I had NO clue where to spike it." I add with a light laugh. Alice then runs up and I give her a high-five as well. Of course considering how short she is its more like a low five.

"Great set!" I say to her. She gives me two thumbs up. "All in a days work!" she chirps with a wink at us. I roll my eyes and Rosalie just laughs.

"Good job you three!" cheers coach Johnson as she jogs up from the bench. "Nice Teamwork." Coach then turns to the girl I spiked the ball at for about the 5th time today.

"Don't forget to cover line first Jessica before cutting in toward the middle. That's the 4th ball you've missed today."

Jessica stands up and glares at me. "Ok coach. Got it." she replies making quick eye contact with coach before turning her gaze back at me.

Yep, she is still mad. We used to be pretty close friends. I still remember the day we met in 7th grade at volleyball tryouts. We were both positioned as outside hitters. After only minutes we were chiding like we had known each other since kindergarten. We were almost inseparable. When I wasn't with her I was with Alice and Rosalie, who I had also befriended that day at tryouts.

But ever since tryouts 3 weeks ago I've been labeled as 'number one enemy'. The top of her black list. I am a junior this year but I still managed to make varsity. So did Alice and Rosalie. But Jessica, she got stuck on JV.

What did she expect! She spent the entire summer getting drunk in South Padre while me Alice and Rosalie signed up for every volleyball camp and league imaginable.

The day of tryouts we flew back from a 4week camp at Washington State! Volleyball is basically my entire life and I had finally found two people who shared my passion for the sport. We promised each other we would all make varsity so we could carry our team to state finals this year. Somehow I even managed to get voted team captain. I'm still amazed I was even nominated!

I'm brought back from my train of thought as Coach loudly claps her hands together to gain everyone's attention. We all jog over and form a close circle around her to listen in. "Ok girls that's enough for today! Breakout and I'll see you all tomorrow. Come ready to play!"

I step forward and put my hand out. Of course Alice and Rosalie follow right after. They are always backing me up. "Alright…Mustangs on 3. 1-2-3-"

"Mustangs!" we all shout loud and proud, our voices echoing over the entire gym and probably into the hallway. As quick as we shouted it, half the girls break out for the locker room. Ugh, there's going to be a long line for the showers. Curse the dumbass who built our bathroom with 3 showers to suit the needs of 24 girls!

"Phew! I'm exhausted and SUPER hungry." I say while stretching my arms.

"Same here" adds Rosalie. "Let's hit the shower s and then head to my house."

"Sounds like a plan." agrees Alice.

We jog off to the showers only to be met by the long line I knew would be waiting for us. 20 minutes pass and I finally reach the front. As the next girl walks out, the one in front of me doesn't move.

"Hey you can go" I state calmly. She still doesn't move. "Dude go already!" I urge. Still no movement. I groan loudly.

"Screw this! I'm going then." and as I try to push around her some other girl darts up and hops in the empty shower.

Wait…that girl was at the back of the line. "Hell no! No cuts!" I shouts angrily at the girl who ran in. Then I glare at the girl in front of me. "Hey what's your deal?! No cutting!"

The mysterious person turns around and it turns out to be none other than Jessica. She likely shrugs her shoulders. "Oh sorry CAPTAIN." she adds sarcastically before strolling off to her locker.

"That dirty bitch…" I remark silently to myself.

"Hey Bella what's with the racket?" ask Rose as she steps out of the shower. During me and Jessica's confrontation she had apparently managed to sneak into one of the open showers.

"Jessica let some chick cut in front of me. Ugh I cant stand her!"

"Don't worry Bella. She will get what's comin to her." adds Alice as she steps out of the middle shower. How the hell did she get in one?!

"Ok well I'll meet you guys outside" I say as I step into the shower Rose came from.

I pull the hair tie out of my hair and let it flow down my back as I turn the nozzle, releasing hot water. So relaxing. I quickly wash my body and as I rinse myself off, let some of the water run through my hair for a few minutes. I love wetting my hair after practice. It's so refreshing. And it gets the sweat out of my hair which is a plus.

I step out of the shower and walk over to my locker. 28-13-6 I think to myself as I turn the dial to open my lock. I tug the lock and it clicks open. Quickly, I throw on my team shorts and a tank top and, grabbing my duffle bag, slam my locker shut before walking out of the locker room back into the gym.

Nearing the door, I spot Alice and Rosalie sitting on the bleachers. Alice is texting god knows who and Rosalie is reading a book.

"Ready!" I say happily to gain their attention. Rosalie marks her place before tossing her book in her bag and Alice quickly shuts her phone. Alice and her secrets.

"Well then let's role ladies!" orders Alice as the two of them pick up their duffle bags and together we stroll out the gym door into the parking lot.

Walking through the parking lot, we hear grunts and groans coming from the field. I look over to see what all the commotion is only to witness a receiver get basically ran over by a defensive player. Ouch.

"Yummy. Football Players." whispers Alice.

I sigh disapprovingly at her comment as I scan the herd of boys standing on the sidelines to see if I recognize anyone. A few of them have already spotted us and are waving stupidly in our direction. Rosalie, being the flirt she is, is waving back. I doubt she has a clue who they are. I then hear a few whistles and a light blush spreads over my face.

Finally, I spot three of my friends: Eric, Tyler, and Mike. I wave casually at them and they smile, waving back. Mike is smiling the biggest and as he waves like a retard hits Tyler on the head. He then pulls his hand up like he it is a telephone. The 'call me' gesture. Great - he still thinks he has a chance with me. Ugh. When will he get I don't like him?!

APOV (Alice)

I love walking by the football players after practice. It's funny watching them attempt to gain our attention and even funnier when one of them gets bulldozed! I wish they would change their practice uniforms though. They are SO last season! And the colors are super faded. I mean geez they won state last year and yet they cant afford uniforms! Embarrassing much.

Eww…Mike is waving our way again, probably at Bella. Did he just do the 'call me' gesture? Why can't that stalking freak of nature take a hint? *shivers* Ugh!

RPOV (Rosalie)

Football players look so hot in their football pants. Correction - SOME football players look hot in their football pants. Others need to consider a less tight uniform because it makes them look disgusting. Especially the ones who have fat hanging out of their padding. Sick! That reminds me, I still need a date to the homecoming dance. I hope that boy Tyler doesn't ask me again! I'm still getting over how he did it last year…whip cream…*shudders*.

Oh gross…Mike is waving at Bella again. The 'call me' gesture? So middle school and major lame much! Why is he still even trying. That dumbass knows he doesn't even stand a chance.

BPOV(back to Bella again!)

Finally, after many waves, wolf whistles, and growls, we manage to reach Rosalie's car. She pops open the trunk and we toss our bags in the back. As I reach up to shut the trunk I hear a engine revving and a noise that sounds like yet ANOTHER wolf whistle.

*whistles again*

There it is again. I turn and see Jacob, Paul, and Quil pull up in Jacobs red convertible.

"Hey Bella" greets Jacob. "You look great, as usual" he adds with a hint of lust in his voice. Jacob trying to sound sexy is a sad sight indeed.

I open my mouth to respond but I'm cut off by Rosalie. "Don't answer him Bella. We aren't dogs to be whistled at!" she growls at Jacob. Oh great now she is irritated. I waver her off.

"Hi Jacob" I reply sarcastically. Maybe he will get the hint and leave. He then puts the car in park. Nope - he didn't get the hint. Slow as usual. "So where you girls headed?" questions Paul, while obviously looking Rosalie up and down. She sticks her tongue out at him.

"Home. We were just leaving. We have way better things to do then hang around talking to you losers anyway. " replies Alice. "Don't you have football practice?" Quil quickly answers that question. "Not today. Coach is working with sophomores today. Evening off." He winks at Alice.

Alice spins around so the boys can't see her sticking her finger in her throat and faking like she is throwing up in disgust. Rosalie and I quietly giggle to ourselves at her dramatization.

"Well as much fun as this is, we really need to be going now. Bye boys." says Rosalie while motioning me and Alice to get into her car. We quickly hop into her mustang and she fires up the engine. She throws the gear in reverse but doesn't move.

"Go Rose!" I urge.

"I cant! Jacob won't move his stupid car out of the way!" I look out the rear window and see Jacob still sitting behind us. I get out and storm over to the drivers side of the car and cross my arms in frustration. "Move your stupid car dumbass!" I spit at him.

Jacob then grabs my arm and pulls me down closer to him. "Only if you give me a little peck hot stuff." he mutters softly, trying to sound sexy for the second sorry attempt today.

I try and pull away but he has an iron grip on my arm. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon at this rate. He starts pulling me closer and closer to his face. My instinct is telling me to scream for backup from the girls or better yet - help. As I prepare to let out a loud one, a football flies through the air and hits Jacob square in the face.

Jacob lets out a quick cry of pain as he grabs his face with his other hand, not loosening his grip on my arm. "Ow! Who the fuck did that?!" he shouts out.

"Uhh…he did Jacob" replies Quil, pointing toward the entrance/exit to the field. There standing with his arms crossed in annoyance, is none other than Edward Cullen. Star quarterback of the Granbury High School Mustangs Varsity Football Team. Aka School player, heartbreaker, and number one on any girls 'date list'.

Flanking him is his younger brother/starting receiver Jasper and older brother/starting center Emmett. All three of them are juniors.

"Hey Jacob! Why don't you stop being a douche bag for 5 seconds and move your lame excuse for a convertible." Edward shouts at him. Jacob forcefully opens his car door, causing it to slam into my leg. Ouch! He doesn't notice and walks to stand in front of his car, dragging me with him. My arm is now starting to lose circulation. Stupid football players and their strength.

I look over at the car and see Rose and Alice leaning out the window, starring straight at me with worry on their faces. I notice Alice's grip on the door handle and shake my head at her. "Stay in the car" I mouth at her and she slowly nods her head.

I turn back toward Edward. He is still standing there in all his cockiness and glory and bigheadedness.

"This isn't your business Edward. Shove off" says Jacob in retaliation.

"Not until you let go of Bella. Or am I gunna have to come over there and kick your ass?" Edward snaps back.

"I'd like to see you try…" starts Jacob but he is cut off when Paul places a hand on his shoulder.

"Let it go man. We need to leave anyway." Jacob growls in protest and then signs. Finally, he releases the grip on my wrist and gets back in his car with Paul. I wiggle my arm trying to get the blood flowing back to it and manage to get some feeling back.

Jacob glares at me, then at Edward, throwing the car in drive and revving the engine. He drives off and as he passes the Cullen boys I hear him say 'This isn't over Cullen." before speeding off and turning onto the street.

I dart back toward the passenger door but before even touching the handle I feel a tap on my shoulder. I spin around only to look into a pair of green eyes. "Are you ok Bella." he asks. I nod quickly.

"Yea I'm fine! Thanks for the save! Gotta go!" I reach for the handle but he taps on my shoulder yet again. I turn back to him.

"Don't I get a thank you for saving you?" I can hear the joking nature in his voice but there's also a part of him that is hoping he will get something out of all of this. He pushes his body lightly against mine. I back off in protest but with the car behind me that doesn't make much space between us.

"Come on Bella…I know you want to kiss the all great Edward Cullen" he adds.

I fume up in rage and, with both my hands, push him off me. "What the hell is your problem Cullen! You think because you get Jacob to back off I'm just going to let you in my pants?! I don't think so you ass wipe! I'm not another girl you can add to your list of 'hit it and quit its'! God your so full or yourself!" I shout angrily at him.

His eyes widen in shock at my statement. Without waiting for a response, I open the door and get into the car, slamming it shut in rage. "Woah Bella, don't take out your anger on my car please!" pleads Rose as she backs out of the parking lot. I turn my head from the window as we zoom out of the parking lot.

I hear Alice pull herself up from the backseat. "Explain. Everything. Now." she says all while trying to keep herself from screaming. She hates missing out on stuff that will later be gossip all over school.

I loosen my seatbelt and turn to where I'm facing her. I take a deep breath as I start in on the tale of how I was held captive by the grip of that asshole Jacob Black and how I was rescued by an EVEN BIGGER asshole - Edward Cullen.

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