Summary: The witch of the waste is a powerful witch indeed and terrifies her kingdom with her powers. She requires blood to sustain her life and feeds monthly…But, once every 500 years she must have the blood of a maiden that will grant her youth once more.

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Where art thou freedom?

Chapter III~ Memory in Sleep

Sophie stood at the outer gate in her summer dress of white with blue laced flowers around the hem. A white corset with the same blue straps went up the front to make a neat bow and covered the see through cream short sleeve shirt. Her long brown hair was braided with a white ribbon to tie it together just like the ribbon that lay on her light brown straw hat sitting on her head. A brown basket cradled in the crook of her arm as the other held a dull parchment. She was in the market to buy more color spools when a man dressed in grey and black came up to her and handed her the rolled up paper with a red waxed W insignia. She was about to shoo the man away till she saw the symbol of the tree and skulls on the mans belt. She knew that symbol well. It was engraved on all four sides of the pillar that held the statue of the witch. She walked by it once only to look upon it as her temperature rose as well as the hairs on the back of her neck. After that she always took the long way home away from it. But now a summons laid in her hand as she now could no longer ignore her. Better to be face to face with your fear then be dragged out to meet it in the dead of night. People before hand ran, but they were always caught, always found. Sophie past through the tall black marble columns as her heals clicked on the polished copper floors. The soft glow of the candle lit chandeliers shined on the grey, white of skulls that adorned the frame work of the lower walls against the deep red wallpaper making the hallway seem strangely erotic. She knew it wasn't the room but the Aura in it. The Crimson Seductress walked these halls for years enough for her own life force to be enclosed within the very foundation. She walked up to a huge dark wood door guarded by two men dressed in shinny black metal holding the symbol of the tree on their belts and sliver spears. They stood silent as the doors opened to her making her feel more uneasy as she already was. Walking past them a whoosh of heat came over her. Not that it was hot in there but the reason why a small blush coming to her cheeks gave her shame. She was getting closer to that woman and she could feel it. In more ways than she'd EVER want to. Every door she came to was another hit after hit of this wave. By the time she came to the gold entrance where the guards had now changed to gold belts, spears and enriched in red fabric, her knees were about to buckle from underneath her. This time however the guards opened the door for her as she slowly walked inside. She stopped with a shudder as the doors closed behind her.

There, on her deep purple and red throne, sat the Sorceress. She sat up tall and elegant on the throne that looked sickeningly like a bed. More rounded at the feet to where the long pale white of her legs seem to lay on it like silk. Blood red high heels matched the fiery, wild curls on her head and the very small and very tight skirt that lay under a see-through black poncho. It opened in the collar and drifted over her plump breasts to her navel. Sophie's eyes were glassy as she stood before the witch, and felt horrid that such emotion could overtake her body. Even more so that if the black fur scarf that hid her bust was removed she might faint. The cool black abyss of the woman's eyes transfixed Sophie as she began to breath hard and the flush of red now on her cheeks. The lips of the witch smiled in her seductive little way as she lifted her delicate hand with red jewels encased with twisted gold bands hugged her fingers and motioned for her to come forward. Sophie hugged herself protectively but the touch of her own skin made her sway in pleasure making her knees finally give way, sinking to the cold floor. The flirtatious laughter sung like a bell from the woman's throat as she bent her legs in and crawled to the edge of the throne. She lay on her stomach as her breasts pressed against the cool sheets making Sophie look away before her body was overcome with the desire not her own. The Sorceress folded her fingers as she put on them her perfectly sculpted chin and her heels could be seen over her head as her smooth legs swayed back and forth.

"What a cute little thing you are...," she purred. The melodious sound of her voice made Sophie look back at her as if her will was not her own. "Absolutely delicious..." She swung her legs over the bed and stood. She walked to Sophie and walked behind her, "Get up..."

Within moments Sophie was to her feet. Her lips trembled as she could feel the heated breath of the witch on her neck as her eyes closed slowly. "Do you know why you are here little bird?" she still purred. Sophie swallowed as the heat in her continued to grow. She knew it was the witch's doing and she wanted so much to stop it, but her body was against the screams in her head.

"It...It's my turn." She answered hoarsely. " true..." as she pressed her breast on Sophie's back. She leaned in and caressed the small of her neck with her fingers and made the young girl shutter as she caught her from falling again. "So sensitive..."

Sophie's closed eyes made her feel more of the woman's hands on her then she wanted to as a gasp came from her lips when the witch delicately massaged the small of her right breast.

With a small bit of strength Sophie yanked away from her as she twisted around and landed at the foot of the throne heaving. The Sorceress looked down at the girl amused as she lifted her arms and walked over to her, grabbing Sophie's arms and lifting her to the throne. She lay on her back as the witch hung over her and laid stiff in fear. "A little fight..." the Sorceress breath in her ear as she nibbled on Sophie's tender lobe making her gasp and squirm. "Is the most attractive I think..."

She could feel the woman's fingers on her as she slowly undid the strings of her corset. Her fingers were not her own but under the spell of the sorceress. She felt the light kisses on her neck and the lightning touch of the ' fingers trailing from her collar bone down her torso and to the place now one hand ever gone as her back jerked upward. The feeling was so intense the pleas in her head faded as she gave way to the pleasures that was the Crimson Seductress.

Sophie awoke in her bed as beads of sweat moistened her wrinkled face. That dream. The day that she was chosen to join the children of the lost. She was the only one ever known to survive the night with that woman. The only time the first of the month was crisp and clean. She looked outside the widow as the yellow and green smog outside started to fade a little in the morning sun. 'Unlike the years after unfortunately..'she sighed to herself. She remembered she was sent home afterward. But the next night she was summonded again and had more will power to stop her. And then the next day the witch brought her to the palace again to make her into a seamstress. It was an odd request but Sophie knew that the reason for making her come to the palace so offten was to get Sophie under her will. That the Sorcress needed her for something more than just to fit her new dresses.

She lifted the cover when she realized what had happened last night as she jumped from her bed and grabbed the nearest thing to her. Her walking stick. She gripped it for dear life as she made her way to the door. Her shaky little hand on the door knob as she swung it open and walked out ready to fight, but the man was still there and looked as calm as ever standing next to the lit stove with a pan in his hand. "Bacon and eggs?" He smiled sweetly as Sophies jaw just dropped.

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