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Chapter 2- You're Kidding Right?

The door chimes made a chiming sound every 5 minutes as people entered and left the shop. The café was filled with a variety of people, from business men to highschool students. Busy waitresses moved around taking orders and carrying plates of food. Food which had been made in the kitchens: kitchens which were currently occupied by a lone man who used to go by the pseudonym Zero.

He was lost in thought as he automatically flipped an omelet and started making ravioli.

'How did I get myself into this mess?'


The pain emanating from his head was unbelievable. It almost made him want to close his eyes and sleep the whole day. Almost. But he had places to be and things to do so he couldn't just lounge around.

Opening his eyes, he was awarded with a flood of bright light. After letting his eyes adjust, he looked around to see that he was alone in an unfamiliar room. He couldn't remember anything after that bastard had hit him with a bat. Reaching up his hand to his head in an effort to consolidate the pain, he noticed that he was no longer wearing his hood, revealing a head of pure white hair. His forehead had clean bandages wrapped around it; after a momentary pause, shock coursed through his body. His scenario was not good at all; he was currently in an unfamiliar location and whoever had taken care of his injuries had definitely seen what he looked like.

He got up as fast as he could and raced to the door. Putting his hood back on, he opened the door and found an empty corridor. The corridor had 10 doors, 5 on each side and a staircase down the hall to the left. The room he had previously inhabited had been at the end of the corridor. Normally, no one would find anything suspicious about a corridor. However, Zero had learned long ago that corridors were the easiest place to place traps. His cloaked eyes scanned the corridor for any signs of malice. Finding none, he warily advanced.

As he reached the 2nd door away from the stairs, he heard someone coming upstairs. Unaware of the door behind him, which was now opened, he backed up into it causing it to swing back into the face of the person currently exiting the room. The person screamed in surprise and pain. Turning around to face the threat, he saw a female holding her nose in pain. She had long brown hair put up in a bun and brown eyes. At the sound of the scream, the people coming up the stairs sped up their pace. Looking for a way out of this mess he quickly turned around to come face to face with another woman. This one looked older and motherly; she had a long braid coming down the front side of her body rather than the customary back. The woman looked nice enough.

"Now, what were you doing up? Sick people should stay in bed." Though her voice was very calm while she said this, Zero could not help but feel a threatening vibe from her. Whoever this lady was, she was not one to be messed with.

Deciding to get out of this house occupied by such a potentially dangerous person, he spoke up.

"I appreciate you taking care of me while I was injured, but I really must get going since I have somewhere else to be." By that time, there was already a small crowd formed around the two of them, eager to see what was happening.

"Leave? Before you do, I must remind you that you are very injured. I recommend that you stay here for a few more days to recover. And before you object, you should know that I used to be a doctor in the past before I retired, so you will be in good hands."

"I am grateful for the care you've given me, but I really must be…"

Before he could finish his sentence, a short woman with two small braids going down the sides of her face barged in between the two speakers.

"Hey you! I don't know who you are, but show some respect! Unohana-san helped you get better even though you wrecked her shop!"

"I said I appreciat…."

"That's not enough! You can't just leave without even recompensing for the damage."

Really, what is up with this girl? Zero had had enough. All he wanted was to leave peacefully, but now these two women were determined to keep him here, albeit for two different reasons

"Soi fon-san…"

This time a rather… well endowed strawberry blond stepped in.

"Now, we should be nice to him. He's injured and hey, you never know, one day he might show up at the shop and you might have to serve him."

Hitsugaya found himself admiring this woman. She was attractive, there was no doubt. He had no idea what kind of "service" she was referring to, but he was sure that she was probably quite popular among the men. Now that he looked around, he found that most of the women gathered around him had distinct differences about them. These differences made them all attractive in their own ways, just like the old saying, 'to each his own.'

His thoughts were interrupted by Unohana- san. "Could you tell me your name?"


"I meant your real name."

"… What?"

"It would be nice to address you by your name, rather than just calling you 'zero' 'you' or 'the boy' all the time, don't you think so?"

Usually when someone called him boy, it annoyed him to no avail. However, when this woman said it, he didn't get annoyed. This woman had such a mothering and nurturing aura that he felt it was normal for her to treat him like this. It can't hurt. She doesn't seem like the dangerous person I thought she was.

"My name is Toushirou Hitsugaya. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too Hitsugaya-kun. As I said before, I am Retsu Unohana. You met some of them the night before, the brunette you just knocked over is Hinamori Momo, and the one in front of you is Rangiku Matsumoto."

"So, as I said before, I will be leaving now…"

"Not too fast Hitsugaya-kun. While soifon san said it quite… exuberantly, I must agree with her that the damages you have caused to my shop were quite costly."

Warily he asked, "... How much damage exactly?"

Before he knew it, another woman stepped out of the crowd. This one wore glasses and had long black hair up in a ponytail.

"You currently have a debt of $857,000. Just made it up.)"

Hitsugaya knew that he didn't have that kind of money on him right now.


"Don't worry Hitsugaya-kun. You can work off your debt."

"Wait, I don't have the time…"

This time the Matsumoto lady interrupted him.

"Now, now, no complaints. She's being quite generous, and besides, you'll be surrounded by beautiful women! Now since the introductions are over with and you've seen all of our faces, I think it's time we saw yours!"

And with that his hood had been ripped down.

Flashback end

And here he was, working his debt off in the kitchens of Café de Dulcet. Just as he finished his thoughts, he flipped the last omelet and called out to a server. As he got started on making French toast and bacon, Matsumoto came in. Even though he had just met the woman a day ago, he found that this woman found amusement in annoying him. As she grabbed the plate, she said, "Great job Shiro. They love your omelets. " All the while ruffling his white hair.