So, that's it... The last chapter! Hope you all enjoyed my story and come back for more (for there will be definitely more!) Thanks to all of you! You are wonderful! :-)

Bobby was standing in the kitchen, at the stove, and cooked. He didn't consider himself a first-class-cook, but he knew it was quite edible what he brought to the plates. The bacon was crispy now, and the scrambled eggs exactely as they should be. He hummed quietly to himself, grabbing two plates and placed the steaming meal onto them.

"Boys! Breakfast's ready!" He laid the turner down and grinned as he heard the stomping on the stairs. Dean darted in, followed by Sam.

"Yummi, that smells great!" Dean rubbed his hands and stared at Bobby. "Tell me you're not serious, dude!" He elbowed Sam, who looked up from his plate and started giggling. "Oh, Bobby, where did you get this horrible thing from!?"

Bobby lowered his head and scanned himself. His cheeks burned red hot when he realized he still had his old apron on with the stupid quote: Kiss the Cook!" written on it. "Yeah, sure I'm serious!" He winked with his eyelashes. "Of course you will have to do what's on the apron, 'cause my breakfast tastes so good!"

"Yaks." Sam shook himself and pushed the plate away. "No more meals from you for me!"

They laughed, and when silence set in, Dean cleared his throat, laying the fork neatly down next to his empty plate. "Bobby, we're leaving today."

Bobby pressed his lips together and nodded curtly. He had known that that moment was about to come, but so soon startled him. It was only the second day since he had chased John off his property, and looking now at Dean's determined face he knew that he had stayed for Bobby's sake, and nothing else.

"Guess I can't convince you otherwise." He said silently and knitted his fingers.

"No." When Dean was sure of something, he never needed many words. "He's our dad, and we should be with him. We've been seperated long enough, Bobby."

God, he so wished back the times the boy had called him Uncle Bobby. It had made him feel like a real member of the family, not just like being Bobby. His heart clenched with the painful and futile longing to hear it again, just once, oh, please, just once.

Meeting Dean's green eyes with his, he knew with a feeling of loss that it would never happen again. Nothing could turn back the time, no matter how hard you tried.

"Well, then... Tell your dad that if this happens again, I'll hunt his ass down and take his head as a trophy. And," he added when Dean nodded albeit not really convincing, "take these." He threw a set of keys to Sam. The boy took it and smiled. "Thanks for the car, Bobby. We'll leave a message where we park it as soon as we meet up with Dad."

"I know." Bobby was taken abash by his husky voice. "Watch out for you, boy." He said to Dean as the older Winchester stood up, grabbed the key from Sam's hands and patted Bobby's shoulder for good-bye.

Sam lingered a few moments and waited until Dean dissapeared in the yard. His teeth were clenched and he opened and closed his fists rhythmically. „I couldn't hold him back, Bobby, he didn't want to listen to me. I don't know what's going on in his mind! I'm so fed up with all this! Listen, Bobby. I have to go with him, but I- I think I know a way to get away from all this. I'm pretty good at school, and I'll try to get a scholarship for college. I just don't know how much longer I can stand it! I only want to have a normal live, and not always be the new freak at school." He turned and fled, before Bobby could see the tears well up in his eyes.

Bobby stood in the empty yard, watching the dust clouds spreading into thin air as the car sped off. I just don't want any of you to get hurt beyond healing, but I don't know how to do that. He ran a hand down his tired face. „But Sammy, if you leave Dean", he whispered into the emptiness that reflected the one in his heart, „then who protects the protector?"