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Chapter 6 Falling

Slowly light filtered through her eyelids. She tried to sit up, but instantly a wave of nausea coursed through her. She lay back down waiting for the feeling to pass. She looked around from where she lay. The sun was rising, she could tell by the faint colored lighting that surrounded her.

Memories flashed before her eyes, disjointed and incomplete. She saw Angelus, the wall, felt intense pain, and then all was dark. Slowly things began to make sense. She was at Angel's LA office. Angelus was free, he bit her, but she was not dead, nor living dead. It didn't make sense.

Slowly she sat up, not wanting to repeat the sense of vertigo that accompanied her earlier movements. When she was finally sitting she noticed that she was not alone. Angelus was sitting in chair, in the corner of the room where the sun could not reach him. She almost confused him with Angel, as his shoulders were slumped and a pensive look graced his face.

He said nothing, and neither did she. They sat like that in the silence. It seemed like they remained frozen in the all consuming silence for ages, but it was barely a minute. Buffy was the first to speak.

"So, how about them Lakers?"

"What the fuck Buff? You were seriously going to let me kill you?"

His quiet questions were spoken with such confusion and almost, she dared think, fear. She sighed looked to the floor. When she looked up again he was still looking at her. His gaze demanding an answer.


"I don't accept that!"

His anger was clear as he straightened his back and fire glinted in his eyes. She at first felt she deserved it, but then why was he angry. It wasn't her damn fault she didn't want to live. Just because he was a convenient means to an end, didn't mean he had any reason to be self-righteous. It was her damn life and she could do with it what she wanted.

"Fuck you Angelus! I never wanted any of this! You and your god damned soul left me! What the hell did you expect from me! That I would just get on with my life, with a boyfriend who is as boring as salt, and has control issues worse than you! No, you didn't think! I had to go and fight the good fight, keeping everyone happy, while I lost everything! Do you think I like being a fucking whore for the powers that fucking be and all my so called friends! They practically threw me at the first male specimen that showed interest in me! You want to know what happened next, he screwed me and dropped me! Then came along corn fed Iowa boy Riley! Stable reliable and military man extraordinaire! Then they got mad, because I was "happy" while they were miserable! Blaming me for their own damn problems! But it was still, Buffy go out and kill that demon, and we'll be watching everything you do just to make your life harder than it already is, because you're the slayer and have absolutely no need for privacy. Cause lord know if we don't watch you'll fall for some other undesirable creature of the night! While you're in LA doing your own god damn thing hanging with Queen C an…"


Buffy twisted and fell on to the bed, very quickly jumping to her feet. Her face red.

"Shut the fuck up! Let's get some things straight. I never left you soul boy did. I am not him not now not ever! Second who the hell are you! The slayer I know would put her foot down and not care about others meaningless drivel. She would do what she thought was right no matter the hell it brought her!"

"Well I guess I'm just not that girl anymore."

"No you're not; you are a weak and pathetic shell of her."


A failed attempt at a slap was followed by a kick. Angelus fell with an umpf. It was the crack in the dam. Buffy enraged by Angelus began to punch him repeatedly. He caught her arm and delivered a kick to her abdomen. She flew and hit the opposite wall. Angelus stalked over to her laughing. She pushed off the wall flying at him hitting him on the jaw. He smashed her head against the wall he just threw her in. Buffy retaliated, bringing her leg up and slamming her foot into his side.

Angelus was forced back and was off balance. Buffy seeing this grabbed a lamp and swung it at his head. Ducking Angelus lost his balance completely; he dropped to the floor and rolled back into his fighting stance. Buffy tried to swing the lamp at him again, but he grabbed it from her and dropped it next to him as he used Buffy's over compensation to push her to the ground. She swept his feet out from under him.

The both fell to the ground grappling. First it was Buffy on top; she smashed her right fist into his face. Angelus flipped her, but was flipped back. Buffy pinned his arms to the side. He head butted her, as she was dazed he brought up his knee and pushed her off. As Buffy was getting up he grabbed her from behind. She twisted around causing her to press up against him.

Angelus smirked. He slipped his hand between her thighs as she attacked his mouth with hers. He plunged two fingers into her, making her back arch in pleasure. He pumped his fingers in and out as she began to pant. He added another finger as she raked her nails down his back reopening the wounds from the night before.

Buffy could feel Angelus' erection pressing against her. She pushed him back on to the bed. His fingers withdrew from her center and she whimpered with their loss, but she knew there was something so much better wait to fill her.

Angelus could only watch as Buffy lifted herself over him and oh so slowly lowered her body on to him. It was excruciatingly slow as he could just feel the tip of his cock enter her opening. She oh so slowly pushed him deep inside her. When he was fully seated she all too quickly lifted herself off of him and then slammed down hard.

Buffy thanking whatever was listening for the strength that allowed her to lift and slam down on him again and again. The way he felt stretching her, filling her was absolutely wicked. She felt his hand grab her hip as he helped her move faster and harder. She was so close she could almost see it. Her rhythm lost, as she wildly flung herself up and down, ridding him.

Angelus was all too quickly getting lost in the pleasure she brought him. He watched as her head flew back golden hair giving her a nebulous of gold around her. He could barely keep himself together as her orgasm hit and her slayer muscles gripped hard. He felt her come down and flipped her so he was on top.

Buffy became aware as she saw Angelus above her giving her the most evil smirk she had ever seen. She was barely back to earth as he plunged inside her. Pounding their bodies together in a way that would make a normal human's body break; she screamed his name again and again as he made her orgasm again and again. She felt him explode inside her briefly as she was thrown back up into orgasmic bliss.

It wasn't until much later did Buffy wake. She felt a sticky spot on her neck where Angelus had obviously bitten her, but she couldn't remember at what point that happen to be. She felt the many bruises throughout her body from both the fight and the sex. She turned to look at him and saw that he did not escape and of the punishment from earlier. Bruises of all shapes and sizes gave color to his normally marble skin. Dried blood dotted the sheets, both his and hers. Her eyes traveled up his body, finally noticing that his eyes were open and he was watching her. He reminded her of the cat who ate the cream, smug and satisfied. He was stretched out and looked more deadly than sin.

"Now that is my slayer, all fiery and full of passion." He said eyes looking her up and down as he licked his lips.

She stretched her lithe body enjoying the ache he caused. She just smiled as smugly as him if not more.

"So are ready to paint Sunnydale red."

"I don't know I might just chain you to the bed and have my way with you for the next decade or so."

"Well not that I would object, but I'm beginning to feel a bit peckish, and I can smell the lovely scent of deserving victims above us."

"SHIT! What time is it? My spell is going to wear off soon! We can't let them know you're back yet if I want to get you to Sunnydale without anyone finding out."

"What's this, do you have a plan, filled with evil and dark deeds?"

"Well not if we don't get moving I don't"

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