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Chapter 5 Morning After

Buffy awoke, blinking she tried to remember where she was, and who she was lying next to. Slowly the events from the night before came back. She stretched out and turned to face Angelus, who was unsurprisingly awake. He smirked at her. He looked so relaxed, unfettered by the guilt that plagued Angel.

Angel, she sighed.

Honestly she was happy he was gone, but she could not stop loving him. Her thoughts drifted to his darker half, the master vamp that was walking sex in leather. For better or for worse she knew she had made the right choice. Angel wanted to be a man free of his demon. How could he ever understand her, when she had a demon she embraced wholeheartedly. He knew the trill of the hunt, but hated how it made him feel. She thrived on the rush, the power, the dark joy she drove from the blood that fell from her adversaries. He would never understand the dark lust for death and chaos that was barely contained below her skin.

Angelus watched the play of emotions cross her visage. He could only wonder what caused such a myriad of emotions. He knew not what caused his release, and her reactions the night before. He had held her as she was lost in the throes of pleasure and then again when she collapsed in his arms sobbing like she was dying. He watched as she slept, lost to a dark dream he knew not of. She radiated a numbness when he first saw her. It was quickly hidden as she saw his eyes open. It was a brief flash, one he might have missed if he had not known her.

My Slayer what could cause you to lose the spark that I tried so hard to destroy?

Whatever the answers were, he knew he would not like them.

Angelus was the first to speak, "So I'm guessing there's a reason for my current lack of a soul."

"I guess I don't care if you send the world to hell any more, at least it would be a nice change of pace. If you kill me it's not like I haven't tried that before. So kill me torture me do whatever you want."

"Really Buf that's so sweet, but lacking challenge. How do you feel about being a vampire with all the perks."

Before she could answer he grabbed her and sunk his fangs into her neck. He felt the sweet ecstasy of her slayer blood as it ran down his throat. Buffy felt the pain of the initial puncture and then all the felt was the alluring call of death's song.

She fell into the welcoming Darkness.

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