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Chapter 2. Soul or Not

Buffy, after making her decision, got stumped. Her mom took the car; no buses would leave till 10 the next day, so now she had to figure out just exactly what to do with herself. She supposed she could sleep at the mansion, but no, everyone would worry, then her "boyfriend" (sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little.) would send out his army buddies, just in case. He was absolutely hopeless. She sighed; she realized she had to go play the good little human girlfriend.

She went back to his dorm; she mentally shuddered, just walking in there. She walked up the stairs to his room. She put on a smile that did not reach her eyes as she knocked on his door. Not even 2 seconds later did the door fly open. Riley pulled her into his arms.

"Buffy, I'm so glad your back. Is everything okay? You didn't get hurt, did you? I wish I could have been there."

"It's okay; patrol was quick, dusted two vamps. No big."

"As long as you're okay."

He then proceeded to kiss her in what she had come to realize was his, "I'm trying to seduce you" way. His hand wandered under her shirt, to unclasp her bra. Reaching her breasts, fondling lightly. She gave him a small, hopefully believable moan. He took the encouragement to remove her clothing. First her shirt, then actually removing her bra, not just moving it out of the way. She in return, removed his shirt. She ran her hands down his abs. She felt the warmth radiating from him. Her mind screamed to her that it was wrong. Her heart made no comment, as it had given up so long ago. Her body shuddered, fighting the urge to recoil. He however took the shudder as his doing and moved toward un-buttoning her pants.

Now came the moment she dreaded the most. She was so dry, she felt like she could out dry the Sahara. She tried to think of Angel, his quiet ways. The way he would look at her like she was the only one in the world. Then Angelus, who was dark and how he looked like walking sex, but the body next to her was just too warm. The hope she had felt earlier was making what she was trying to do almost impossible.

She broke off kissing him. She said with a lusty smile that bordered on predatory, "I'll be right back." She sauntered to the bathroom.

Once she was in, she shut the door. She took a red colored powder from a small bag attached to her ankle for times like this. She threw it up in the air above her. She whispered the incantation that went with it. She felt herself get wet. She thanked the witch that made this for her. Of course, she had to go out of California to get, because it wouldn't due for anyone to know about it. She couldn't ask Willow for the obvious reasons. She was just glad that the old witch understood about sleeping with some one that you didn't want to. The witch had been in an arranged marriage with an abusing man. It hurt less if she was wet, it also gave her some satisfaction that he couldn't hurt her like that. The spell also made her infertile, another way to stick it to him. Buffy liked the old woman. She was a very strong willed woman, who had turned to the occult to escape. She had trapped him in his house till he died, after he started taking interest in her little sister. She was happy to help Buffy. They still wrote letters, even after Buffy had learned to make the powder herself.

Once she mentally prepped herself for what she had to do she took off the rest of her clothes, and removing all hidden weapons, she went to face her doom.

Of course when she went back out, she could see him get hard immediately. He walked over to her. He told her she looked amazing. He began to kiss her. She reached in to his pants to take him in her hands. Squeezing him and massaging him. She felt him harden even more. She got rid of his pants regretfully. Once they were off he was left in his socks, which he got rid of quickly. He led her to the bed. She laid back on it. He kissed her a couple times, and went to enter her. He thrust into her with what he thought of as strength. His dick was not small compared to that of most of the male population, but it could have been a toothpick compared to Angel. She pretended to moan. He thrust in and out of her. She could feel that he was about to come, so in order not to have to deal with any awkwardness, she pretended to arch back and come. She flexed her muscles in simulation of what she would have done if he could actually make her come. He took no time in coming after that.

He fell exhausted next to her. He kissed her lightly and promptly fell asleep. Once she was sure he was out, she went into the bathroom, turned on the shower and stepped in. She scrubbed herself everywhere he touched her. She scrubbed so hard she began to bleed. , just as Angelus had done so many years ago. Her slayer abilities kicked in and the wounds began to close. She watched and sank down the shower wall and began to sob.

She cried for what she had to do. She cried for how she was betraying Angel. She cried for the world, and she cried for herself. She thought she had cried herself out long before this, but apparently not. With the hope that she could have her mate back, it made everything much worse.

She turned of the scalding water, and left the shower. She made sure her face looked fine, as she crawled back into bed with the wrong man. She began to pray for the day.

Several hours later…

Buffy looked at the clock next to Riley's bed. It read 9 o'clock. She smiled. She left a not to Riley, telling him that she had to see her dad in LA and she had to catch a bus, and not to worry, she would return in a week. She also told him to tell the scoobies that she was leaving. She explained that she had forgotten to tell anyone with the big test and apocalypse that week.

She hoped it would suffice. She ran out of the dorm like a bat out of hell. She almost laughed as the sun hit her face, and the wind whipped through her hair. She ran to the mansion, grabbed her bag and left for the bus station. One ticket to L/A, and she was free.

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