Chapter 10: Shopping around Shibuya: An introvert's guide

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I was already saying my prayers as I walked into 104. I held my hand out to Wild Boar, a small spark of familiarity in the sea of unknown, lame, and disliked brands. Shiki had other ideas. "Come on, Neku, we've gotta move! The D+B sale won't last long!'

Shiki dragged me along, tugging my hand as if it were a leash. We made our way into D+B 104, walking into a relatively crowded store due to the sale. Shiki picked out and tried on several hats of varying sizes, deciding eventually not to choose any of them. We walked out of the store, the silver-haired clerk's eyes glaring at our retreating faces. I didn't have to use my Player pin to find out what he was thinking.

We walked out of the shop and Shiki sighed, finally seeming to notice my pleading eyes. "All right, Neku. We'll check out Wild Boar."

I smiled and ran over, repeating the age-old pattern. I run off, she chases after me. "Neku! Wait up, Jerk!"

I eventually settled on some pins, adding them to my collection with the thought that I'd battle with them later. Shiki grabbed my hand, taking me along to our next destination, Cadoi City.

I sighed, knowing that there was no redemption here. Girly brands through and through.

Shiki, not surprisingly, headed straight to Darling Designs, the Sheep Heavenly shop, with me in tow. I was helpless to resist the insistent tug of Shiki's hand, or (the thought brought a blush to my face) the sight of her in a dress.

Shiki ran through Sheep Heavenly, eyes roving over the various colorful clothing. I simply plastered on my 'relatively-open-minded' expression and went to help Shiki pick out clothes. After what seemed like hours of searching (though it couldn't have been more than 20 minutes), Shiki went into the woman's dressing room, 4 skirts in tow. She emerged, showing me her different outfits.

I tried to get past my teen embarrassment, and offered my sincere opinions. "That one is okay, I guess. You could probably make something better than that."

She eventually settled on a knee high skirt, which I had to admit looked great on her. I paid for it, earning a smile from Shiki.

Walking towards our next destination, I checked out my personal outfit. I was wearing my favorite J of the M gear, my tank top and nylon shorts a better summer choice than my traditional clothes. My headphones, now mostly used for music only, hung on my neck for quick songs and fashion. My CAT deck, a result of Beat getting me into skateboarding, rested inside my backpack. My Wild Boar skate shoes were on my feet, in all of their pseudo-graffiti'ed glory. I nodded inwardly, passing my own coolness test with flying colors. I had enough clothes here, and in the closet back home.

Shiki I now decided to stop at Ramen Don to eat, before turning in for the day. We went in to Ken Doi's famous shout: "HaI! Irrasshai!" (forgive me for misspelling)

"We'll take one Miso and one Shio ramen, please!"

"Coming right up! Anything for my favorite customer- and his girlfriend!"

He chuckled at our embarrassed blustering denials.

"Kids these days. You're taking her out to Ramen, right?"

"N-no! it's not like that!" Shiki and I were way more embarrassed than we had any right to be.

"All right, All right! 2 orders, coming right up!"


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