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Summary: A serial killer is on the loose and he kills one person every hour. How can they find this guy when he don't leave much of evidence? The only thing the team can wait for is for the guy to make a mistake.. But what happens if Mac and Danny are at a new crime scene, and Mac suddenly disappear, a while later, the team get's a note that the serial killer got Mac, it's now a race against time as it also say in the note that, he will keep killing persons out to midnight, and if they haven't found him by then, he'll kill Mac.. Will the team find this guy?

Mac's P.O.V.

The Run Against Time

- A serial killer? -

It's a typical Monday morning at the crime lab in New York City, lab technicians are working in the lab on tests, and the detectives are working on their cases.
The chief of the lab, Detective Mac Taylor, is sitting in his office working on the huge pile of paperwork he has on his desk.

I hear a knock on my door, lifting my head up from the paperwork I'm working on I see Detective Stella Bonasera who is walking towards me, ''Morning Mac.'' I hear her say with a smile.
''Morning Stella.'' I say back.
She walks up to my desk and stands in front of it and tells me, ''Flack just called me, he said that we have a new crime scene.'' I nod in response, closing the case file I was working on and get up from my chair and walk towards the coat rack where my jacket hangs. Taking it on me I get the feeling that Stella is looking at me, turning my head towards her I do find her looking at me, ''What?'' I ask with an eyebrow raised.
She gives me a little smile and turns her head away from me, but not before I see a blush that is creeping up to her cheeks. ''Nothing, I'm ready, so it's just to drive to the scene.'' she tells me, why did she blush? Did she blush?

Walking with her towards the elevator, and we're on the way to the crime scene.
It doesn't take long before we're at the crime scene and meeting up with Detective Don Flack Jr. who briefs us on what happened, ''A woman named Kate Jones, was found dead by a guy who was out for a run and saw her lie there.''

Hearing Stella talk to him I just follow them, walking under the crime scene tape, we walk up towards the lifeless body on the ground.
I take my camera out and start to take pictures of the body and the area. After a while I see that Stella is starting on the evidence, I join her a few minutes later when I'm done taking pictures. I look at the body in front of me and notice something sticking out of the pocket of her pants, moving my hand towards it I carefully take it out and look at it, a note, opening it I read the note, reading it over twice more, ''Stella, look at this.'' I say and hold the note out for her, she takes it and reads it, then looks at me.
Hearing Flack in the background, ''What does it say?''
Stella reads the note out loud, ''This is just the first victim, and a new one comes in an hour. Signed, Mr.?''
Flack looks at Stella then at me, ''What does that note mean?'' he asks. ''I'm not sure.'' Stella says as an answer.
They look at me who is busy looking around at the area and then the body, ''He in his own little world again?'' Flack asks Stella, she turns towards him and gives him a smile, ''Apparently.''
''Hey Mac, what are you thinking inside that head of yours right now?'' I hear Flack say. I turn towards the two of them, ''I'm not sure, but I think we might be dealing with a serial killer here. We'll have to wait and see in an hour if what I'm thinking is true or not.'' I tell them, they share a look.
After about thirty minutes we're done with this scene and we're on our way back to the lab, I still have in the back of my mind that we might be dealing with a serial killer, but if it's true or not we'll just have to wait and see, if in thirty minutes there's a new scene, with the same marks like the woman at the crime scene we just finished.

We reach the lab, when we get up there we start to process the evidence we collected at the crime scene.

After a while I hear an annoyed 'sigh' from my partner Stella, turning my head towards her I look at her, she's sitting with her head in her hands, I'm smiling at the sight, ''You alright, Stella?'' I ask her, she lifts her head up from her hands and looks at me, ''No, I'm annoyed, this guy didn't leave much evidence. No DNA, no traces that he was there, killing her.'' after she's finished that she lets out one more annoyed sigh, then it's just silence filling the room. The silence is broken when my cell phone rings, picking it up, ''Taylor.'' I say into the phone and then listen to what the caller has to say, Stella is looking at me while I'm on the phone. ''Okay, we'll be right there.'' I tell Flack.
Looking at Stella I say ''Got a new crime scene. A woman killed, and Flack told me she has the same marks.''
Stella gets up from the chair she was sitting on and starts to clear away the evidence we were working on, then she puts the lab coat she was wearing on a hanger. ''Just gonna get my kit then we can go, meet you by the elevator?'' she says while taking off her lab coat, I'm nodding as an answer, then she gives me a little smile and walks out of the room, leaving me to my thoughts. Shaking my head I get the thoughts I had on my mind out of my head and start to clear away the evidence I was working on. Doesn't take long before I've got my jacket and kit and am standing by the elevator waiting for Stella who is walking towards me now.
She's standing next to me, I push the elevator button, takes a minute or two before we hear the pling of the elevator as the doors open, then we're off to the new crime scene.

When we arrive at the crime scene, we see Flack standing near two police officers and talking to them. Both me and Stella walk towards Flack, he notices that we've arrived and comes towards us, we walk towards the body and crime scene, ducking under the crime scene tape.

Then we're standing in front of the body of a woman, she's got the same marks.
Holding my camera in my hands, I see Stella kneeling down next to the body, she points towards the pocket, ''Snap a picture so I can take it out.'' she asks with a little smile, giving her a smile back I snap a picture, Stella takes the white thing that was sticking out of the victim's pocket and stands up straight, then she opens and reads the note and hands it to me.

Stella looks at me while I read the note, ''We might be dealing with a serial killer.'' I say and look into her eyes, she only nods as a response then her eyes travel over the crime scene.
While I stand and look at the note, 'As I said, a new body and you'll get more bodies as the hours go by.. Signed, Mr.?'

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