The Magical Amazing School For Engines What Are People

Chapter 1 - Madam Malkin's

Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occassions was full of young wizards and witches, all chatting excitedly as they wandered along the aisles staring in awe at the dark Hogwarts robes hanging from the rails. At the back the shop, a skinny boy with huge glasses was standing nervously on a stool as the small and plump Madam Malkin fussed around him with a tape measure. "You're a skinny one, aren't you?" fussed Madam Malkin, pulling some robes down from a shelf. "Yes," grinned the boy. "My parents starve me to pay for their wine..."

"Quiet, you," smiled the curly-haired woman standing next to him.

Just then, a very tall and nearly as wide boy pushed through the crowds and stood up on the other stool. "Me next,"

"Please," reprimanded his mother.

"Please," muttered the boy.

"Just a tick, dear," mumbled Madam Malkin, fiddling with pins.

The boy turned to the other one - Edward - and said, "Hello - my name's Gordon. What's yours?"

"Edward," replied Edward.

"You going to Hogwarts too?"


Gordon noddded. "I'm starting my first year. 'Course, I've known about it for ages, everyone in my family went there."

Edward regarded Gordon. "My first year too. And my parents have been there, though they sent me to a Muggle school to a bit before, because - "

"A Muggle school?" Gordon interrupted incredulously.

"Yeah, they wanted me to understand the Muggle world as well as the wizarding one," Edward told him, feeling a touch defiant.

"Well, if your family are blood traitors, I suppose that isn't up to me..."

"My family are not blood traitors," said Edward (whose mother was thankfully fingering a crimson velvet cloak with interest) furiously, stepping off his stool. "We just don't consider our fellow humans inferior because they're not magic. It's nothing to do with you if - "

"Hello!" came a bright voice from a boy with green - green - hair, who was stepping up onto the stool Edward had just been standing on.

Gordon stared. "Green? Are you a Metamorphagus or something?"

"A Metamidgeyus? No, my name's BoCo."

Gordon sighed. "Don't you know anything?"

"Just ignore him..." said Edward quietly.

"Thanks, I think I will," smiled BoCo.

Edward smiled back, before turning towards the door.

"Um...'scuse me, but before you go..."

"Yes?" Edward turned back round to face BoCo.

"What exactly is...a Metamaffagus?" asked BoCo tentatively.

"A Metamorphagus's a wizard or a witch who can change their appearance when they like. Give themselves blue hair or something...I suppose that's why Gordon thought you were one."

BoCo laughed. "I think I understand now. But this was done with dye!"

Edward laughed too, then edged through the crowd to the exit, and out into Diagon Alley.