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Author's Note: This story takes place mostly at the MBC Clubhouse, and it is about how Chris and Sam actually feel about each other, and what would happen if they were ever separated. Chris has disappeared and Sam tries to cope- and maybe even save him...Without further adieu, I present to you: "Unknown Love"!

"Unknown Love"

Chapter 1:

Samantha slowly trudged up the rusty, metal stairs of the clubhouse attic. Yes, the Monster Buster Club was still together; well, in a way. It had been about 4 years since the club had been formed- and about 2 years since he had been gone. Sam groped around in the pitch black darkness for the chain to turn on the light. She found it and clicked it on- scanning the room while doing so.

"Boy, Cathy wasn't kiddin' when she said her and Mr. Smith hadn't cleaned up here in forever.", Sam stated looking around again, chuckling to herself.

Her laughter died down as she remembered the reason she had ventured up here in the first place. Setting her probities straight again, Sam moved old cardboard boxes out of her way, reading the labels searching for the box she was seeking for. At the moment, Sam was alone in the club house- Danny and Cathy were out somewhere in town. Sam had no need to accompany them- it's not like they were out busting aliens or anything. There hadn't been an alien report ever since...he had disappeared. This means that Danny and Cathy were probably on another one of their dates. They had been going out for quite a while now since the Octovore showdown. The thought of love caused a new wave of fresh guilt washed over Sam. In a feeble attempt to brush it off, Sam hurried to finish her search. There it was: the old photo albums box. With shaky hands, Sam slowly opened the box up. There were several different books to choose from, with several different numbers in them.

"1st year, 4th year, 3rd year, Sam softly murmured to herself, until she finally came across it. "2nd year" she whispered to herself. It was the year he was taken. The last time any of them had seen him. It had been her last chance. Her hands rested on the cover of the album, as she took a deep breath. She took a comfortable seat next on a pillow- back to the wall. Sam's brain urged her hand to flip open the cover. She just couldn't do it. She had been avoiding anything that had to do with him over the past few years. She had been avoiding him. Guilt- it can do wonders. Finally after taking another deep breath, Sam threw open the cover. The first thing she saw were the eyes. They were his eyes- bright blue, like a sunny day with no clouds in the sky, and full of hope. Most of all they were full of ….life. After finally breaking out of her trance, Sam mustered up the courage to turn the page. This one was a little bit easier to look at. It was a group shot of all of them- together.

"Ah, the good old days", Sam breathed, a small smile spreading on her face. Just then, something in the photo caught her eye. Sam's heart skipped a beat. He was standing next to her- and his arm was wrapped around her waist. He must've moved it there right in time for the flash. She hadn't noticed a thing. Sam felt her face begin to get hot all-over, a then a tear dropped on the page. Then came the sniffles. Sam lifted her head towards the ceiling begging the tears to silently slip to the back of her head- quietly unnoticed. But, of course, they did nothing of the sort. They came down harder, and faster, until there was river down both of her cheeks. Sam began to sob. She begged her self to stop- to shut-up and ignore what she was feeling. Just then, a pair of soft footsteps quietly approached the top of attic. Sam knew those footsteps. They belonged to her best friend. Turning her head towards the stairs, she saw Catherine Smith poke her head up.

"Oh my god", she whispered, covering her mouth with both hands- staring at Sam.

"Cathy", Sam managed to choke out between sobs.

"Shush, Shush. I know. It'll be okay", Cathy said pulling Sam into a tight comforting hug.

"NO!", Sam screamed. "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!", her sorrow and guilt turning to anger and guilt.

"I don't understand what Sam?" Cathy asked, a little startled by the sudden outburst.

"IT'S ALL MY FAULT!", Sam screamed at the top of her lungs, hurling the book across the attic. It smacked against the wall with a loud thud. Sam ran downstairs to her room. Since the three of them spent so much time together now-a-days, they all decided to just move into the old clubhouse so they wouldn't ever have to leave each other. They were all each other had now. Sam slammed the door closed to her room and cried into her pillow. Then it came.


It was a beautiful Friday evening. Sam, Danny, and Cathy were all strolling to the cities for some ice cream after a hard day of some serious Octovore butt-kicking.

"Man, that was one huge granny Octovore!", Danny commented, slightly chuckling

"Yeah, but we took her down like she was a kid!" Cathy said and grinned at Danny. He returned the gesture. Sam didn't say much. She knew Danny and Cathy liked each other whether they wanted to admit it or not. There was just one thing that kept bothering her.

"Hey guys, what do you think granny Octovore exactly meant that we would meet again before nigh falls?", Sam asked. She was a little concerned. Last time they were warned by the Octovores, it resulted quite badly.

"Awww, c'mon Sam! Lighten up a little, would ya?" Danny smiled. "Didn't you see how bad we busted them? They won't be back for a long time if you know what I mean!" he said. Sam gave a little smile. "And besides, why do you think we have Chris keeping watch at the clubhouse?", Danny said nonchalantly. "Anybody or Octovore trying to steal our gear with get a very nasty wake-up call"

"Maybe your right..." Sam said, her smile getting bigger. She really hadn't had much fun in a long time. "So..." she started off, changing out of her MBC outfit into her normal clothes. "Where to first?"

"That's the Sam I know!", Cathy yelled and shot her fist into the air triumphantly.

"It's party time!" Danny yelled. Sam laughed. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all...

About 5 hours later... [still in flash back mode]

"THAT WAS AWESOME!", Sam cried with a huge smile across her face. "I've never had so much fun in my life!"

It had been a very fun night. Danny, Sam, and Cathy had been to the carnival, the mall, and the ice cream store.

They were all still talking about the past events of the night, when Sam's MBC watch went off.

"HELLO?", Sam asked, still in her happy land. There was a few seconds of static, and then it happened.

"Stupid Monster Buster Club children!" Sam froze in her tracks.

"What's up Sam?" Danny asked, and Cathy faced Sam with a confused look on her face. Sam gave no response, but instead only continued to listen.

"I told you we would meet again before night falls", Grandpa Octovore growled on the other side. "You and your stupid little team. Always ruining our plans, and takes what is ours. But now. Now you will see how it feels to have something so dear to you just taken away! You will now feel the same pain, hurt, and agony, I have felt! Go back to your stupid little clubhouse...see if you can find what is missing...". With that the screen returned back to static and lingered there before shutting off. Sam continued to stare at the blank screen, not quite absorbing the information fully yet.

"Sam...", Danny's voice trailed off. He couldn't find the right words to say. "I...uhh...I...sorry...", he said quietly, his voice trailing off again. Sam then shot off in the direction of the clubhouse in a frantic run.

"THE CLUBHOUSE!" she screamed. Danny and Cathy chased after her, close on her heels.

Sam finally reached the club house. From the outside it looked undisturbed. But as she slowly pulled open the the door- it was clear that something or someone had been here. And from the looks of it- they had found what they wanted. Sam flipped open her watch frantically.

"Chris, we need an A sc-" she stopped and her face paled. Chris's communication line had been disconnected.

"Slowly turning around, afraid of what she might see, Sam turned and faced the main computer.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Sam screamed. The computer screen had been bashed in the center with multiple cracks running out to the edges of the monitor. The once hovering seat in front of th computer was on th ground split into two halves. The keyboard had been robbed of several keys, indicating that the felon had thrown it and it's user down on the ground hard.

"NOOOOOO!"Sam screamed again- only this time louder. She screamed as loud as she could, running through out the club house until she had reached Chris's room. It was completely ruined in every way- utterly destroyed. The chair was in the middle of the floor- smashed into about a million pieces. The bed was flipped upside down, and there was a trail of books with pages ripped out and scattered everywhere from an overturned bookcase. Where the trail of books ended, a discreet track of nails were clawed into the wall near the bottom. This indicated an extreme struggle. The nail tracks lined the outside of his room, and back to the master computer. Sam heard herself scream.

"OH MY GOD." Sam cried. There was a medium sized puddle of red liquid near the end of the nail tracks. Floating in the middle of the puddle there was a scrap of sky blue fabric. Sam sunk to her knees and began to sob. It was all her fault. This was her fault. She had killed her best friend. She had killed the person she...loved. Love. The word echoed in her head and Sam began to feel very dizzy and nauseous. She couldn't take all of it in at once. She just couldn't. As Samantha's body fell backwards, bound for a hard hit, a last thought crossed her mind:

I'm sorry, Christopher.

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