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The first chapter is kinda boring, more like a prologue, really. Not a whole lot from the real plot happens. Bear with it, 'cause more characters and interesting things are sure to come!

.oOo. Chapter One ~ The "Lucky" Raffle Ticket .oOo.

"Those blitzball tickets are as good as ours!" Riku said confidently, pulling out eighty munny.

Sora's eyes widened. "Where'd you get that much munny?" he asked, surprised. His wallet only contained a measly twenty munny. Now he really wished he hadn't blown it all… But oh, well, there was no turning back now. He was broke, but at least Riku had quite a bit of cash. Maybe they really could win those blitzball tickets!

Answering Sora's question, Riku said with a suggestive wink, "I have my ways. I'm good with the ladies."

Sora rolled his eyes. "Oh, you mean 'lady' as in that little brat, Selphie, who you always have to babysit? Yeah, you're reeeeal good with the ladies, Riku."

Riku displayed a mock pout and said, "Yeah, yeah. But I'm still better with chicks than you are, at least."

Sora snorted. He didn't care if Riku was "better with the chicks" than him. Girls were like an entirely different species, not worth the effort of dating. They cried over dumb stuff, wore the most uncomfortable outfits for the sake of "fashion", and always fought over stupid things. Seeing a girl without makeup was like having Microsoft Word without the little dancing paper clip. To sum it up, he couldn't understand them at all. Nor did he want to. He was content with his life the way it was, girl-free.

Sora was interrupted from his thoughts when a loud announcer blared into his microphone, "The booth is now open! Come and get your tickets! C'mon, you could win some fabulous prizes, folks!"

"That's our cue!" Riku said excitedly, waving his munny around. "We've just got to win those tickets!"

Sora agreed. They had to. They would have blown all their munny just to see the champion blitzball tournament. It was an amazing sport, one that—admittedly—Sora wasn't very good at, but was very entertaining to watch. Plus, his favorite team, the Abes, had made it to the final round. He wanted to win those tickets so badly!

He imagined himself sitting in the audience amongst the huge crowd, cheering next to Riku so loudly his voice became hoarse. He visualized meeting the star player, Tidus, and getting an autographed blitzball. Wow, how great that'd be…

Sora was abruptly pulled out of his pleasant daydream when Riku tugged his jacket, urging him, "Come on, we've gotta get there first!" There were quite a few people lining up. The contest was being held at a popular local store, so the news of the ticket raffle had spread fast. So much competition…could they really win those game tickets? Maybe if they didn't, they could bribe whoever did with cash…Sora would even submit to being a servant for the chance to see that blitzball game. After all, the tickets for it were all sold out, and it was the most looked forward to game of the season.

He hastily scrambled in line behind Riku. While he had been lost in his daydream, quite a few people had shown up. They weren't in front in the line, but they weren't too far from the contest booth either, at least.

"Gather 'round, folks! Third prize is a laptop, second prize is a pair of blitzball tickets to the championship game, and first prize is a free pass to be entered on a new reality show—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, here! Only thirty munny per raffle ticket!"

Sora listened to the announcer drone on and on about the "fabulous deal." His excitement was reaching its peak. And then, finally…at last!...they reached the head of the line.

"Three tickets, please," Riku said, grinning hopefully.

The announcer nodded and happily accepted the munny, exchanging it with small, red raffle tickets. Sora was now entirely broke, but oddly enough, he didn't mind at all. His munny had gone to a worthy cause; and besides, Riku had spent more.

Sora and Riku ogled the tickets as if they were sacred. "The numbers are 345, 297, and 511. One of them is bound to be a winner!" Riku said eagerly.

"Yeah," Sora agreed. "Definitely!"

After thirty minutes of impatient anticipation, the line finally dwindled down to nothing. The announcer waited a few minutes and then prepared to dish out the prizes. Sora and Riku had been browsing around the store to ease their impatience, and Riku had purchased a small candy bar. He bit off a corner of it absentmindedly, his full attention now on the announcer.

"We will say third prize first…" The announcer dug his hand into a large jar of numbered tickets as he spoke. Sora had an impulsive worry that they might win the stupid third prize instead. Or worse…nothing at all. He choked down his disappointment, shrugging off the possibility. His willpower was too strong. They were going to win those tickets! Luck would pull through for them!

"The number is 439. 439, folks! Anyone? Anyone?"

A thrilled voice of a woman shouted out, "Me! Me! I have the matching ticket! I won the laptop! Oh, my god…I actually won the laptop!" There was cheering and some disappointed faces in the crowd as the woman walked up to the booth to giddily receive her prize.

Now was the moment for the second prize to be announced. Sora crossed his fingers. He wanted to win those tickets so badly! The announcer reached his hand into the giant jar…snatched a red ticket into his grasp…and then announced…

"124! The lucky winner, 124! I hope you like blitzball, because you just won the last available tickets to see the game live right in front of your very eyes! 124!"

Sora was immediately crestfallen. A young boy, smiling broadly, ran up to the booth (nearly tripping in his excitement) and seized the tickets, waving them wildly in the air. That was supposed to be Sora and Riku up there…but no…all that time and munny had been a waste… Sora turned away and headed for the door. He'd had enough of this dumb contest. Absolutely enough of it. How had he hoped to win it anyway? The odds had been completely against them the entire time. Well, he just threw twenty munny out the window for nothing. Never again would he try something stupid like that again…

He was still sulking towards the door, wishing he'd never gotten his hopes up in the first place, when Riku spat up chunks of his candy bar. Caught by surprise, Sora whirled around and asked him, "What happened? Is something wrong?"

Riku's face was filled with astonishment. He kept looking down at the red tickets in his hand, and back up at the announcer. Sora, getting annoyed now, reiterated, "Hey, is something wrong? Helllllo, earth to Riku?"

Finally, Riku managed weakly, "I think we won."


Riku pointed at the ticket labeled 345. Sora stared at it, then realized suddenly that the announcer was still talking. "Does anyone have ticket 345? Anyone out there? 345, everybody! The grand prize winner!"

Sora did a double take at the ticket. His jaw dropped. They had won the first prize when the second prize had been so far out of their grasp?! What was the grand prize, anyway? He couldn't even remember it….

"Two slots on a new reality show! C'mon, a worthy prize, folks! Who's got raffle ticket 345?"

A reality show? Sora rolled his eyes. Those had gone out of style ages ago. Maybe he and Riku should just slip outside now, while they still had the chance…

A woman standing next to Riku looked into his hand, saw his ticket number, and shouted, "Hey! These two guys have it!"

Sora sighed. The announcer pushed through the crowd of people to approach them, grinning ear to ear. "Congrats, boys, you're in for a real treat! I was told that if two boys won the grand prize, they'd get to be on one veeeery exciting reality show!"

Like what? Sora thought to himself. Fear Factor: More Stupid Than Ever? Or perhaps another season of American Idol, now with an even more annoying theme song? He was not too happy with this development.

"Can't we just, like, trade in for the second place prize?" he grumbled.

The announcer laughed. "Trust me, boys. You won't want to when you find out what the reality show is all about. I just hope you're both single."

Huh? What the hell was that supposed to mean?

"Um…single?" Riku asked, puzzled.

"Yep," the announcer said gleefully. "You two will be contestants on Get a Girlfriend, the latest reality show featuring four teens—you two included—competing to win one girl's heart! Sounds great, eh, boys?"

Sora's eyebrow twitched in disbelief and horror. He didn't even look over to see Riku's reaction, expecting that it was probably similar. Get a Girlfriend?! That was the last place on Destiny Islands he ever wanted to set foot! Without hesitation, he grabbed the "lucky" winning ticket from Riku's hand and ripped it in half.

The announcer simply laughed and said, "Oh, c'mon, don't be shy, boys. The girl you'll be competing for is pretty good-looking, and you'll be on national television. How many times do you get an opportunity as great as this?"

"Hm, you could be right," Riku said, considering. "Sounds like it could be fun."

Sora resisted ringing his best friend's neck. "Have you gone freaking mental?!" he said, exasperated.

Riku shrugged. "Seriously, it can't be all that bad, right? At least we didn't come out of all this with nothing. 'Sides, if you hate it so bad, just get yourself kicked off the show really fast so you won't have to deal with it. Personally, I think that it could be kinda cool."

Cool? Yeah, as compared with Jafar in a bikini, maybe. (A/N: Sorry, I didn't mean to induce any mental scarring with that comparison… ^_^; )

Sora clenched his fists, agitated. One thing was for certain: no matter who the girl was, he was getting himself kicked off that show as fast as possible. There was no freakin' way he was getting some dumb girlfriend.

Or so he thought.

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