Just U, Only U

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Title: Just U, Only U

Paring: DarkxDaisuke(One-sided…?)

Summary: His last words, his last thoughts…

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I can't tell him that I love him, only in his dreams can he know that I like him, only in his dreams. In his dreams we can be happy together, see each other and be happy, at least me…

When he wakes up he won't remember a thing. He will go to school as usual with his girlfriend, Riku Harada. Riku and Daisuke Niwa, the one I like, love pick one that suits you the most, have been together for one and a half years now, and it was two years ago that I showed up.

You're probably wondering who I am. I am Dark Mousy, master thief and Daisuke's "other". I have been in the Niwa bloodline for a long, long time, I have even been Daiki's, Daisuke's grandpa, "other", but less about me and more about Daisuke.

Daisuke didn't even know about me until he was about fourteen years old, that was two years ago. Maybe I should explain how I have been made. You see, I'm not really a real person, I'm a part of an artwork called "Blackwings" and the artworks that I steal is magical and evil.

They who created me, the Hikari family, was famous artists who strove to make the perfect artwork. It didn't go as they planned and I and Krad, the other part of "Blackwing", became crazy, because of being alive so suddenly. We slaughtered almost everyone, everyone except one person who sealed us in the Niwa and Hikari bloodlines. So, here I am now… In love with the only one that I can't have, and my last words before slowly fading away…

"…I love you… Dai…suke…"


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