In a dark warehouse, a moan could barely be heard to ring off the quiet, empty walls. On the floor laid a girl of barely eighteen, blood covering her white blouse. Her eyes were open but stared into nothingness. Around her in a circle were symbols drawn in her own blood and just outside that circle was a circle of men in black robes. From the circle a man stepped into the inner circle, his eyes glowed red in the flickering candle flames. "Start the chant," he said as he pulled a ceremonial dagger from his robe. The men around him began to chant quietly in latin as he knelt beside the girl. In a daze, she moved her eyes to his. Whimpering, she begged, "Please... don't... kill... me..." The last syllable ended in a gurgle as the knife was plunged into her chest. In a circular motion the man cut the heart from the girl as the light dulled in her eyes. As he pulled the beating heart from her chest, he chuckled, " Witch." The heart was still faintly beating as he bit a chunk from it. His eyes glowed as he continued to devour the witch's heart.

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