To finding the right gift

The third Hokage was out shopping. He was looking for the perfect gift. As with most things he did, he had put a lot of thought into the gift. Having long ago outgrown the tendency to jump into something without thinking.

The gift was for one of his grandchildren, though technically Naruto really wasn't one of his grandsons but the third thought of him that way, so what did it really matter.

After having put a lot of thought into the gift, about 8 years worth of thought, the wise Hokage came up with several conditions, the gift had to meet.

·It had to be cheap.

·Had to be durable.

·It had to be easily fixed.

·The gift had to be something Naruto would find useful.

You may wonder why something Naruto would like isn't on the list, for a normal child the Hokage on the top of the list. Sadly Naruto was anything but a normal child. In fact, as far as the Hokage knew it would be Naruto's first gift, that wasn't food or clothes. It angered the old ninja just thinking about it. Even when he would get Naruto some nice clothes under the damnable council's nose, the villagers would attack Naruto. Worse was that the attacks happened under the nose of the few ninja who would stop them. Sarutobi didn't even want to think about what would happen to the child if he managed to get a toy.

Noticing the reaction of the people on the street to the killer intent he unconsciously let out, brought on by his own thoughts, the Hokage got himself under control and back to his task.

There he spotted it, right in front of him the perfect gift for Naruto. At a stand that sold mostly impulse items, there was a pair of goggles. Thinking about how Naruto could use them with setting up pranks that the child would very cleverly come up with. The young Uzumaki managed to pull some of them off on a few of the villages Jounin and Chuunin. They meet condition 4 perfectly. Walking over to the stand Sarutobi picked them up. Yes, they were easily fixed and seemed durable he popped out one the lens multiple times only to put it back easily. The straps were also cheap most likely made from scraps of cloth made for ninja. The overall design was simple and the lenses were also made from a clear plastic. Thinking on it, he could put a jutsu on them to help protect them only to help the goggles to meet conditions 2 and 3.

It looked cheap and looking at the price they definitely fit condition 1. He figured that Naruto could buy them himself if the person running the stand would sell to him, unlikely in Sandaime's (third's) opinion. Though no one would question if Naruto could have bought them himself.

Going up to the man running the stand Sarutobi managed to not only buy the goggles but several replacement lenses and straps. Smiling to himself the Hokage couldn't help but be happy at the thought of Naruto running around with the goggles after using them on a prank. Maybe he could find some of his old prank scrolls to go with them. If he could he was sure that Naruto would find a multitude of very interesting ways to put them to use.

With his own personal mission accomplished the Hokage made his way back to his office to get his paperwork done so he could find his old scrolls and give Naruto his gifts.

The next week when Naruto was dragged to the Hokage's office after a prank he pulled on a Jounin, the Sandaime (third) couldn't help but let the grandfather in him out. After all, Naruto was wearing his new goggles. He then did the only thing he could, had Naruto tell him about his use of the scrolls he had given him.

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