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Warp-the longitudinal threads of a woven piece (the skeleton of the piece)

Weft-the finer pieces transverse threads that are woven through the warp (the decorative threads of the piece).

Hope that makes sense, you need some basic weaving knowledge to appreciate the Blanket.

Chapter Two: The Blanket of Dreams

The summer was spent diving into the world of unseen magic. Once I successfully grasped and moved my first thread, I quickly grew aware of the thick blanket that wrapped the world. Every person, thing, and idea had roots in this ocean of magic. Invisible threads wove around and through things, connecting time and space together. I couldn't believe the complexity and simplicity of the magic. Consciously touching a thread filled you with power and surged your body with electricity.

As Will had promised, with three of us we grew exponentially in the power. Together we developed a clear feeling for the threads and soon discovered the subtle differences in their fibers. Space threads were the most generic and seem to be the "warp" of the blanket. These threads flowed through everything physical and not. The "weft" threads were those of time and matter. Time threads were actually delicate ropes, made up of thousands of individual fibers. I found that pulling just a few of the fibers from the time threads made more subtle adjustments, leaving no gaps to the untrained eye and no evidence of our changes. Matter threads were opposite of time. These thick ropes were simply two strands twisted together. Their bulky substance and pure strength made them difficult to manipulate. Our uncoordinated changes to matter wefts produced drastic physical changes that were obvious and slightly unpredictable.

Before, Abby and Will were mainly manipulating space, but now we were doing much more. Two years of high school pasted and together we were unraveling the mysteries of the blanket.

Today was the third day of our junior year in high school. Although the twins and I shared many classes, our reputation preceded us and we were never seated next to one another. This did little to stop us. Abby and I were in a heated debate over who was the greatest superhero as the bell rang and I retreated across the room to my seat. Mrs. Kenny started her discussion on Shakespeare's Hamlet as I whispered.

"Batman is the best because he is just a man. No freaky powers or mutations, nothing but Pure Man." And gently I pushed my sound waves of words across a thread to Abby's ear.

"NO!" she hissed back "Superman is the best."

"Girls, please stop arguing, I am actually trying to listen to Mr. MacDuff's lecture." Will's voice came to us from nowhere. Wasn't he across campus in the Science Building?

"Will? How did you hear us?" I questioned, glaring down my thread, which I thought only went by Abby. "Why aren't you clear, your voice is muffled."

"Watch the threads, see the vibrations? Even though you are sending your words down one, the others pick up the vibrations and carry them too."

"Ohhh!" Abby squeaked, "We have something to test now! After school we'll test to see how far we can communicate! If we can go over a mile, we could talk from home without ever touching the phone!"

Any new development in our power pushed Abby into experimental mode. Sometimes it was dangerous. Like when we first discovered the two strands making up the matter ropes. Abby gave one running through my hair a firm pull, shaving the hair off the side of my head and turning the rest hot pink. After five hours of manipulating the same strand my hair had grown to my shoulder, but I now had a hint of red flowing through my deep chocolate hair. This distant communication idea seemed innocent but I still nervously twirled my hair between my fingers.

"Please Bella!" Abby glared at me "I told you I was sorry about your hair! And now we know that messing with matter leaves permanent…. um."

"Scars?" I seethed across the room.

"No, I was going to say changes. Permanent changes. Besides, your hair is much prettier now." Abby said shrugging her shoulders. "You should be thanking me."

"Miss Swan will you please read the part of Gertrude. And Mr. Adams, the king." Mrs. Kenny pulled me from our conversation and back to the classroom.

"William, see if you can still hear Bella even if she not projecting down a thread." Abby said, already experimenting. I rolled my eyes and started following the lines of Gertrude, crossing my fingers that this time the bad side affects would lash out at Abby.

Finally the last bell rang and Abby, Will and I lugged our books off to my mom's car. I desperately needed a vehicle, but with all the time I spent with the twins, I had no time for a job.

"Where to?" I asked as we settled in and turned on the AC.

"Take the 101 loop to Shea Blvd. and then up to McDowell."

"Good idea Will, no one should be at the regional park in this heat." Abby was giddy with challenge ahead. "McDowell has miles of flat land that we could wander and the hills would be good to test around. This morning our words were getting through walls and people to Will, I wonder if the hills will distort the sound."

"What about echoes?" I said, "Could the reverberated sounds from the cliffs travel the blanket?"

"Bella, we'll never find out if you keep up this pace! Come on, you could go a few over the limit!" Abby had no patience; I smile to myself but picked up the speed. Any ticket was better than an Abby fit.

"Bbbbeeeeeeellllllllllllaaaaaaaa! Bbbbeeeeeellllllllllaaaaaaaaa!" Abby's yells came across the threads at fierce volume and bounced off the cliff walls.

"I'm over here." I said feeling for the closest thread. I grasped it firmly and shoot a wave of power through it, sending up a makeshift flare.

Within seconds I felt the threads around me twist and bend as Abby appeared followed shortly by Will.

"Bella, what's wrong?" Abby said gently grabbing my elbow, "You're cold and as white as a sheet."

"T-that shack over there," I said pointing off in the distance, "and that rock face. I feel like I've been here before." The more I gazed at my surrounding the stronger the sense of déjà vu hit me.

"Oh come on, Bella," Will said shaking me slightly, "we are in the desert, everything looks the same."

"No, I'm sure I've been here before." But something was missing, "It was raining last time I was here."

"Whatever Bella, it is getting late." Abby sighed pulling me behind her, "Let's make the jump to the car, I'm tired of walking."

Abby was not thrilled with the results from today. On the flat desert valley our shouts across the threads traveled for miles. But the hills and even some of the saguaro cacti distorted sound waves, making them impossible to understand. And then the sound waves bouncing of the cliffs made things even worse. It was quickly looking like our thread phone service had a very limited call area.

"Okay guys, I'll pick you up tomorrow morning." I sighed as the twins opened the car doors. "Don't forget, tomorrow my mom is pulling me out for lunch so I won't see you till after school."

"What did she say she wanted to talk to you about?" Abby asked.

"She didn't say." I frowned, "You know how I hate surprises, I been trying all week not to think about it."

"It will be okay, Bella." Will said as he closed the door.

"I hope so." I muttered to myself as I pulled away from the curb. The ride home I lost myself in my thoughts. Where had I seen that shack before? And not just the shack, the whole area, I had definitely walked that trail before. But how and when? I had never been to McDowell Mountain Regional Park before today. And where we were was too far to see from any roads. My memory of the area was shadowed in dusk and rain, but I was sure, I knew I had been there before. My mind continued rerun the flashbacks of the rainy desert as I placed the chicken casserole in the oven and started on a green salad.

"Bella, honey, I'm home! Did you miss me?" My mom called out from the entry. "How was school?" She asked, following her nose to the kitchen. "Hmmm, what smells so good? I'm starving, I'll wash up and be back in a jiff."

I smile to myself; only my frazzled mom could ask questions and leave without ever expecting an answer. Something must be on her mind. I hoped whatever was on her mind was not related to our lunch date tomorrow.

The evening passed quickly and soon I was in the shower. The smell of strawberry shampoo filled my nostrils, as I scrubbed hard, trying in vain to wash the rainy desert images from my mind. Mentally exhausted from our afternoon, I collapsed in bed and fell into a deep sleep.


I was running, fast, jumping through threads, again and again like never before. The faster I ran the closer I was pursued. A cold breath crept down my neck, a silent scream escaped my mouth as I grabbed a handful of threads and twisted wildly.

Suddenly, I was in the desert. The rain beat on my back as I ran towards a shack, the shack. I kicked open the door, seeking refuge from the downpour. The blackness engulfed me, swallowing me in a rich fog. Fog? In the desert? Searching for the door I grasped a knob and pushed, emerging into a foggy forest. Ferns and moss covered every surface and then I felt it. A cold soft breath rolling down my back as ice cold hands grasped my shoulders.

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