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sooo ya Ian's point of view on the flight to "Lake Tash"

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Ian Kabra had a headache.

Not because of another coach flight, not because he knew they were headed in the wrong direction- because of the silence.

Silence from the seat beside him- his sister, Natalie Kabra.

It was a 2 second hesitation.

He didn't think anyone would notice.

But he didn't account for Natalie.

He didn't account for actually finding something to like about Amy.

He was the one who had come up with the plan- make "friends" with the Cahills, let them do the dirty work- they would lead them right to the next clue.

It had been the perfect plan- but it had needed to be better researched.

For example, how would he have known about how interesting Amy was? How would he have ever guessed that she wasn't just some stuttering idiot?

When they had left them for dead in that cave, the 2 Cahills (and one Oh) weren't aware that Ian could hear them. He had told Natalie to go wait in the car they had waiting, he needed to take care of something. He heard Alistair speaking to Amy, saying that he was sorry, he would have stopped anything from happening if he had only known that she was falling for him

Falling for him?

The one word was the reason why Ian wasn't trying to redeem himself to his sister wasn't paying attention to her. He hadn't fallen for her, but then again he didn't have anything to compare to. He didn't think he had fallen.

The kiss wasn't part of the plan.

But it was meaningless, he tried to tell himself; wasn't even a kiss at all really, just a quick brushing of lips… nothing serous… it meant nothing to him.

It was his first.

He knew that girls at home would have been more that willing, but none of them had the same… appeal. None of them were as…. Lovely.

He smiled in spite of himself at the memory

There was one thing he knew, one thing that wasn't stuffing his head, taking over- Lake Tash did not exist- at least, not where they were going- Ian wasn't sure why he didn't tell Natalie this, why they were on a plane leading to nowhere of importance.

He didn't understand why even though he knew that, he still left them. He told himself it was to get rid of the competition, but he knew that it was really to protect her. He saw the look in Natalie's eyes; cold, untrusting. Like it or not, Natalie depended on him- if he said that Lake Tash was where the next clue was, then off they went. If she knew that they were lying, they would be in even more danger than they already are.

He sighed, rested his head against the window; he wasn't tired, didn't feel like sleeping- but it would be an escape all the same.

And then a Tiny voice from beside him, unlike anything that had ever come out of Natalie Kabra's mouth before.

"Amy Cahill?"

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