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Patience finished pulling her shirt over her head as she went to open the door. She wasn't exactly sure what she was feeling when she opened the door to find Dean standing behind it. Her stomach did a little flip and she chastised (?) herself. What was she thinking? Stupid, stupid... she thought, ignore the fact that he is devastatingly hot and get do your job. Dean straightened as the door opened and grinned. Again her stomach flipped and she had to fight the feeling to kick herself. Guys were nice, but they just didn't fit into her life. Well, except for Andrew, but that was purely friendship even if he didn't have Piper.

Dean had told Sammy he was going to the bathroom. For some reason he didn't want Sammy to know that he was coming to talk to Patience. There was something different about this girl, he didn't quite know what it was, but he sure wanted to find out. He wanted to know why his dad had worked with her, what made her so special that she could fight the dangerous demons, but he couldn't. He also wanted to know what she knew about his dad, how had he been when he was with her? It wasn't just that though, there was something about her that drew him in. Dean wanted to be able to spend as much time with her as he could before they moved on to the next case.

"Hey," Dean said casually. "Do you mind if I come in?"

"Depends on what you want," She answered trying to be cool. Remembering that she was wearing a short pair of boxers and a very revealing t-shirt, Patience felt naked. A flush rushed to her cheeks and she had the urge to slam the door in his face and get beneath the covers of her bed. What the hell was wrong with her? He was one very cocky man and she hated cocky men. They always turned out to be the biggest jerks. She should know, she tried dating two of them and both relationships turned out horrible. Besides, she probably wasn't even his type so why even bother pining after him.

"I just wanted to talk," His grin became cocky. "Unless you want more." He chuckled.

"Well, then I guess we don't have to worry, because I want nothing from you," Patience spoke more harshly than she had meant to and for a second she thought she saw hurt flash on his face. If she had, however, it was no longer on his face. "Come in." Patience turned and walked to her bed where she sat on the edge of it.

"I just wanted to talk to you about Dad, if that's okay?" Dean asked.

"Sure what do you want to know?" Patience blocked any emotion from her face. She never showed emotions unless it was to Andrew, he was the only person who never left her. Patience had always felt that showing emotions was a waste of time because it never did her any good. She had cried the whole time her father was leaving and he never looked back. When John had died, she cried and he never came back either. All it did was waste her time that she could be saving people's lives, so now she used the emotions to fight the demons and ghost.

"When did you meet him?" Dean asked, searching her face. He moved from the doorway as he shut it and sat down beside her.

"Um... after my Dad left I started searching for answers. I wanted to know what I was and why I had these powers. I ran across your Dad once when he was working a case in Grand Rapids. It was right after I developed my power to freeze time. This boy was walking across the road and a truck was speeding towards him. I threw up my hands and everything froze, so I ran over and pushed him out of the way just as time started up again. John noticed that I was either really fast or had froze time, so he followed me through an alley. At first he held a gun up and threatened to shoot me, said he just wanted to know what I was," Patience looked down at the bedsheets. "I told him that I honestly didn't know. That one day I just started developing these powers, that I was scared because I really didn't know how to use them. I also told him that I was looking for the answers myself. That's when your Dad offered to help me. Said that he would get me the answers if I would just come with him for a little while."

Patience looked back up and saw Dean looking at her, he asked, "What happened then?"

"I went with him. You would think that I wouldn't trust a man that was holding a gun to my head, but I did. He had this look about him, like if he gave you his word that he would follow through. I needed a friend so I went along with it. We went on our way to a job that he had found and I helped him. I actually saved his life. He was about to be stabbed by a demon with really long fingernails or whatever they were and I froze time. I took his weapon he had and cut off the head. When time unfroze the demon was writhing and your Dad was confused as to what had happened. When I filled him in he told me the truth about why he wanted to take me with him. He just wanted to make sure that I was good, otherwise he was going to kill me. After that he made a few phone calls and found a friend that knew something about the whole charmed one prophesy. Turns out that I'm the charmed one," Patience got up and moved towards the window and stared up at the stars.

Dean walked up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder, "You okay?"

Patience was trying hard to keep her emotions in, but she had never talked about John since he died. Andrew had tried to get her to open up, but she wouldn't. Now there were tears swimming in her eyes and she couldn't stop the tear that slipped out of the corner of her eye. Finally, it was like a dam exploded, Patience turned around to face Dean as tears flowed down her face. "No, I'm not okay. I don't understand why he could use me on all the dangerous cases but he couldn't use me to help him kill the demon that killed your mother! He was like my father and he just went and got himself killed! And why, if he spent all that time with me did he not tell you and Sam about me huh?" Patience got herself under control and whispered, "Get out, please just get out of my room."

Dean watched Patience turn back towards the window as she wiped away the tears. "It's my fault you know," Dean's voice was barely higher than a whisper. "I was about to die and he sold his soul to the very demon we were trying to kill to save me. I wish he would have just let me die. He was a better man than me anyways."

Patience turned back toward him, "I can understand why he gave his life for you. You're his son and he loved you. I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to say that he should have let you die. I just miss him and I know that if he had just asked me to help, I could have saved him. But no, your Dad just happened to be one of those stubborn people that do what they want and don't give a damn who it hurts."

"He was that, definitely. Something I got from him. Do you know that he always told me to take care of Sammy? Well, I'm not doing a very good job, in fact I'm screwing everything up. I let Sammy die and then I couldn't handle the fact that I was alone in the world, so I then wasted this supposed gift of my life that my father gave his life up to give me and sold my soul to a demon. Now instead of me being the one that has to walk this earth alone, Sammy has to. He's mad because he says I'm being selfish, and maybe I am, because I won't let him find a way out of it. But you know he's stronger than me. I know that he can do this. What I'm trying to ask is that when I'm gone, do you think that maybe you could take care of Sammy for me? Maybe drop in on him every few weeks and make sure his case he's working on isn't too dangerous? I know that might be too much to ask..."

"No, I could do that. It's not too much to ask, I know your father would like me to make sure you boys are okay," Patience said.

Dean chuckled, "Yeah, well I'm afraid it's too late for me."

"I'll try to find a way around your contract."

"No, don't. If you do, Sam drops dead immediately. I can't deal with that, so just leave it alone, okay?"

Patience drew in a breath, "Okay, I will."

As Dean stepped closer to her, Patience heart beat faster. Dean's head dropped and his mouth covered her's. For a few seconds Patience tried to resist, but she soon gave up. Her arms swung around his neck as his wound around her waist. Their kiss deepened and neither one had the will to pull away.

Dean wasn't exactly sure why he had kissed Patience, but it was a very good idea. Her lips were moist and she kissed like no other woman he had ever kissed. Each second felt like heaven and he never wanted to come back down to earth. He'd never felt like this before and it confused him. Entirely too soon Patience pulled away. "I think that you should leave, now."


"Please just go," Patience moved to the door and opened it, beckoning for him to leave.

Dean went to the doorway and turned back towards her, "I'm not sorry about that kiss." With that he turned and left for his and Sammy's room.

Patience had barely crawled into bed when there was another knock on her door. She was half tempted to ignore it especially if it was Dean again. After that kiss, she wasn't sure she could resist again. She was still kicking herself for letting him kiss her like that. It was so much easier to ignore her feelings for him if she didn't have the memory of his taste on her mouth.

Throwing the blankets off, Patience went to the door and opened just a crack to peak out. Sam stared back at her a hopeful expression on his face. She prayed that he didn't want the same thing that Dean had wanted for her. She wasn't sure how much more of the Winchester boys she could handle.

Opening the door the rest of the way, Patience said, "Hey Sam, come on in."

"Thanks," Sam said coming in and closing the door behind him. Sam stood ackwardly in front of the door and stared at the carpet.

"Is there something I can help you with?" Patience smiled at him.

"I wanted to ask you a question. As the charmed one, you're pretty powerful right? I read about you in Dad's journal," Sam said, finally looking at her.

"Yeah, I guess so. Why?"

"Well, Dean made this deal with a crossroads demon. He gave up his life for mine and he only has about 3 months to live. I want to find a way to save him, but he won't let me because then I die if he tries to worm his way out of the deal," Sam said.

"Yeah, I know. He told me, but he asked me not to help him, Sam."

"Please, I have no one else. I can't lose Dean. He's the only family I have left. He doesn't have to know that you're helping. Please, I don't know what else to do, I've killed the demon who made the deal, I've spent months researching. Do you have any idea how to save him?"

Patience sighed, usually when someone asked her not to help she listened, but she didn't want Dean to die either. "I'll try. I really will try. I'm sure that I can find something. I'll keep you updated, I promise."

"Thank you. Well, I'll let you get some sleep. See you tomorrow," Sam said as he left the room.

Now more confused than anything, Patience crawled back into bed. Now not only did she have to keep herself away from Dean and this crazy connection between them, but she also had to find a way to save him. She was positive that she wasn't going to get much sleep tonight with the kiss of one brother and the request of the other.

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