Danzo was not happy.

The Kyuubi Jinchuriki had completely embarrassed him twice!

It took nearly all of his political power and 'personal influence' in the village to have the recent charges that were put against him dropped after the last council meeting three days ago. Even though four of his ROOT officers were killed in attempting to protect him from the Kyuubi brat, they could not trace any connections of the officers with him, nor could they probe the minds to find out any past information that they held. In short many of the councilmen, including the Hokage knew about his operation but could never catch him in the act.

He loved his village with all his passion but had a distaste of how it had been running for years. Although he couldn't lie and say that Konahagakure no Sato was the most prosperous village in all of ninja history, he felt that he could of done better. Konoha in his eyes should be a military village that strikes fear in the hearts of all who oppose it rather than a village who wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight unless it was thrown at them.

If he were Hokage he would of turn that dream into reality. He would of have of the other four Great Nations groveling at his feet due to the might and power that his forces would show under his proper breeding and training shinobi.

Konoha would be the only superpower!

With that thought it brought him back to the weapon which made his blood boil. So much wasted potential.

So much power and not an ounce of it under his control.

If he was given the chance at having the boy in the first place he could of bred him into the most feared and powerful weapon that would put his parents' reputation to shame. With his mother's bloodlines and his father's intellect, as well as the infinite chakra supply of the Kyuubi that boy would of made a fine ROOT officer, destroying anyone that opposed him and only serving him. But due to the recent event he only shows a shaky at best loyalty to Sarutobi.

'This was not the way things were suppose to go!' Danzo fumed. He spent seven years carefully planning out how was going to acquire the boy to turn him into his most prized soldier. It was meant to have the boy physically and mentally broken during the attacks those years ago, in which after he would pick the pieces up and begin the molding process like he did with all the rest.

...until that blasted Uchiha messed it all up!

Typical Uchiha, still holding a grudge over the boy's father for being more sucessful than him. Even getting the woman he wanted. And don't get him started on his true parentage.

Danzo paused. He was getting off track.

But somehow he became even strong on his own and his entourage has the ability to create elemental attacks without so much as a handsign. Even his stolen Sharingan couldn't detect nor copy it. With that type of ability under his belt he would never have to worry about the delayful time of handsigns during battles. He would rule not only Konoha but the other nations.

He was brought out of his musing when one of his undercover spies appeared in a swirl of leaves kneeling before him. His extremely pale skin gave off an indication that he hardly seen enough sunlight. His attire consisted of a black zip up jacket but it only extends to his upper body, exposing his moderately toned abdomin along with some og his right arm. His black pants were standard for his ROOT Anbu members as well as his shoes and kunai holster, which was attached to his right upper leg.

"Report.", Danzo commanded in an cold tone.

Unfazed by his master's angry demeanor the operative put on a fake smile as to cheer him in up as he read that kindness could counter balance a persons anger.

"It seems that there will be some sort of test that will be used to test the Uzumaki's progress. According to my findings, they are to be tested against all of the Genin who pass their sensei's test with their individual squads."

"Is that so?" Danzo asked, instantly intrigued. His brain started to formulate a plan that would destroy those two brats.

'There better off dead if I can't have them. Only I should have power and no one else', he thought to himself in a very Uchiha like manner as he snapped his fingers.

Instantly three ROOT officers appeared kneeling behind the spy in full Anbu battle gear. Each were dressed exactly the same and dawned the same type of mask except for one who had a black mask instead of the normal white colored mask.

"What is thy bidding Danzo-sama" ,the black masked ROOT officer asked in a feminine monotone while kneeling before her leader.

"I'm sending you four on two separate extended missions. Sai, your mission is to watch Sasuke Uchiha and if possible keep an eye on Kakashi Hatake who I have no doubts that will be his sensei." Danzo said while turning his back from them to watch the rest of his young 'operatives' train in his secret facility he had hidden for many years under the village.

"As you wish Danzo-sama" the spy known as Sai disappeared in a swirl of leaves to start on his task, smiling a fox like smile, which Danzo missed.

"You three are to keep and eye on Naruto Uzumaki and Yugito Uzumaki. You are not to engage them unless they are outside the village or unless I order it. But if an opportunity shows itself, you are to disable them and recovery the bodies for extraction." Danzo commanded with a small smile. He knew out of all of his minions, these three were the deadliest of them. They were his 'secret weapons' and had the power to level a whole platoon of shinobi if given the opportunity.

"As you wish Danzo-sama" the same officer replied with the same feminine monotone as she and her two teammates vanished in a swirl of leaves.

'Soon you will be mine Konoha...Very soon', he thought as he continued to daydream about his new world order.

(Elsewhere in the Village)

The blinding fluorescent lights flicker to life.

A slim woman slowly opens her eyes. Her head is swimming, she feels like she has drunk a case of beer but she can't remember doing so. Her sandy blonde hair is matted to her with sweat and grime. She feels dirty. She looks around the room.

She has no idea where she is.

Her heart begins to race.

She realizes that she is lying on a dirty floor in a plain white room. The walls are cinder blocks that have been painted a sickly white that has accumulated so much filth that it has turned gray. There is a silver steel door in one wall. Beside the door is a metal platform on the floor standing about four inches high. There are several wires running from the platform to the door.

Beside the platform is a table. The table is covered with a sheet. She doesn't remove the sheet and she doesn't try to discern the identity of the shapes underneath. She hurries to the door and pulls on the handle. The door doesn't budge. She puts both hands on the handle and leans with all her weight against the door to no avail.

Suddenly there is a hiss of static from behind her. The television that she failed to notice has turned on. Then an image appears. An ugly doll is on the screen. She presses her back against the wall. The doll is a fox and she has an unexplainable fear of foxes, especially after hearing the demon fox boy was alive and kicking.

It sickened her!

The fox doll began to speak in a harsh menacing voice.

Hello, Sakuya Haruno, sister of council member Mebuki Haruno. By now you have noticed that you are in a room with one way out. At the moment, that way is locked."

She now stared at the screen not terrified with the actually fox dummy on the the screen... but what it just said afterward scared her to no end.

Throughout your life you have used your body to gain you everything you desired. You have used your body to gain yourself money, men, and status. You even used your body to rape a 6 year old boy with the help of your sister so you could breed strong children who would grant you more of the status you two craved more than any type of drug.

It has been the key to your success and now your body will be the key to your escape.

Near the door is a scale. The scale is connected to the door. The door will only unlock when the scale reads the exact weight of 92.56 pounds. You must get your weight down to 92.56 pounds. On the table you will find several tools that you can use to remove anything from your body that you deem unnecessary to get down to the target weight.

You only have thirty minutes to complete this task. The room will begin to fill with a toxic myasthma stronger than any gas known to man... or demon. In ten minutes you will become light headed. In twenty minutes you will pass out. In thirty minutes you will die. Remember Sakuya, your target weight is 92.56 pounds. Your body has been your tool to gain all your desires. Do you desire freedom enough to endanger the body you so cherish?"

The television screen goes black. Suddenly there is a hiss from one corner. There is a vent and the toxic myasthma is coming through at an incredible rate. Sakuya pulls her shirt off and runs to the vent. She tries to shove the shirt into the vent to close off the inflow of gas. The vent is too large and her shirt won't cover it completely. At most, her shirt will only slow the gas.

Sakuya quickly regretted being so close to the vent. The fumes made her head hurt and her eyes water. She ran to the television. It looked pretty heavy. Maybe she could put that on the scale. She hefted at it, but it was bolted to the wall.

"Shit!" Sakuya hissed.

She ran to the metal table and tossed the white sheet off. There were scalpels, hand saws, butcher knives, straight razors, and scissors lying neatly across the surface. She swiped her hands across the surface of the table sending all the utensils to the floor. She piled them on the scale. The digital screen read 24.65 pounds. Sakuya swore again. She grabbed the table and tried to lift it onto the scale. The table too was bolted to the floor.

Sakuya wailed loudly while turning and pounding as hard as she could on the door. "Help me!" she screamed.

Judging by the looks of the room it hadn't been in use for a long time... so Sakuya was well away from any help.

Sakuya kicked off her shoes and shuffled out of her jeans. She breathed out quickly and stepped onto the scale. She placed a lock of loose hair behind her ear as she looked down to read the screen. It read 104.60 pounds.

"Oh Kami! No, no no no!" Sakuya sobbed.

Sakuya tried to do the math in her head. Given her state of mind, she couldn't concentrate on numbers very well.

She chucked off her underwear. She didn't care if the creepy fox puppet could be watching her through a camera. She just wanted to lose however much weight to survive.

The blonde haired woman snatched up a pair of scissors. She grabbed handfuls of her hair and began to snip them off. Wads of sandy blonde hair floated to the dirty floor at her feet. Sakuya's self proclaimed blonde tresses now lay scattered at her feet.

She knew that wouldn't be enough weight lost to reach her goal, but she knew that every bit would help. She dropped to her hands and knees. She shoved two fingers down her throat and tickled the back of her throat. The result was instantaneous. Sakuya's body tightened up on itself as she wretched the contents of her stomach on the nasty floor. The stench of her vomit quickly masked any trace of the gas at that time.

Shakily, the female Haruno rose to her feet. Her body was trembling. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She ran her hands over her head and felt her patchy, stubbly scalp.

She hobbled onto the scale. According to the reading, she had lost just over a pound. Sakuya knew what she had to do if she wanted to survive. She sobbed as she snatched up a scalpel from the floor. In her left hand she grabbed a mass of skin at her hip. In her shaking right hand she held the scalpel. She bit her lip and jabbed the blade through her skin. The former blonde haired woman screamed out with an extreme pain that she had never felt before. There was a "splat" as a handful of flesh landed on the floor.

Delirious with pain, the woman grabbed another handful of flesh on the front of her stomach. She sliced three times to remove that patch of flesh. It landed a few inches from the other piece.

Blood was now pouring down her front. The metal under her bare feet was now slippery. Sakuya already had trouble keeping her balance. She pitched to the side and her face scraped against the wall. It was hard for her to keep her eyes in focus.

Sakuya had removed most of the excess skin and the minimal amount of fat that she had around her stomach. She looked at the scale. The screen now read 97.03 pounds. Sakuya had a lot more weight to lose.

Haruno lost her balance and toppled off the scale. She lay curled on the floor for just a moment. Her breathing was rapid and shallow. The scalpel, slippery with blood had slid from her grip. Her eyes fell upon a butcher knife. She grabbed it by the wooden handle.

Sakuya grabbed her left breast. She took a deep breath and bit her lip again. She placed the cold blade against her skin. She screamed through her teeth. She gnawed so ferociously on her lip that she chewed right through her lip. Her left breast joined the other pieces of flesh on the floor. In a moment, her right breast joined the other meat.

Sakuya was fading quickly from the loss of blood. The smell of the gas was slowly rising over the reek of her vomit and blood like an inevitable tide. She crawled over her pants and her thick shoes to get back on the scale. It now read 95.87 pounds.

Sakuya Haruno's face was chalky white now. She knew she had to lose a lot more weight fast if she wanted to get out of the room and get help. She picked up a hand saw. It didn't weigh very much but she was so weak, she had trouble picking it up. She placed the blade of the saw against her shin. She began to saw back and forth with her remaining strength.

The woman's severed leg now lay piled with her other pieces. There was so much blood everywhere. She threw the saw from the scale. She didn't want it to include that unnecessary weight. Sakuya looked to the digital screen. She couldn't believe her eyes.

The screen read 95.87 pounds. It hadn't changed at all. After she had removed her leg, there was no change in weight. Then she looked at the edge of the scale. Her shoe was wedged under the edge of the metal platform. It had gotten shoved under when she crawled back over onto the scale. Sakuya tugged at the shoe.

The shoe came loose. The digital screen now read 90.31 pounds. She was under the target weight. The door wouldn't open unless the weight was exactly 92.56 pounds.

Sakuya feebly reached out to grab her leg to place it on the scale. Her fingers touched the jagged edge of bone that sat at the core of her severed leg. The Haruno couldn't tell that the bone was sharp to the touch. She had no feeling left anywhere. Sakuya's arm went limp and lay on the floor.

Sakuya's mind fluttered back to her days of the event. She saw herself dancing, enticing men to her with her curves. She saw herself making men beg for her body. Sakuya saw herself agreeing with her older sister that they would carry the seeds of the Kyuubi boy. She saw herself tricking a little blond haired boy to spend the night with them while offering him food and a warm place to stay. She remembered said boy playing with her niece Sakura while they slid a sleeping pill in his food.

Sakuya remembered all his cries and screams for them to stop while they both took turns milking the seeds from him while he was tied up by his arms and legs on the bed.

'At least I'll be going to Hell where I belong... I'm sorry kid' she thought as her last breath exited her lungs.

Meanwhile in the one of the dark corners of the room, another figure watched the entire scene, unaffected by the deadly myasthma. The man was human in form, although his features were demonic, his hair sticking up in a fiery mass, going around his head like a lions mane. He was clad simply, in a dark black karate gi that was tattered at the shoulders, a rope acting as a simple belt. A string of nine prayer beads lay around his neck with a kanji for 'seal' on the middle bead under his chin. His feet covered by a simple pair of wooden geta sandals. His eyes were inhuman, red with no visible pupil showing, and unholy power seemed to flow around him as he chuckled in a deep almost demonic voice.

"A weak spirit in a weak shell. That was honestly very entertaining" he spoke to the figure next to him who looked at the now cooling corpse with not an ounce of sympathy.

More like bitterness.

"It wasn't enough if you asked me. Even if she were to get the right amount of weight I would of killed her anyways." coldly stated the second figure stepping into the light appearing to be Aerith before her form shifted into someone else.

What now replaced Aerith was a beautiful woman long blood red hair tied in a simple ponytail that reached down to her calves. Her attire consisted of a black form fitting business suit that accomadated her hourglass frame and the jacket buttons were open showing a black tie that sat between her D- borderline DD-cup breast. (A/N: Looks like Crimson Viper from Street fighter 4)

But if you weren't a complete pervert you would noticed that her figure wasn't the most noticeable thing about her.

No it was her eyes.

Eyes that were filled with anger and hatred.

Eyes that spoke of lost, love, regret, and sorrow but also mischief and satisfaction.

Eyes that were purple, but with four rings wrapped around the pupil.

"Well we have a long list and not a lot of time, And we can't just blow this village up Kushina... at least not yet" the man chuckled causing the woman to turn and look at him.

"I would of already leveled this damnable village already... but that would delay why we are truly here. So I'll stay my hand... for now" the now identified Kushina said before she flickered out of existence.

The man chuckled at her last statement, knowing full well that she intended to do just that.

After all, Hell hath no fear like a mother's scorn.

Kushina Uzumaki is back and she is pissed!

With Hinata

Hinata walked towards the academy in a state of pure bliss. One of her fondest fantasies in her near seventeen years of life had finally became a reality. She was glowing off of what Naruto confessed to her a few days ago.

He was willing to give her a chance!

He actually returned some of her feelings with more passion she ever experienced a day in her life. It just seemed too good to be true.

She took the picture out her jacket pocket that she had found on the ground near the Hyuga Compound earlier that morning and almost had an orgasm at what she saw. She didn't know if it came from the picture itself or the fact that she was picturing herself literally ravaging HER Naru-kun in all his glory. Pushing those thoughts aside before she ruined her panties, something else popped in her head that made her stop in her tracks. If copies of this picture were all around town, she would have rivals…

Hinata narrowed her eyes at the thought. The whole reason that Sasuke Uchiha was such a 'heartthrob' among the village's female population was due to three basic factors. One, he was an Uchiha… which the villagers considered nobility of the highest order, third only to the Senju and Hyuuga…or at least, they were. Secondly, he was obviously a 'pretty boy', as far as the definition went. Even Hinata would admit that much.

Even though he was a complete arrogant asshole.

Thirdly, Sasuke was a tragic figure, shrouded in mystery and pain…and such a thing only heightened the other girls interest in him.

Yea sad to say that they were all just that shallow.

After this, Naruto would automatically fit two of those criteria. He was undeniably good looking, especially with his somehow transformed visage and his air of confidence. …and he was a mystery to everyone…

Well almost everyone.

She had all but stalked the boy for years. She knew his likes, his dislikes, his weaknesses, his dream, what time he normally woke up, what time he normally went to bed…she knew a good amount of information on Naruto that no one else knew, and now, all of this was effectively rendered null by the fact that he was no longer the same boy from years ago. He was now more of an enigma.

She would have to investigate that a little later because today was the day that she would drop her 'mask'. Today was the day for teams selections.

She had slight butterflies in her stomach about the whole ordeal, but the opportunity to become an kunoichi, protect those whose are precious to her and to finally be more with Naruto steeled her resolve more to pass and drop her 'mask'. Ever since Naruto went on his training trip, she has been secretly been training herself in the Gentle Fist and other things through scrolls that her mother left her. No one, not even her father or Hanabi knew that they even existed or the type of training she would go through. Every day for those hard ten years she drove herself into the ground, while keeping up the facade of her still being the so called weakling her father and elders called her.

She would prove the her family... no the Hyuuga because to her they never acted like a real family to her. She would prove to them all that she was as weak as they thought she was. She would unify the clan and save for sister from the arrogance of the clan like her mother wished for her on her deathbed.

And it will all start today for she was now a ninja.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt a arm snake its way around her waist and lightly pulled her a little towards a well built body. She turned her head and was meet with a pair of blue eyes that she fell in love with since she was five years old. They were different then when she first saw them as they now were a shade darker than the natural blue he always had as well as his pupils were slits along with his thicker whisker like scars on his cheeks made him look like a fox. His golden blond locks blew in the wind that gave him more of a godly look like he was a symbol from Kami herself.

He smiled to her in a way that made her heart flutter as he was truly expressing his emotions for her. It wasn't the fake smile that she was so use to when he flash it towards everyone when they were younger. The smile that completely hid all the pain and sadness in his heart. No, this was a genuine smile. One that showed that he was truly happy to see her.

"Good morning." Naruto said to her in a calm voice, earning a blush to dust her cheeks.

"Good morning my Foxy-kun." Hinata replied leaning more into him enjoying his presence, while simultaneously ignoring all the envious and angry glares she was receive from alot of the younger... and older female population.

Naruto chuckled at the nickname he gave her while enjoying the disgusted looks was were getting from many of the villagers. They were probably thinking along the lines of 'How the Hyuga heiress could be seen with the demon!' or 'The Kyuubi brat has influenced her with his demon powers to produce his demon spawns!'. He smirked at the thought but decided not to pay it no mind. He would no do anything in front of Hinata.

Suddenly a large group of people appeared and gathered around Naruto and Hinata, forcing them to stop.

"Release the Hyuga heiress demon brat..." said a bald villager with a sneer. " or..."

He didn't say any more as Naruto released a speck of his killing intent. Although it was just about Mid Chunin level it was enough to shut them up and scare them.

"Move or die... Your choice" Naruto stated emotionlessly which sent a shiver down Hinata's spine. This was DEFINITELY not the same boy they all remembered. As they continued to walk the crowd parted in front of them to terrified to even say another word.

"You feel that?" Hinata asked still resting her head on him as they walked.

"Yes I do. It seems he wants to learn more about me for his own personal gain" he said with a sigh back to his calm demeanor. "And honestly I really don't feel like dealing with him...so..."

He slightly tightened his grip around Hinata's waist pulling her even closer, gaining a small "eep" and huge blush due to the closer contact from the girl and they both disappeared in a burst of speed, leaving behind an angry pursuer.

'How can he do that? I must have that power so I can be one step closer to killing Itachi' ,thought a fuming Sasuke.

He headed in the direction of the Academy, determined to get the information from him.

Even if he had to beat it out of him.

Meanwhile in the Academy it was a usual day like every other. Shikamaru had his head on the desk and slept while Choji sat next to him munching on a bag of chips. Shino silently conversed with his bugs and Kiba joked with Akamaru while waiting for Hinata to come to class so he can try to 'woo' her now that they were ninja. Some of the girls made a fuss about their precious Sasuke-kun not being there yet while the rest of them were looking at separate pictures with huge blushes on their faces. Then suddenly the door flung open and showed an angry Sasuke.

"Where's the idiot and his..."

A strong swirl of wind appeared in front of him, knocking him off his feet, frightening most of the other classmates. Then just as sudden as it came, it came to an abrupt halt, revealing Naruto and a slightly dazed Hinata.

"What was that?." Hinata asked in a shaky voice, still a little disoriented from the experience.

"Shunpo". A technique taught to me by a woman who is considered the fastest woman who ever existed. I'll introduce you the next time I see her" he responded letting go of Hinata's waist, gaining a small pout from her.

"Well I can wait for that but you never told me about the exam a couple of days ago" she asked in a worried tone.

"It was a simple physical and mental exam that were to test if I was capable of a being a ninja. Not to worry though as I'm all right as you can see," said Naruto smiling at her making the girl blush.

Just as Hinata was about to say something an unwanted figure approached the two students, growling at them like a dog at an intruder or enemy.

"Hey you stupid bastard I want to talk to you," said the boy that was Kiba as he was angry as he ever had been at anyone before.

He had heard what Naruto said to his sister before the examination, but even though Hana had been upset at first after telling her family about the physical examination one look at the picture of Naruto and she shrugged it off. She just kept saying "it was worth it" while looking at the picture of Naruto and wiping some drool of her face making Kiba mad as hell.

What pissed him off more was the fact that his mom was looking at the picture with Hana, sporting a sultry smile while she mumbled "Wouldn't mind sinking my teeth on that bone".

"Hello Inuzuka. I see you don't smell so bad today. Have you been using a new type of soap," said Naruto in a calm voice that earned him a giggle from Hinata who couldn't help but giggle at his misfortune, as it was true that Kiba did have a bad smell on him more often then people like to breathe with their noses.

"What did you do to my mom and sister? She had your scent all over her a few days ago and keeps keeps looking at a picture of you in your boxers and my mom keeps on blushing every time your name is mentioned," said angry Kiba now getting right in front of Naruto's emotionless face, baring his fangs at the blond Jinchuuriki.

"Well obviously you mom thinks I'm cute and don't blame me if your sister was one who gave me the physical examination as it wasn't my idea, but rather the Elder's of the village. Take it up with them if you have some sort of problem with it," said Naruto whose tone never changed in the least, as if he didn't care.

Hinata was shocked that it had been a female who performed the physical examination on Naruto last night. She now began to fear that Kiba's sister may have done something that was considered perverted during the examination of Naruto's body. Jealousy started to set in the young Hyuuga heir but outwardly didn't show it.

'NARUTO IS MINE!' she roared in her head.

"You know what you are right I will Naruto. I will take it up with the Elder's...but not before I rip your throat out for touching my Hinata," said Kiba who faked turning around and tried to hit Naruto with a clawed hand aimed at the boy's throat.

To Kiba's surprise and every other spectator silently in the room, the attack never connected as his hand was caught mere inches away from Naruto's unfazed face. Kiba turned her head and was met by a set of slitted blue cat like eyes.

"Either you sit down and be a good little doggie or I will neuter you right now." Yugito said with cold edge that made the Inuzuka fear his life at the moment.

Keyword "moment".

'When did she get here' Hinata and all the other classmates wondered while they watched Kiba retreat to his seat with Akamaru sitting on his desk with his head down.

For a dog Akamaru was not stupid and he wasn't going to get into that scuffle with the Alpha.

"Ok class settle down now so we can start" said Iruka as he entered the room fifteen minutes later and as usual like the good pupils they were the whole class ignored him. And like usual a vein appeared on Iruka's forehead and he used his dreaded Angry Big Head Jutsu.


This of course, got exactly the response Iruka wanted. When Iruka used that particular tone, he meant business, and the kids in his classes just somehow knew not to mess around. Naruto got an almost amused smirk on his face. Iruka may be soft spoken most of the time, but when he got pissed off, watch out.

The Chunin set his small bundle of class materials down on his podium and surveyed his students. "Better. Now, if you're here, that means that you've passed the Genin exam. Congratulations. You've just begun your journey into the world of being a Shinobi, and things are only going to get harder from here..."

Naruto tuned Iruka out for a few minutes, just barely hearing him give some sort of speech on responsibilities and hardships that they would now be enduring for the 'good of Konoha' or some such thing. Naruto smirked to himself for a moment. The thought of him doing something for the 'good of Konoha' was laughable at this point.

He could honestly care less about Konoha and most of the people in it.

He allowed himself to drift off slightly, but he slightly perked up at the mention of team assignments.

They went through a few teams, skipping over a few numbers, because those teams already existed, until Naruto heard familiar names called. "Team 7 will consist of Sai, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha under Jounin sensei Kakashi Hatake.

At this, everyone in the room expected Naruto to shout in outrage while not being on the same team as Sakura when she jumped for joy at being on the same team with Sasuke. However everyone was shocked, even Iruka, at hearing Naruto say "Kami-sama you are good to me to keep me away from those idiots".

"Aren't you upset?" asked Shikamaru getting over his shock.

"About?" he asked the Nara back.

"Well its common knowlegede that you had the biggest crush on Sakura."

"Tch. Why would I like someone with a forehead the size of a billboard... I mean really have your seen the size of it."

Sakura started crying because even though she was giving all her attention to Sasuke, she enjoyed the attention she use to get from Naruto since he was the only one who never made fun of her about her looks.

Before any meaningful gossip about the coming apocalypse could start, Iruka continued the names. "Team 8 will consist of Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, and Hinata Hyuuga under Jounin sensei Kurenai Yuhi," said Iruka who saw the depressed look of Hinata and the happy look that was on Kiba's face while Shino was...well Shino.

"Yes Hinata is on my team. Take that your blond haired blue eyed freak. Now she'll become my bitch," said Kiba who got a few whimper sounds from Akamaru telling him he should keep his mouth shut.

'He just signed his own death warrant,' thought Shino as he felt the bugs in him stir like crazy as something was about to happen.

And happened it did as Akamaru who sensed the danger before his so called master did leaped off Kiba's head. Kiba himself was so happy about what he did and who was on his team he failed to notice a hand grab him by the throat and slammed him into a nearby wall. As Naruto held him, he started to apply more pressure to his neck, earning choking sounds from the Inuzuka.

"Listen here you piece of dog shit because I'm only going to say this once. You should have learned that from the last time you tried to do something that insulted me. I gave you a pass Kiba for that little situation we had the other day during taijutsu practice and even Yugito just gave you a pass now. But don't think for a second that I will not hesitate to finish the job. If I find out you so much as fart while your in the same room as her, there won't be enough to put you in a match box!... Do you I make myself clear?" he said in a cold voice then switch back to his emotionless voice that made Kiba nearly shit himself.

"Cr- Crystal." said Kiba hoarsely, founding it difficult to breathe.

"Good. I know you were smarter than you looked." said Naruto, before throwing Kiba back into his seat and heading back to his, receiving frightening looks from some of the classmates, while others were in awe of him, and the rest...well that would be Sasuke... openly glared at him.

Trying to loosen the tension Iruka continued, "Since team 9 is still in function from last year there is no reason to have a new one this year. Team 10 will consist of Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Ackimichi under Jounin sensei Asuma Sarutobi." seeing the guys of team 10 look happy about being teammates while the girl of Team 10 looks depressed. Iruka once again saw the wisdom the Hokage had when it came to teams. This team was the reincarnated form of the kids parents the original Ino-Shika-Chou group since it was tradition for the clan head to name there children after them or change the name a little to make it look creative.

"Team 11 will consist of Naruto Uzumaki and Yugito Uzumaki under Jounin sensei's Yamato Zaimoku..."

"Ha the loser doesn't even get a full squad? I always knew that in time you'd be seen as the dead last that you are Naruto," Sasuke mocked arrogantly, "In fact you're worst. At least the real dead last was given an even team. I can't believe that what befell you just now came at a most fitting occasion."

"Actually Uchiha, The Hokage explained that they will be given a different kind of training as the first "Elite Genin" of the graduation class of Genins since the days the Hokage himself was appointed that title. They will also be assigned under Anko Mitarashi."

The grin on Sasuke's face vanished on hearing that title given to Naruto and Yugito.

"Elite Genin?" Sasuke asked with a scowl on his face, angered that he wasn't giving the title.

"How come Naruto gets a special title and not Sasuke-kun or anyone else," Sakura asked.

"Typical fangirl" Yugito said in a bored tone. Sakura was about to retort but Iruka stopped her before it started.

"No Haruno," he replied sternly, "Such favoritism would not be tolerated by this village's shinobi standards. It was a recommendation made by Hokage-sama. All of you were selected and assigned to specific specialized teams based on your capabilities which your Jounin instructors will explain to you all in more detail after they arrive here a little later today. And with that said there's nothing more for me to tell you all except good luck and congratulations on receiving the honorary ranking of Genin. Believe me when I say that you've all earned it." with that Iruka left.

Naruto leaned back in his seat and put the hood of his cloak over his face covering his eyes.

"Please wake me up when our sensei's get here" and with that his shoulders slightly slumped and a light snore came from his mouth.

Hinata sweatdropped while Yugito sighed.

Slowly but surely, all the other teams left leaving teams 7, 8, 10, and 11 to wait for two hours

The door opened and three men and two woman stepped inside. The ten turned to the five just noticing them. One was a beautiful woman with long black hair that had a wild and messy look to it but acommadated her face ruby red eyes. She was dressed in what appeared to be white wrappings that went down to just above her knees. Her top looked like a white vest over a fishnet shirt that had one sleeve cut off and the other sleeve was blood red and came down to her wrist. Her headband dawned on her forehead.

The other woman had short purple hair that was pulled back into a pony tail that made her look like a peacock and had pupiless caramel brown eyes. She had quite the taste in clothing as she wore a tight black mesh shirt that showed off her slim figure and waist line. It also showed her nice sized bust quite well. She also wore a pretty short tan skirt that went about six inches above her leg and had on white leg bracers and blue Shinobi sandles. To complete her look she had a Tan trench coat and had her headband tied around her forehead.

The men all worn standard Konoha Jounin uniforms but were different in many manners.

One was a taller man in dark blue cargo pants with his kunai holster strapped to his right thigh, shinobi styled sandals, long sleeved turtle neck, and fingerless gloves with metal plates on the back of them. He was wearing the standard forest green Jounin flak-vest with two scroll patches on the right and left breast with a zipper going up the middle. A dark blue mask covered the bottom of his face, his silver hair defied gravity, and had his hitai-ate covering his left eye.

Another one had a beard with his sleeves were rolled up. A cigarette in his mouth was also present.

The last one looked exactly like the silver haired Jounin exept he had brown hair that wasn't as much as the other man with dark brown eyes and a plate sitting on the top frame of his face, something similar to what the Nidaime Hokage from the text books use to were.

They were glaring at them because of waiting for two hours. Naruto on the other hand pulled his hood back, eyes flashing in anger while a few other emotions flared up, but disappeared before they were noticed.

"Sorry we're late, we were trying to find this guy," Anko said indicating to her silver haired comrade, who only shrugged.

"Got lost on the road of life. Anyways my first impression is...I hate some of you, meet us on the roof," Kakashi spoke, walking out the door with the other four, causing all the genin to sweatdrop.

"Come on you losers-," Sasuke began, only to see Naruto grab Hinata and Yugito and vanish via a shumpo. He clenched his fists, seething at the sight of seeing Naruto yet again do something he couldn't.

"How can he do that! I'm an Uchiha dammit!" he thought with rage.

Team seven, eight, ten, and eleven were on the roof of the academy. Sitting down in front of their sensei's in their newly formed squads.

"Okay everyone now that you guys are teams let's have a little introduction. Tell us your name, things you like, things you hate, your goals and your dreams for the future" said Kakashi who had a bored look in his only visible eye.

"Well can you please go first so we can get the idea." Sakura asked.

"Alright…my name is Kakashi Hatake. I like many things…I dislike some things…I have many hobbies…" He seemed almost to be not there while he was speaking, and if Naruto didn't know any better, he would have thought he was high off something. "As for my dream…you're too young to understand it." Kakashi's gaze stayed skyward, while most the genin thought the same thing.

"So all we got to know was his name!"

"Kakashi Hatake" Naruto started, gaining everyones attention, "Born June 26 By Sakumo "White Fang" Hatake and Aikiko Hatake, both deceased before he turned 8. A-Rank borderline S-rank shinobi known as many names but was dubbed "Gin Inu" ever since the Third G.S.W. (Great Shinobi War). Considered the fourth strongest shinobi in Konoha, if you include the Hokage and the two remaining loyal Sannin. Also rumored to have learned over 1000 jutsus in his career " gaining wide eyes from everyone except Yugito. "Former teammates were Obito Uchiha, Rin Inuzuka, and Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze who all were killed in their careers." he finished while looking at Kakashi for confirmation, only getting a slow shaky nod back.

Seeing the tension that just been formed she brought the attention to herself, "Okay maggots. My names Anko Mitarashi.I like to eat dango, read about poisins and training. My dislikes are a certain Snake bastard, and the villagers for hating me for reasons beyond my control. My Hobbies are eating Dango and hanging out the forest. My dream is to one day kill a certain man." Anko said with the last part sounding more with hatred, but started staring at Naruto with a curious expression.

'I like this woman' Yugito thought.

'Glad shes not my sensei' the rest of the genin thought... even Sasuke.

Naruto, noticing her look as well as the other Jounin were staring at him intently, so he decided to indulge them.

"Anko "Hebi-Hime" Mitarashi is a Special Jounin who was once the student of Snake Sannin Orochimaru. Later she, along with nine others, were branded with Orochimaru's first ten samples of the Cursed Seal Of Heaven. Of..." he paused and raised an eyebrow at the concentrated killer intent that seemed to radiate off of Anko. Whether it was aimed at him or the bad memories, he didn't know but still continued.

"Of the ten, Mitarashi was the only one to survive, establishing the one-in-ten chance of surviving the Cursed Seal. Orochimaru supposedly rejected Anko as a subordinate, believing she did not have the lust for power or vengeance needed to fuel the Cursed Seal, which was good due to that seal being nothing but a false power up that tears away at the psyche. Though why she still wears it who knows."

"ITS BECAUSE NO ONE CAN TAKE IT OFF YOU LITTLE SHIT!" Anko shouted, angry that this genin not only mentioned her "badge of shame", he brought up old memories.

Most of the reactions, went from shock, indifference, pity, angry, even disgust.

Naruto however...


"Are you serious that no one from this village can take that crude excuse of a seal off?" he asked in a incredulous tone, though the disgust and in his eyes were visible to everyone.

Yugito just pulled out a book and started reading, feeling downright bored about now.

"Not everyone is a Fuin nerd like you are. Even Karin-chan is still only a level 5 herself... though she'd probably try to kill me in my sleep again if she finds out I told you" said Yugito, though muttered the last part to herself making Naruto look amused for a moment.


'Why do I feel the sudden urge to smother Yugito-chan with a pillow in her sleep' thought a red haired red eyed girl before she went into her pocket and pulled out a small device and started to press buttons.

(Back In Konoha)

Naruto felt something vibrate in his pockets and pulled out a handheld device, reading what was on the screen, chuckling at the end of it before Anko brought him back to the conversation.

"W-What do you mean crude excuse? Not even Hokage-sama can take it off and Jaraiya-sama hasn't been in Konoha since the Kyuubi attack." Anko answered in an angry tone for some reason. The way he just stared at her with those soul piercing eyes were starting to get to her.

It unnerved her.

Anko Mitarashi does not feel unnerved by anyone. Much less a Genin.

Naruto continued to stare at her, not answering her while thinking if he should just remove it now but decided against it.

He turned his head from her, making her angry. He didn't know her enough to help her. For all he knew, she could be spying on him by Sarutobi.

The crimson eyed Jounin spoke next "My name is Kurenai Yuhi. I'm a specialist with various types of genjutsu. I like to study human psychology, sing karaoke, and work in my garden. I dislike loud drunks and people who think I can't be an effective ninja because I'm a woman. My goals in life is to make sure that Team 8 strives to become the best that they can." Then her tone turns into a saddened tone " and to make up for a mistake to someone who I've wronged entirely" taking a small glance at Naruto who turned his head again.

"I'm Asuma Sarutobi" The bearded Jounin started, "I like cigeretes and some time to relax. I dislike ridgid structures, spoiled brats, and bad fathers who favor orphans than their own children (Naruto narrowed his eyes at that comment). My dream is to live long enough to start a family and be a good father with a certain woman" ignoring Anko and Kakashi's snickers, while Kurenai rolled her eyes at his so called dream.

'Yeah right' they all thought.

"Good luck with that" Naruto muttered, though purposely loud enough for all to hear.

"Whats was that you little shit!", yelled Asuma gaining more shocked looks from the Konoha raised Genin, wide eyes from all the Jounin, a snort from Yugito, and a blank stare from Naruto.

"My words were not muffled or distorted so I know you heard me clearly. I'm not repeating myself to a fragile chimp." gaining more shocked looks from everyone except Yugito who was busy snickering.

"Naruto thats-" Kurenai started.

"It's Uzumaki-san to you Yuhi." Naruto spoke in a low cold tone, not caring about the wide and hurt look she gave him.

The most stoic of the five Jounin spoke last. "My name is Yamato Zaimoku." he started as to get everything on track, "My likes are running a tight ship by the use of terror. My dislikes are arrogance and ninja who abuse children for their own personal gain (Kurenai slightly flinched which didn't go unnoticed by Kakashi). And my goal is to see my team become legends through hard work and dedication to the life of the shinobi." He said which made Naruto stare at him for stopping his conflict with Kurenai while all the others had their own various thoughts. Sakura and Sasuke who to everyone's surprised did something unbelievable.

They laughed.

"Oh man that was good you should be a comedian. How can you train legends when I'm not on your squad? Like they'll ever be stronger then me." He said laughing along with Sakura who saw this as a way to get in better graces with Sasuke.

"Yeah that orphan and his whore of a sister shouldn't even be here. This roof is for people who have families." she laughed ignorantly while Shino felt his insects going haywire and Akamaru, Shikamaru, and Chouji were inching away slowly from them.

She continued laughing only to feel a strong mass of killing intent being pointed directly at her and Sasuke. Struggling to breath she looked up to see the angry faces of Kakashi, Anko, Kurenai, and Yamato who was starting to freak her out because of the creepy "ghoul-eyes" expression he was giving her. Out of now where she was grabbed by the throat by Yugito along with Sasuke and held their bodies over the balcony.

"What was that because I quite frankly couldn't hear you?" she spoke in a quiet whisper that told them what her intentions were if they answered wrong. All she got was them shaking their heads saying that they said nothing. "Good" she said while she dropped the two unceremoniously to the ground back beside Kiba who had hearts in his eyes.

'I got to make her my bitch soon as I get Hinata' he thought lustfully.

"So, pinky, you're up, again." Kakashi said harshly.

Sakura puffed slightly at being called pinky, but it was quickly dispelled as she shot a sidelong glance to Sasuke, blushing the whole time.

"My name is Sakura Haruno…I like…" She shot another sidelong glance to Sasuke, before gaining what little composure she had left. "My hobbies…" She giggled again… "My dream…" She completely flipped out at this, going into a giggle fit of epic proportions, after shooting another long glance at Sasuke.

"Ok and what do you dislike?"

"BLONDS!" she shrieked glaring heatedly at the siblings who just stared back at her with blank stares.

'Lucky me ... a fangirl' Kakashi thought with a sigh. "Alright your turn Uchiha".

You next Uchiha." He said.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I have no likes and many dislikes, one of which being those who don't know their place." He said looking at Naruto, who was looking down at a strange rectangle device and not paying him any mind, which pissed him off but he didn't show it. "My dream is more of an ambition, the revival of my clan and to kill a certain man." He said darkly.

'He's so cool.' Sakura thought.

'Tch. Please' Naruto thought, not caring about the Uchiha's ambiton.

'He is still too focused on hatred and revenge He'll never get far.' Kakashi thought." Alright your turn." he said pointing at the pale skinned boy.

"My name is Sai. My like are drawing. My dislike are being on a team with dickless and a pink haired man" he said with a fake smile causing the Uchiha and Haruno to growl, and Kiba and Chouji to start cracking up. "My dream is to see that dickless grows one and help the pink haired man to find a husband... But then that would be a YAOI, right" by then Yugito started laughing while Kiba and Chouji had tears in their eye.

"Um... oooooook moving along your next doggie boy."

"Fine, my name is Kiba Inuzuka. What I like best in this whole world is my dog Akamaru." who when name was mentioned barked a response from the top of his head. "I also really like being a part of this new pack." Looking at Hinata almost with a leer, not going unnoticed by the male Jinchuuriki. "I hate cats, any food I can't chew, and a certain blond haired bastard. My goal is to be a great ninja, marry a certain girl before she ruins her life with a idiot, and help my clan succeed." he said with a smug grin only for it to turn into a snarl when he saw Naruto whisper something in Hinata's ear, causing her to blush and giggle softly.

'Ok I got a Inuzuka who may get himself killed if the rumors are true about the Uzumakis' thought Kurenai who also for some reason felt something about how the blond was treating her now new Genin. It wasn't a bad feeling that she was getting, more of a longing feeling but she push those thoughts aside for now.

"Ok goggles your up." Kakashi said pointing to Shino.

"I am Shino Aburame. I like to study insects and find new varieties that haven't been catalogued by my family yet. I dislike people who kill insects for no reason and those who hate what they don't understand. My ambition is to learn all of the Aburame bloodline jutsus and then develop my own techniques using my allies." he spoke in his usual monotone getting nods from the group of Jounin.

"Ok Misses Bluenette your turn."

"My names Hinata Hyuuga. My likes are my true friends and a certain foxboy (All the Jounin's eyes widened). My dislikes are my clan's council, my arrogant little bitch of a sister Hanabi (Yugito and Naruto smirked while all the other Genin looked surprised.), and the main branch of my family for what they do to the branch house of my clan. My dream is to unite my clan as a whole again and dissolve my clan's council since there is no need for them to be there at all."

Nodding his head as she finished he turned to the lazy looking Genin and pointed to him. Said boy muttered a "troublesome" and started to speak not once sitting up.

"My name is Shkamaru Nara. I like watching clouds and napping. My dislikes are yelling, troublesome fangirls, and working too hard. My goal is to become an average Shinobi and marry an average woman. Have two kids, a boy and a girl and retired once my son or daughter become a shinobi and play shogi for the rest of my days" he said in a bored tone closing his eyes to sleep. That notion was shot to hell when Ino banged on his stomach with her fist.

"SIT UP AND PAY ATTENTION" she yelled at him while he sat up rubbing his stomach mumbling about troublesome blonds and not letting him sleep.

"Well how about you go ahead then Miss diva." Kakashi said pointing towards Ino.

"Alright. My name is Ino Yamanaka. I like helping my family out our flower shop, arranging flowers, spending time with friends. I hate that Billboard Brow, Sakura over there…" she began. She got a rather fierce glare from Sakura upon stating her hate, but she continued anyways. "My hobby is working with flowers, and as for a dream… I hope to one day become a strong kunoichi, and make my clan proud."

Nodding his head he noticed the blond kept stealing glances at his godbrother and if his eyes weren't playing tricks on him he could see she had a jealous look in her eyes but decided not to voice he continued to move on.

"Cool. Ok Akimichi your up."

"My name is Chouji Akimichi. I like food, hanging out with my buddy Shika and listening to my dad old war stories. I dislike the time it takes to cook my BBQ. My only goal in life is to make my father proud and become clan head of the Akimichi.

"Okay how about you with the cloak" he said pointing at his sensei's son.

"Names Naruto Uzumaki. I like those who I consider close to me. My dislike are 85% of the villagers of this village and traitors" he spat the last word with hate in his eyes, making Kurenai flinched. "I only want a few things in life. The first to make my parents and ancestors proud, and to not kill but utterly destroy a certain Uchiha who not only ruined my life but also murdered my parents." finished the boy making the group go wide eyed before Sasuke turned on him with a heated glare.

"Your not going to kill him, that right belongs to me." he said only for Naruto to look him in the eye and make the boy recoil. Naruto eyes looked cold beyond anything he has ever felt and was now wondering just what changed the boy this much.

"This Uchiha is by far stronger then that of Itachi. I've met Itachi before and we have no beef with each other so he will be the only Uchiha I will spare my wrath." He said before he blasted killing intent on Sasuke, that made the boy pale and sweat hard just from Naruto's glare alone.

"However I will only say this once. You are only a comrade and I will not attack you at all, but if you get in my way or provoke me, last Uchiha or not I will send you to hell with the rest of your clan " Naruto said with his eyes flickered from blue to red as he spoke, lacing the last two word with so much venom it made everyone minus Yugito flinch. Anko had one thing in mind while she felt his killing intent.

'I think I'm in love' while in her head a mini Anko was staring with hearts in her eyes.

Sakura looked livid at how Naruto was being towards Sasuke, and would have said something had the boy not turn his glare on her and made her shut up. Something definitely did happen to the boy but what was the question.

"Now there is no need for any of that Naruto-kun." a old voice said catching everyone off guard and they turned their heads to see the Hokage standing there.

"Hokage-sama" all of the Jounin stood and bowed their heads, though Asuma was reluctant at first before getting a glare from Kurenai.

"At ease. I was just passing by to tell you all that the Genin test will be moved up from a few days from now."

"Genin Test?" asked Sasuke.

"Yes today you were to be tested if you actually had what it took to be an official Genin of the Leaf. All of the other teams have failed their tests which leaves only four squads left so the council and its infinite wisdom decided to have the four squads take one test" said Hiruzen.

"And what will that test be Hokage-sama" Shino asked surprising everyone as it is known that Aburames hardly ever speak.

"The test is very simple. It will be a nine against two last man standing match up being teams 7, 8, and 10 versus team 11" he finished getting various looks from the others on the room.

'A perfect opportunity to take MY power from him. Only a Uchiha deserves power' Sasuke thought with a smirk.

'I'll show that bitch whose useless' thought Sakura with a smirk.

'Danzo-sama said not to fully show my potential... though he said to show off somewhat' thought Sai smiling a fox like grin.

'Troublesome' thought Shikamaru.

'Just how strong are you really Yugito-chan... why did I just think that' thought Ino.

'Awwwww I wanted to get something to eat' thought Chouji.

'Yes now I can kick that loser's ass and Hinata and Yugito will all be mine' Kiba thought with a toothy grin.

'My bugs say to be cautious in this upcoming battle, I may have to fight serious' thought Shino.

'I have to fight Naruto-kun... I will prove to you just how strong I've become my love' thought Hinata with a determined look.

'Now lets see just how much of sensei's spirits burns inside of you' thought Kakashi with curiosity and anticipation.

'Nine on two? Don't you think that's a bit overkill? Even if he is a jinchuriki?' thought Anko.

'If I'm lucky maybe they'll get killed' thought Asuma with hate in his eyes. If anybody looked at him you would of thought he didn't like the match... no far from it.

'Naruto' thought Kurenai.

'Time to shine Kyuubi Jinchuuriki.' thought Yamato with a smirk.

'Your first hurdle lad. Lets hope we can get through this unscathed' thought Sarutobi

"So how do we do this?" asked Naruto telepathically.

"Destroy and humiliate you know thats my style. We can't kill them so I prefer to beat a few of them senseless." replied Yugito.

"Just don't overstep your boundaries. You tend to lose yourself in battle"

"Yes O all mighty" she retorted sarcastically then stuck her tongue out at her little brother "Your no fun"

"But if someone else attacks trying to help them... Kill them" he said plainly, gaining chuckles from Kyuubi and with that he got up from his seat.

"When and where would this test be if you don't mind me asking Hokage-sama" Naruto asked calmly shocking Kurenai and Anko.

'How can he be so calm when the odds are stacked against him purposely' the both thought.

"Well the test will be took over on Training Ground 7. As for the time it will be now if you two are up to it" he said before feeling a chill go up his spine with the sadistic smile Yugito was dawning.

"Well if thats the case I'll take my leave Hokage-sama" Naruto finished before he and Yugito disappeared via Shumpo.

At this, Kakashi realized something.

They never got to ask the girl who she was. If he didn't know better, he would of believed she was actually his sibling.

He needed to figure this out.

(Training Ground)

It would seem that the match was turning to be a huge spectacle as Naruto noticed practically every head of something or clan leader were seated or standing at the sidelines. The Hokage, the Elders, Iruka, all Jounin and Elite jounin were standing their with smirks or eyes of anticipation. The smirks came from some of them waiting for them Kyuubi brat to be beaten and killed by the Uchiha and anticipation of just what may happen.

"Hokage-sama do you believe this is wise?" asked the new Anbu Soutaicho Yugao Uzuki. She was in attendance as well.

"What do you mean?" saked Sarutobi curiously. He figured she was concerned for the boy's safety.

"I mean putting them in a match together would not only cause conflict but someone could be seriously hurt." she gave with concern on her face, though not seen due to her mask.

"What's the matter Uzuki? You think that your brother is going to get himself hurt by our students?" Asuma taunted.

Without sparing him a glance, she continued her discussion. "I'm more worried about the three squads rather than Naruto and Yugito." Yugao continued.

"And why is that?" asked Hiashi Hyuuga who just so happened to be listening to the conversation.

"Because Naruto isn't exactly the same boy the village grew to hate. If anyone else tries to join in on the fight I have no doubt in my mind that it will turn...unpleasant. Considered what he's did to that one civilian in broad daylight," she finished getting a couple of raised eyebrows and uneasy looks.

On the field Naruto was analysing his oppents and their gauges.

Sasuke, Sakura, and Kiba had arrogant smirks on their faces while Ino, Chouji, and Hinata held determined looks in their eyes. Sai held an impassive look and Shikamaru his usual bored expression.

Yugao walked in the middle of the group acting as referee.

"The rules are simple, last one standing is the winner. No lethal force if possible. Any objections?" she asked getting a raised hand from Naruto.

"If they want to beat us they will have to fight us with the intent to kill unless they will lose and I will kill them," he stated calmly getting either wide eyes or scoffs from his opponents and the spectators.

Yugao turned her head towards him and even with her mask on he could tell him she was glaring at him so he stayed silent.

It has been a while but he knew how she was when she got angry. He shuddered just thinking about.

She raised her hand, only to lower it down a few seconds later for the match to begin.

"Look just give up. You and I both know you two can't beat us since Sasuke-kun and I are obviously stronger then you. Besides this is a perfect way to beat your ass bitch for trying to steal away my Sasuke-kun." stated Sakura.

'First victim' thought Yugito sinisterly while giving her a bored look.

"Well then if your so strong show me what you got flat chest. Like I want that pencil dick of an Uchiha" she said getting an immediate reaction from the pinked hair girl. When she was in range she sent one punched which connected to Yugito's face.


Seeing this she sent another.

Still Nothing.

She kept throwing punches left to right even some she empowered with Chakra and still nothing. When she saw that it didn't work she jumped back panting slightly watching the female Jinchuriki scratching her face.

"Your punches barely tickle. Like a tiny feather" she stared blankly at the Haruno.

"BITCH" she shrieked back. "NARUTO AREN'T YOU GOING TO DEFEND MY HONOR?" inwardly smirking knowing her plan would work.

"Why is that? " said Naruto calmly.

"Because you love me and if you do it I'll go on a date with you" she smiled innocently, attempting to ignore the killer intent from Hinata.

'That slut! Must...not...kill...yet,' thought Hinata as she had to hold back the urge to hurt the pink haired kinoichi in front of her. What she heard though she thought she would never hear.

"Your right Sakura... I do still love you"

Standing their shocked at what he just said, she felt like her heart was torn to shreds and she was about to tear up until he suddenly vanished and appeared right next to Sakura.

Everyone seemed or shocked surprised of Naruto's amazing speed.

'How did the dobe do that?' thought Sasuke with anger and jealousy sporting his features.

'He's even faster than Yugito was during the council meeting' thought Hiruzen.

'How can he do that?' many thought in unison.

Naruto had his left arm draped over Sakura's right shoulder and Naruto was only a few inches from her left ear.

"And now... let me show you how much I still love you Sakura...chan" he whispered in her ear as he held up his right hand and slowly his hand started to glow yellow until it looked like lightning forming. The crackling sound of lightning was all she heard before her plan went straight to hell.

"Time's up."

Naruto took a step back and rammed his hand into Sakura's chest, earning a ear splitting scream from the girl watching her body spasm from the current of his attack and enjoying the horrified look in her green eyes.

The other Genin had horror stricken faces as the watched what just transpired. Kiba was the only one that decided to voice it.

"I thought you loved her?"

Turning his gaze from the smoking form of Sakura he looked at the Inuzuka with cold dead eyes. "I never loved her a day in my life. I lived twelve long years to do that to her, though I wish I could of killed her and save Kakashi-san a headache but orders are orders as most of you will see the same fate," he finished with Yugito appearing to the side of Kiba in a instant and delivery him a roundhouse kick to the head. Only one word was said at the particular time that had all the Genin thinking the same thing.


Character Profile

Codename: Classified

Real Name: Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Birthplace: Konohagakure no Sato

Height/Weight: 6"/ 205 lbs.

Rivals: Classified

Likes: Seals, Family, Fighting, Nature, Technology

Dislike: Konoha, Rapists, Arrogance

Hobbies: Developing interesting ways to make seals, espionage

Background: Classified

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