Hey, decided to try my hand at one of these fanfics. Not sure if this is a one-shot, or I might make it a larger story. Who knows? It wasdefiantely fun to write though.

This story is dedicated to my brother, who I based the character Will off of. Some of you might know him as Dalek_Who on here. In any event, he's always been my right-hand man, my wingmate, my teammate and the guy I could always count to watch my back. I love you bro. You're one of a kind, and I wouldn't trade you for the world. (Well, maybe the world. But comeon. its the world. How could I not take that deal? XD)

Love you, man.

A New Dawn

"What is the data results?"

"The ions are holding. Amino acids and proteins are beginning to mix."

"Are you serious Doctor?"

"Yes, I-Oh my lord! Look at that!"

"Is t-that what I think it is?"

"I can't believe it! Its not possible!"

"Look at how fast its growing. This is unreal!"

"Congratulations gentlemen. Though it was a mistake, we have created life out of nothing but the simplest matter. A brand new species, if not hundreds if this new research proves to be correct. We have just turned a child's fantasy... into reality..."

"Will you put that stupid game down!" Chris shouted to his brother. Will looked up from his Nintendo DS just in time to avoid hitting a car with his bike. Chris dragged his hand down his face, and slowed up on his peddling so he was riding alongside his brother.

"How are you even riding touching the handle bars?" Chris asked.

"Shut it. I've almost beat the Elite Four!" Will said, somehow avoiding another car without looking up. Chris shook his head at his younger brother. It was hard to believe they were even related.

"Would it kill you to put it on pause so you don't crash?"

"Yes..." Will said, before swearing as he was beaten. Chris just shook his head as they rode down the streets of their town. He couldn't be too upset. Will was just enjoying a basic part of every 21st century childhood. Pokemon. Somehow, after all those years, kids were still just as addicted to it as when Chris was a kid. Almost every child had at one point or another joined the pokemon craze.

Chris remembered his days. He used to be an avid card collector, though he didn't trully care for the newer games all that much. Will on the other hand...

Lets just say, even though the games all played pretty much the same way, Will set out to be the pokemon master. For each of them. Caught every single pokemon, in every single game, and went to every single special event, to get every special limited edition rare legendary pokemon. Multiple times.

And today was no exception.

"What level does Articuno learn Blizzard?" Chris teased him, and they put his bike into the garage.

"71. And before you ask, it learns Ice Beam at 43." Will said, dumping his bike next to Chris's.

"Damn, I thought I got you that time." Chris said, sticking his tongue out. He ruffled up his younger brother blonde curly hair as they walked inside. They both considered themselves experts on pokemon, although Chris had turned 16 earlier that year, and had long since left his pokemon days behind.

And that was why Will was so bent on bettering his older brother. The fact that Chris was four years older than him didn't phase Will, so much as the fact that he knew that Chris was a real pokemon master. Chris was the older generation, part of the elites as far as the game went. He had been there, and done that, beating, no, mastering his game when Will was still learning how to walk. Will felt that Chris was the pinnacle of expertise on the game, like he had every strategy and every answer. And that's why Will felt so strongly about their rivalry. To Chris, it was just a game now. But to Will, it a contest.

Chris checked his wavy brown hair in the mirror, wincing. Yup, he had helmet hair again. He watched as Will curled up on the couch, game still in his hands.

"You are impossible..." Chris sighed, shaking his head as he plopped down next to his brother. He reached for the remote, and turned on the tv to see a news Bulletin on the screen.

"In stunning turn of events, scientists in Japan state that they have created a new breed of species unlike anything we have ever seen before. We are tuning in to our correspondent in Tokyo now." The news reported said, before the screen flipped over to a female reported at a conference. "Joanne, you are not going to believe this. This is remarkable, absolutely stunning. The Yakuzu Corporation is claiming that their scientists have created the first even breed of Pokemon."

Will looked up from his game, but Chris scoffed. "Now way. It has to be a hoax." he said, shaking his head and was about to turn to another channel, but something caught his eye. In a cage on a table was a creature with short, yellow fur with brown stripes on the back, black-tipped ears, along with an unusually shaped tail, resembling a lightning bolt.

"No way..." Chris said, his jaw dropping. The thing was real. he could see it breathing and shocking the cage repeatedly trying to free itself. Will's eyes was the size of dinner plates, his game forgotten on the couch.

"Scientists from all over the country are flocking to the companies head quarters in Tokyo to examine the new species. We had an earlier interview with Prof. Miyazaki, who had this to say." the reporter said, before flipping over to an asian scientist, speaking into a microphone.

"When we began our research, we were experimenting with creating life from nothing. Proteins, amino acids, chromosomes. These are all building blocks of life, yet they cannot be turned into cells in a lab. We sought to change this, never knowing that our work would succeed, let alone become this." the man sad, before the screened turned back to the reporter.

"The Yakuzu Company claims to have first created these 'Pokemon' over six years ago. Since

their creation, the Company has produced and created almost every kind of Pokemon, and plans, as an act of good faith, to release many into the wild. This has raised the mixed emotions of many animal activists and countries around the world. Since these are a new species, many are unsure of what these actions may bring. In the mean time, demand for these pokemon around the world have sky rocketed, and what was a children's game, is swiftly becoming reality. Yakuzu is also announced that is giving away pokemon at specialized centers to people to make room for more." the reported said, slightly stunned as a list of cities and places ran off at the bottom of the screen. Will practically jump out of the chair, grinning like he'd never stop.

"That our town! They'll be giving away some at our town! Today!" he said, pointing as the name of their town rolled across the bottom of the screen. Chris nodded numbly. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe any of it.

"Mom, Dad, can I get a pokemon?" Will asked excitedly at dinner. Chris dropped his fork and sighed.

"Excuse me?" their Dad asked, with a small smile. He thought Will was asking for another game, or more cards, or a stuffed animal.

'Daddy, what's a pokemon?" Michele, their six year old sister asked.

"Can. I. Get. A. Pokemon?" Will asked, hopefully.

"Absolutely not!" Chris said, standing up. He slammed his fist down at the table. "Get it in your dang head! They created things we've never seen before. Sure, in the shows it was all fun and games when someone got scorched by a pokemon's Flamethrower, but this is real life! You can get burned, electrocuted, frozen solid. A Beedrill's poison WILL kill you." Chris fumed at his younger brother.

"Am I missing something?" their mom asked. Chris sighed, and slumped back into his chair.

"You're gonna think I'm crazy, or I'm lying. But this isn't a joke. Some nut jobs in Japan actually created pokemon. You know, those creatures I use to be a fanatic about when I was younger, and the games Will plays now? Well, they're reality, and now Will wants on." Chris said, rather annoyed.

"Honey, your brother is right, its not a good idea to get wrapped up in this..." their mother said. Tears threatened to come to Will's eyes.

"You're wrong! All of you! You never let me have any fun!" he shouted, running away from the table. He ran up the stairs, slamming the door to his room shut. He cried into his pillow, hugging it tightly. His brother WOULD ruin everything for him. He'd remember to feed the pokemon! How could he possibly forget or not want too? It wasn't some dog or cat, it was the coolest thing ever. It was all unfair... so unfair...

Chris sat up in his bed, yawning tiredly. He hated when nature called in the middle of the night. He tried to fix his hair again as he walked down the hallway to the bathroom. Ugh, bed head.

He paused as he felt a slight breeze throughout the hallway, and retraced his steps to Will's room. He must've left the window open or something.

Chris paused as he saw Will's bed made up, looking like it hadn't even been slept in. The window was wide open, the curtains blowing from the breeze that blew through them. Chris saw that his brother's shoes and backpack was missing. A lone sheet of paper lay on his brother's bed. Chris sighed and sat down, picking up the letter, his eyes scanning over it.

Dear Mom, Dad, and Chris

I'm sorry things had to be this way. I really, really am sorry. And I know you guys will be sad, but don't worry. I'll be back someday. But I want to make you proud of me. I need to make a name for myself, and show you that I am capable of great things. I love you guys.

Chris, I've always have lived in your shadow. You're the oldest and the better of the two of us, but I want to show you that I'm not useless or worthless. I'm not the screen-boy you keep calling me, and you keep saying that I'll get hurt or die because of this, but you're wrong! I can take care myself!

But your still my big brother, and I hope you still love me.

I love you


Chris laid the paper back down onto his bed, the cool breeze blowing against his back.

Will stood in line nervously behind several people, and kept shifting the backpack on his back. He wore a polyester jacket zipped up to his neck, and blue jeans with running sneakers. He was surprised that even this late at night people were trying to get pokemon. His hands grew sweaty as he neared the front of the line. This was it. He could do this. He was going to get an actual pokemon. He was at the front of the line now.

"O-one pokemon please..." Will said, nervously. He had seen that they were all given out at random, but that didn't matter. As long as he got one, thats all he cared about. The man across the counter adjusted his glasses.

"Sorry kid, but for minors to get one of these things, they need to get a parent's or guardian's permission. Come back later with them." the man said, looking back down at his paper work.

Will felt like he had been hit across the face. He couldn't believe it. To come so far, only to be stopped here. He felt his blood run cold, and his throat tighten.

"He has my permission..." a voice from behind Will said. Chris placed a hand on his brother's shoulder. "I'm his older brother." Chris explained to the man behind the counter. Will saw that his brother wore a black shirt and blue-jeans and a blue-jean jacket over his shirt. A backpack was slung over his shoulder, and Will could see the hilt of his brother's favorite wooden kendo sword poking out over his shoulder.

"Fair enough for me..." the man said, reaching under the counter. He pulled out something that both Will and Chris thought they'd never see in real life. A round, metallic object the size of a baseball, half red, half white with a button in the center. A pokeball. Holding an actual pokemon. The man placed it in Will's hands, who held it to his chest like he'd never let it go.

"We also have these pokedexes, here, for a limited time." the man said, pulling out a red, flat object. Chris took it from him and pocketed it into his jacket.

"That's for me..." Chris said, with a smirk at Will's dropped jaw. "One pokemon for me too..." Chris said. He pocketed the ball that was given to him, and pulled his brother out of the line, heading for the door.

"Why are you here?" Will asked as they left the building. He wasn't sure how to react. He kept feeling the pokeball in his pocket, like it would vanish at any second.

"Please, like I would let my own brother go wandering off by himself? What kind of a heartless older brother do you think I am?" Chris asked with a grin, grabbing his brother in a headlock and giving him a nuggie. "Besides, somebody has to keep you from getting into trouble. Or dying." he said, releasing Will.

"But what about Mom and Dad? And those colleges you were looking at?" Will asked uncertainly. Chris sighed, rubbing the back of his head.

"Don't worry, I left them a note saying that we love them, and we'll keep in touch, and we'll see them soon. As for college... well... the whole world has just changed. For better or worse, I don't know. But I've always wanted to see the world, and now I get to watch as it changes." Chris said, smiling sadly. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out the pokeball.

"Now lets see what we're up for." he said, tossing the ball up in the air and catching it. Will grinned eagerly and pulled out his pokeball. He had always wanted to do this.

"Pokeball go!" Will shouted, pressing the button and throwing the wall into the street. A red light shot out of it and took form. A reptilian creature resembling a bipedal salamander or lizard with some dinosaur qualities stood on its hind feet. It had orange scales, a cute face, and a small flame was at the end of its tail.

"Char..." the creature said, looking around. Will was staring at it, as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was a Charmander. An actual, living, breathing Charmander. No. Not just any Charmander. HIS Charmader.

"Hey little fella. Come here..." Will said, stepping hesitantly towards it. The Charmander looked at him curiously. It sniffed his hand for a moment, before biting him.

"Yeow! That hurts!" Will said, pulling his hand back. He looked at it, though surprised. The Charmander hadn't bitten as hard as he thought. It didn't break his flesh.

The Charmander looked saddened, its head low. Will hesitantly reached out, and patted its head. Its scales were warm.

"Hey... its okay... you didn't hurt me..." Will said, looking at the Charmander. It looked back up at him with its cute face.

"I think it was just playing..." Chris said, from behind Will. Will looked back to see his brother with a creature with brown fur, furry cream-colored collar, and a bushy tail that had a cream-colored tip sat on his shoulder. It had big ears and cute brown eyes. "Will, meet Amber... Amber, this is my brother Will..." Chris said, scratching the Eevee beneath its chin.

"Eevee..." it squeeked, rubbing its cheek against his neck as he pet it.

"That is so awesome! You got an Eevee!" Will said excitedly. Chris smirked as he held out his arm and his Eevee walked the length of it, like a curious child.

"Her name is Amber." Chris said, as its climber onto his head. "Hey, watch out for the hair!" he protested.

"How do you know its a girl?" Will asked, rubbing his Charmander's head, it seemed to like that. Chris shrugged.

"I just know..." he said. He glanced at Will's Charmander. "Are you gonna name it, or leave it generic like you do all your Pokemon? This isn't a game, you know..." he said. Will looked at his Charmander as it rubbed against his hand, and then at the small flame on his tail.

"His name is Flint..." Will said, and the Charmander opened its eyes and gave a smile.

"Flint, huh? How do you know it's a boy?" Chris asked, smirking. Will shrugged his shoulders and stood up.

"I just do..." he said, with a small smile, looking down at it. Flint looked back up at his trainer, and gave a nod.

"Charmander..." Flint said.

"So where are we going?" Will asked his older brother, as Flint took its palce by his side.

Chris, grinned and turned with the wind to his back, facing the faint glow that began to permeate the night sky. Amber sat on his shoulder, staring at the sun with her trainer as it rose. It was slowly turning into dawn.

"Wherever the wind takes us bro... wherever the wind takes us..."

That sunrise was the birth of a new day. A new world. From that day on, things were never the same for my brother and I. Alot of things changed. Our lives changed. The world changed. But most importantly, Chris and I changed. My brother isn't sure if its for better of worse. But Flint and I both feel it changed for the better. Definitely for the better.

This… is our story.

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