Chapter 1 Nobody's Perfect

Background: Miley is seventeen and a senior in high school. Travis has moved to California about a mile away from Miley's house. They are going out and have been for about a year. Miley is still living with her Dad and Jackson is in college, but currently home for summer. This is taking place in late June.

Miley sighed as she stared at herself in the mirror. She stared at the the two different shoes on her feet. Would she choose the white flip-flops or the white wedge. She slid her foot out of the flip flop and slid it into the wedge.

She looked back in the mirror to check her outfit. A white baggy, short sleeve baby doll top and denim Capri pants. She pulled her light brown curls into ponytail, but soon let them fall. She grabbed her bag and left her room. She went outside and got in her car.

She pulled into the parking lot of the drug store and got out of the car. She anxiously walked into the door, feeling butterflies in her stomach. She walked down an aisle and picked up the one thing tat could change her life forever. She brought it to the cashier and took out her wallet.

The cashier stared at Miley as she bagged the pregnancy test. Miley paid for the test and walked back to her car. She drove home and took the test to the bathroom. She decided she couldn't do this alone. She called up Lilly, who said she'd be right over.

She came in the house and went straight upstairs. Luckily nobody else was home. "Miley?"

"I'm outside the bathroom door." She said.

"Miley are you ok" Lilly asked, realizing Miley's wet cheeks.

Miley slowly shook her head. "I think I'm pregnant."

"Miley." Lilly sighed. "It's ok."

The test beeped, scaring Miley. She cautiously opened the bathroom door and walked toward the edge of the bathtub, where the test lay. She nervously picked up the test. It was positive. Completely positive. Not a chance was it negative.

Miley walked outside the bathroom, where Lilly was anxiously waiting. "I"m pregnant."

Lilly was lost in words. "Well... um... there's a clinic a few blocks away. I mean you can see if you're really pregnant or if it was just a mistake."

"I guess." Miley shrugged, letting her tears come down like rain.

"Lets go now." Lilly decided. "You don't need an appointment. My Mom went there one time, because she thought she was pregnant, but really she found out she wasn't at the clinic."

Lilly took Miley out to her car and they drove to the clinic. They walked into the clinic, where three other people waited. They walked to the front desk, where a sweet young lady greeted them.

"Hello. Do you have an appointment?"

"Um... Not exactly...I um... want to see if I'm um..." Miley tried to say, but lost her words.

"Are you here to see if you're pregnant?" The young lady politely asked, forming a smile on her face. Miley nodded and blushed with embarrassment. "Ok what is your name?"

"Miley St-stewart." Miley stuttered, but managed to say it.

"Ok you can have a seat, a nurse will be with you shortly."

Miley turned around and sat down on one of the chairs. Lilly did the same. Miley looked at all the magazines that were on the table. They were all about pregnancy, parenting, and babies. She left them alone and looked up at the T.V. She looked down at her hands when she realized it was a baby story.

"Miley Stewart." Another young lady, who was dressed in a formal business dress, called.

Miley got up with Lilly behind her and followed the young lad into an examining room. Miley closely observed the room the second they got in there. She sat down on the examining table and stared at the sonogram machine next to her.

"Ok sweetie, I'm just going to ask a few questions. This is completely confidential and you need to answer honestly. Ok?" She sweetly smiled, looking down at the clipboard in her hands. Miley nodded. "Ok to start how old are you?"

"Seventeen." ashamedly said.

"Ok, was this planned or was it an accident and are you in a relationship?"

"It was an accident and yes I am in a relationship, with my boyfriend Travis." Miley answered honestly, even though she just wished to go back to that night.

"And this is the father?" Miley nodded. "Alright, did you take a test, do you know how far in you are, did and did you tell any family members?"

"I took a test today, but I've had morning sickness for two months and I haven't had my period. And the only person I've told was my friend Lilly, but I kind of think my brother Jackson suspects it."

"Ok, was the test positive and are you what are you planning on doing with the baby?" She said, not lifting her head up from her clipboard.

"It was positive and I'm not really sure what to do."

Writing down the answers she asked, "And last question, how do you feel or how did you feel?"

"I feel stupid and I'm upset with myself."

"Ok lets take some blood and some tests. It takes fifteen minutes to get the results of all the tests and the blood work here. So lets start with the blood. Oh and by the way my name is Emma."

"I'm Miley and this is my best friend Lilly." Miley introduced. Emma smiled and grabbed a white rubber like band from a jar on the counter. She tied it around Miley's upper arm. She took the needed and slid it into Miley's swollen vein. Miley twitched and looked away.

"Not good with blood." Emma laughed, watching the tube fill up with blood. She slowly pulled it out and put a cotton ball against the bleeding spot. She then put a plain Band-Aid over it and took the blood away.

They ran through nine more tests and fifteen minutes later Emma came back with all the results. "You're pregnant."

Miley didn't show any emotion. She knew it was true. She knew she was pregnant. And she knew there was no going back. "It's ok Miley, I'll help you with whatever you need."

"Lets talk about options. There is abortion..."

"I refuse to do abortion. I'm am not killing my child because I made one mistake. That's like committing murder." Miley interrupted mid sentence making her point.

"Ok well there is also adoption or just keeping the baby."

"Can I talk to my boyfriend first?"

"Of course. Why don't you come in next week for a sonogram?"

"Ok so, today is Friday, so Friday next week at three?" Miley inquired, remembering she has nothing to do at that time.

"That would be great. Good luck!"

Miley and Lilly checked out and left to the car. As Lilly turned the car on, she realized Miley looking out the window, but there were fresh tears on her face. "Miley it's ok. I'm sure Travis won't get mad. It's his fault too."

"And what about my Dad or my fans? I'm not telling him tonight."

"So when are you going to tell him, when you go into labor, when the baby is twenty?" Lilly made a point. She knew Miley would just keep making excuses.

"Well then the baby and I would both live." Miley grinned sarcastically turning her head back to the window.

"Miley, I didn't see your Dad being one of those people who would get that mad." Lilly pulled out of the lot and onto the road.

Miley rested her head against the window and closed her eyes. "I... I just wish my Mom was here."

Lilly made a turn that would not lead to Miley's house. "I'm driving you to Travis's house. You need to talk to him. You have to tell him you're pregnant."

Miley didn't insist, because she knew she'd be wasting her breath. She rested her head back against the cold window, and watched as Lilly pulled into Travis's large driveway. "I'll wait here while you talk to him."

"Fine." Miley sighed, opening the car door and getting out. She walked up his front steps and rang his doorbell. Luckily for her, his parents weren't home.

"Miley, hey baby. Are you ok?" He asked noticing the frown and tears on her face.

"Can I talk to you?" She whispered hoarsely.

"Yeah, yeah, come in." Travis opened the door more, making room for her to come in. He led them to the couch, where they sat down. "So what is it you want to tell me?"

"I'm pregnant."

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