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6 months later

"To Bella!" everyone said raising their glasses in unison. We were out tonight celebrating today's opening of the shelter. After my attack, we pushed back the construction, but it was finally completed earlier this month. I look at my friends around me and can't help but smile. Everyone was here and we had all come so far.

Alice and Jasper are still together and going strong. As a matter of fact, they are planning a wedding for next spring. Or should I say Alice is. She is going crazy with cloth swatches and invitation samples but she is so happy and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Rose and Emmett actually surprised us all. They were supposed to be going to a weekend trip to the beach but came back married. They said they just decided on a whim and went with it. They couldn't be happier.

I am brought out of my thoughts my a sweet voice in my ear, "You ok?" He asks me. I turn my head to look at him and smile. Edward and I are doing perfectly. Yes we have our normal fights like any couple would but we get through them. I have learned a lot of things from going to therapy. My nightmares are now completely gone. I haven't had one in 3 months. Edward and I are living together now and have pretty much been doing so since my attack. Only now, he has actually moved all his things into my apartment.

"Yes, Baby. I am fine." I say, and lean in to give him a kiss on the cheek. He smiles that brilliant smile at me and I stand up, ready to make my speech that was insisted upon by everyone.

"I am so happy to have each and every one of you here with me tonight. You have all done so much individually to help me get to this place in my life. You have been my strength, my rocks, and my inspiration," I say, tears flowing freely down my face. "My sister would have been so lucky to have had a place like this but now, hopefully I can provide that for someone else's sister. I can help her memory live on through the work that we will all do, together." I raise my glass and everyone else follows "To Tanya."

I take my seat back down beside Edward and he gives me a chaste kiss on the lips before standing up himself. "I have something I would like to say."


I am so nervous that I can barely even speak but the words make their way from my mouth somehow "I have something I would like to say."

I grab Bella's hand and turn to her saying, "Bella since you have come into my life, I feel so alive. Before you, I was just existing. I can say now that I am truly living. You are wrong. You have been our strength and our inspiration." I look around at our friends and they are nodding their heads and there is not one dry eye in the house.

"I am so in love with you and I can't imagine my life without you in it." I reach my hand in my pocket and pull out the small black velvet box and get down on bended knee. "Isabella Marie Swan, would you do me the greatest pleasure and be my wife? Would you marry me Baby?" I place the ring on her finger and look up into her tear filled eyes.

"Yes! Baby, Yes!" She says and wraps her arms around me tightly. I hold her just as tightly to me and think about all we have been through . We have had our troubles, but together, we made it. And now together, we would Build a Destiny.


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