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The Last Sunset

Chapter 3. Meetings

I was flying so fast but I didn't know where I was going, or how I was going to find Maya again. What if she got hurt, or worse. I have no idea if I could live with that guilt. I would find the scum that took her and kill every last one of them. Phil however, would feel the pain for each member of my family he killed, in the slowest most excruciating way possible. "You want to be as bad as them!" I was fed up of this voice, even though it was saying these things, I would listen to it for hours on end. I was also fed up with talking in my head. "Okay, I get your point. Now tell me who you are and how the hell you're in my head!" That's when I thought I had lost it, because it didn't reply. "Ow, sure I ask a question and you disappear. Can you at least tell me where I should be heading, where they have taken Maya? Please?" "Go to Huston airport" "what? That makes no sense I can fly myself for free, why should I go to an airport?" "Look in locker number 17" of course, look in the lockers.

When I got to the airport, I asked where the lockers were and headed off to find number 17. When I got there I picked the lock and took out a plane ticket for one on flight 717 at gate 8, a purse with over £500 in and a fake passport with my new, new name on; Zahra Johnson, who ever got this for me, must have guessed I preferred Zahra to Renée. I made my way to the gate carefully avoiding as many cameras as possible and sat in the corner next to the gate entrance. It had taken around 45 minutes to get the plane ready for takeoff. I knew if someone on here wanted me I could get to the plane doors easily enough and jump out. As I was sat in my seat a group came and sat behind me and one of them next to me. He seemed very nervous, maybe he didn't like flying. But the rest of his, well they look quite alike, they might be a family, but the rest of them looked dazzling especially the one who sat the row behind me to the left. His bronzy coloured hair matched perfectly with his deep golden eyes and perfect pale skin.

The one sat next to me stood up and asked to swap seats with the smallest of them. I wondered if I smelt bad, I mean could you blame me, I had been non-stop flying and crying for hours in the past couple of days. And I hadn't remembered to even look in a mirror to sort myself out. When the small girl sat next to me, she immediately started talking. "Hi, I'm Alice and this is my family." She gestured behind us "Emmett on the far side with his wife Rosalie" she was beautiful and he was, well large. "Jasper is my husband" she blow a kiss at him, and he returned it. "Esme and Carlisle the mother, father figures" Carlisle was pretty young to be a father, they all looked a bit young to be married, or parents. "And this is Edward. He's a bit rough around the edges." But Alice was totally wrong, he was perfect, I only had a glimpse at him and he was amazing but now I could see him properly, he was just impeccable, astonishing, and with that I'm underestimating how perfect he really did look. So then I began to wonder what Alice meant by 'rough around the edges'.

Edward looked me up and down and then turned to the side and ignored me. The rest of the family on the other hand were a bit more, full on. "I'm Zahra" "that's a really nice name" Alice said. "Yer, I haven't met anyone with such an unusual name" Jasper said. When he spoke he seemed to give off an extremely calming vibe, I couldn't help but be calm as well. "Thanks" ow, with all the words in the English language and I choose 'thanks', nice one Zahra.

I didn't even know where the plane would land until the pilot spoke over the com. "Hello, this is your captain speaking. Flight 717 will be landing in New Zealand main airport in 22 hours" ow, I didn't realise we would be going this far. I was deep in thinking when Alice interrupted me. "Um, sorry, bit of a fashion OCD, can I do your hair and make-up?" I thought about that for a second, I probably looked horrible and the Cullen's seem nice so, why not. "Sure, I guess" she started bouncing in her seat "Yay, thank you, come on we'll go in the toilets." She grabbed a bad from the over head locker and dragged me to the toilets.

I didn't realise how long Alice had me in the toilet for until the pilot spoke again. "This is your captain speaking. Flight 717 will be landing in New Zealand main airport in 20 hours" it had been 2 hours wow, times flies when your around Alice, figuratively speaking. "So what do you think?" I looked in the mirror and stood up, looking at the tangled and muddy rags I was wearing. "Thanks Alice, it's been a rough couple of days for me, thank you" she looked me up and down again "I think you are going to need to borrow some clothes you didn't bring anything on the plane with you." I sighed "Alice you have done enough it's fine-" "nope, your borrowing some clothes, I'm always prepared and have a spare outfit with me, here" she pulled out an outfit from her bag and handed it to me "I'll go wait outside" "thanks Alice" "don't mention it"

I changed and got out of the toilets keeping my rags with me, in-case I needed them when we landed. When I got back to my seat, Edward was staring at me, not in a freaky way, in a nice way. I gave him a small smile and sat down. "Edward, will you switch seats with me for a while, I want to sit next to Jasper" "Alice, I-" "great" she stood up forcing him to move next to me. But I was stunned. That was the first time he spoke, it was him, the voice in my head was him. He wanted me on the flight to meet him, not to do some mission thingy or something half way across the world.

Alice nudged him though the seat and he looked at me and smiled the most beautiful crooked smile in the whole universe. "Sorry for my behaviour earlier, I was just a bit tense I'm not a great flyer" ha-ha here I was on a plane the best flyer out of anyone and I had to lie about it. It seemed truly unfair "me neither." "You look really nice by the way, Alice is always-" "always prepared" I cut him off, but he seemed shocked rather than amused as most people would be. "Alice said so herself earlier" but I had to say I felt so much better in new clothes. I was wearing a red dress with a black lace back and blue and pink belt with a corset like undergarment. It was a bit out of my style, I preferred a short sleeved top, jeans and a jacket, it was a lot more practical for the sports I would be doing. "Thanks" I said very sheepishly. "Are you, okay?" he asked me. "Um, yer. Why do you ask?" that was so stupid, I might as well just tell him that I can fly and have the 'institute' after me right now. "Ow, it's just the clothes you were wearing earlier, and you seemed a bit more than nervous" "ow it's just been a bit tough for me these past couple of days that's all, I don't have a place to stay, so I wanted to get out and see the world"

I really hoped he wouldn't pick up the crucial part but I guess I just babble a lot "well if you like you can stay with me and my family if you have nowhere else to go" "thanks but I mean Alice has given me a full make-over, free of charge and you've been so kind to me" Edward looked away from me "No, please come stay with us, I would be upset and worried, knowing you were out on your own with nowhere to go" and of course it would be Alice who said something like that, I didn't expect Edward or the rest of them to say that. But then the rest of the family seemed content with my presence "Zahra, we would love you to stay with us, it's not a problem" Esme started to seem concerned and then Carlisle joined in "it's not like there won't be enough room" To be honest I was really hoping I could stay, I had a weird feeling about Edward, a nice-weird feeling. He was growing on me and I think I was growing on him. Throughout the flight he always wanted to know what I was thinking about and each time I lied because I couldn't tell him the truth, or I would put his family in danger too and after today there is no way I would let that happen.

Everyone had a turn swapping seats to get to know me except Rosalie, I wondered why, but I felt like I shouldn't ask so I forgot about it. Carlisle explained his job back in Forks as a doctor and that they moved out here for a change of scenery. Esme and Alice talked non-stop about my hair and unusual name. Edward just added in random comments. Jasper seemed a little on edge but after we started talking I found out he loves history, which just so happened to be a subject I was particularly good at and so we talked about the great wars and other major events. When it was Emmett's turn I was quite worried, Jasper turned to me and said "don't worry about Emmett, he's a joker and a big softy really" I smiled at him and he returned it. After we got talking Emmett and I were found ourselves debating what was better; baseball or horse riding, I thought that I might just win that one but the whole family had never been horse riding in their life. I explained that apart from that I did no other sport; I was rubbish at sports that didn't involve working with animals.

"So did you have a job in your home town" Edward asked "yes, I was a part time assistant in the local vets, I have a sort of bond with animals." Why did I say that?! I knew then I shouldn't have said that, but I trusted the Cullen's and I had only known them a few hours. "What kind of bond" I knew I wouldn't get out of this one so I explained "I'm not entirely sure, they seem to automatically trust me and do what I say." Of course one of the others would over hear and comment but I didn't think it would be Carlisle "That's truly fascinating, will you show us when we land" now I had done it "um, well okay, sure." This should be interesting.

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