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Chapter 2:

After reading the note a few more times, I take up an evidence bag and bag it, then I start to help Stella with the crime scene. I look towards her, I can see that she's focusing on her work, she's cute when she's focusing on her work smiling at the thought, and why am I thinking that Stella is cute when she's focusing on her work? Getting a thoughtful look on my face.
Somehow a few seconds later she must have noticed that I'm looking towards her, well rather at her, and it's like she reads my mind, ''Hey Mac? What's up?'' she asks me, I shake my head to get the thoughts out, then I give her a smile, ''Umm, nothing.'' I say and then clear my throat, she gives me the look she gives me when she wants to know more, but she thankfully lets it slip. Before she goes back to her work, she tells me ''And I've already snapped pictures of the crime scene.'' and throws me a little sly smile then she goes back to work, I let out a little laugh, ''How did you know that it was that I was thinking about?'' I ask with an eyebrow raised. How did she know I was thinking that? I ask myself inside my head with an amused voice.
She stops with what she was doing and looks towards me, ''You aren't hard to read.'' she says with a wink and something in her voice.
I shake my head, I start to work the scene with her.

While we work, we don't notice the guy who stands over by the little crowd, who's watching our every move.

After a while we're done working on the scene, we take our kits and walk towards Flack who stands near two policemen.
''We're done with the scene, so we're gonna head back to the lab now.'' I hear Stella say, Flack responds to her with an 'okay', and then we walk towards my car. Just as we get in, I notice a guy who is standing over by the crowd, it is something about him, he stands out from the crowd of people around him, I can't see his face, but it is something about him, the guy meets my eyes, I'm just about to see his whole face when Stella's voice calls me out of the little trance I was in.
''You okay, Mac?'' I hear her say, I turn my head towards her, just to miss the smile that creeps up on the guy's face. I clear my throat ''Yeah, I'm fine.'' I say but I can see that Stella isn't buying it, but she lets it slip for now, as I look towards the spot where the guy stood, he's not there any more. I shake my head to get the thoughts out then I start the engine and drive away from the crime scene,

Not noticing that the guy watches us as we drive away.

Before we drive to the lab, we stop at a coffee shop to buy a coffee, then we're off to the lab.

When we reach the lab, Stella and I walk towards the elevator and then hear Danny's voice behind us ''Hey Boss, wait up!'' both Stella and I turn around to see Danny and Hawkes walking towards us.
They reach us, ''You two been out on a new scene again?'' Hawkes asks us.
''Yeah.'' Stella says and we start to walk towards the elevator again, ''What about the case you two worked on earlier?'' Danny asks.
''The one is connected to the other.'' I say, I see both Hawkes and Danny look at us with a bit of puzzled looks on their faces, ''I was going to call the whole team to the conference room when we get up there, we might be dealing with a serial killer, we've already got two victims and on the note it said that there's more coming.'' I tell them, as the elevator door opens up again to let us out, I see from the corner of my eye that the two guys share a look. ''We'll get the others.'' I hear Hawkes say, and then they are off.
Stella and I go to secure the evidence, after that's done I tell Stella that I'll meet her in the conference room and that I just have to get the pictures from the first crime scene and the crime scene we just got back from.

A few minutes later I'm on my way to the conference room with the memory stick with the pictures on in my hand.
The minute I step inside the room I hear Lindsay and Danny have one of their banters, shaking my head at the two of them.
By the looks of it, it doesn't seem like the team noticed that I walked into the room, I walk towards Stella and she points to my hand, giving her the memory stick, she puts it in the computer and a minute or so later its contents come up on the big screen behind us, we let Danny and Lindsay have their banter, while Hawkes, Adam, Flack and Angell are watching the two of them in amusement.

Stella and I start going through the pictures, and talk together, sharing our thoughts about each picture we look at.

A while later we hear the banter between the two detectives end, then we hear Danny's voice, ''When did you come in here, Mac?'' he asks surprised, I turn around and look at the team who is looking at me with surprised and curious looks.
I look at my watch, ''Around 10 minutes ago or so.'' I say, now it's Flack's turn to say something, ''No way?''

Stella laughs a little, ''It's true.'' she says with amusement in her voice, she notices that Danny is going to say something but raises her hand in the air to stop him ''He turned on his marines skills, the silent walk that can scare the crap out of you sometimes.'' she says with a little grin on her lips as she looks my way.

I can't help but give a little amused smile back to her, Danny speaks up again ''Now that's a bit scary, but true.'' I chuckle at the comment.

Stella looks towards Lindsay and Danny, ''You two done with the banter, or should we give you a few minutes more?'' she says with a bit of teasing in her voice.

Danny opens his mouth to say something but Lindsay beats him to it, ''No, we're done.'' she says with a little smile.
I stay put as Stella starts to explain, ''This morning Mac and I got called out to a crime scene, we got there, a female victim, her name was Kate Jones. The victim had cut marks on her face, and when we were processing the scene, Mac found this note,'' showing the picture of the first note on the big screen on the wall, ''we weren't really sure if we are dealing with a serial killer, till we got to the second crime scene, where the victim also had a note on her, not to mention the same marks on her face. The marks on the victims' faces are alike,'' she explains as she shows the pictures of both the victims' faces on the screen, ''So from now on we're gonna focus on this case.'' I tell them.
I notice that the team is looking at the pictures, ''Have you been down in the morgue?'' Hawkes asks.

I look up and at Hawkes ''No, not yet, waiting for Sid's call.'' I tell him, getting a nod in response.

I'm just about to open my mouth to give my team the tasks, but my cell phone interrupts me; Stella takes over and gives the tasks to the team while I walk out into the hallway to take the phone call.


''Heard that you got a serial killer?''
Letting out a breath as I recognize the voice of Chief Sinclair, ''Yes, we believe that we got a serial killer to deal with now. We got two bodies so far.''
Hearing a mumble from Chief Sinclair then he speaks up ''If it's a serial killer, I want the focus turned towards this case, you hear me Taylor?''
I can't help it but let out an annoyed sigh and say ''I've already got my team on this case, and I told them that we're going to have to focus on this case from now on.''
I hear something in the background then there is silence, ''You'll hear from me later.'' he tells me.
Finishing the conversation, I rub my face with my hands then I turn and walk into the conference room, where my team is talking about the case, I walk towards the place where I stood before I left the room, then a few moments later everybody goes to do the task they were given.

When the last person walks out of the room Stella turns towards me and looks at me, ''Sinclair who called you?'' she asks me, I give her a nod as a reply.
She was going to say something more but a message to my cell phone stops her from saying anything more. Taking my phone up to look at the message, then I look at her ''The autopsy report is done.''

It doesn't take long before we are down in the morgue, when we walk into the morgue we see Sid over by the bodies, he looks up when he hears our footsteps, ''Ahh, there we have the couple.'' He says simply with a sly grin, Stella plays along and turns around to look behind us, ''Where?'' she says, then she looks at him with a little smart grin, he shakes his head at her with a smile on his lips.

''I meant you two.'' he says then his eyes move from me to Stella, I look at him with a puzzled look. Stella with a raised eyebrow, ''You do know we aren't together, right?'' she asks him. Sid only shrugs, he was going to tease us some more, but I beat him to the talking part trying to get the topic back to work, ''Sid, we're here for the two bodies.''
He looks at me then gives me a little smile I can't read, ''Of course you are.''

We're back on the topic, the body in front of Sid is the first victim we got, Kate Jones.
''Well, I can say this, they both died from the same cause, it seems like they both got killed with some kind of poison, I've sent it to trace, should be back soon, they both got a needle mark here,'' he shows us the mark that is on Kate Jones' left arm and then on Lizzy Niueve's left arm and just as Sid is going to tell us more someone comes over to us with what looks like the test results, he says 'thanks' then takes a look at it, ''Well, it looks like they both got poisoned with Strychnine, just enough to kill them.'' he tells us and then looks up at us.

''Okay, so now we know what killed them.'' Stella says, getting a nod from both me and Sid, ''And what about the marks on their faces?'' I ask Sid.
Sid looks at the face of Kate Jones still, ''They seem to have been made after they died, with a sharp and small object, I don't have much more for you guys yet.'' he tells me with an apologetic look.
We talk for a bit more about the case till my phone goes off again, looking at the display, ''What do you have Hawkes?'' There's silence in the room while I talk on the phone, ''We're on our way.'' I say into the phone.

Both me and Stella walk towards the room that Hawkes told me he and Danny are in, but when we get there they aren't there, Stella and I exchange looks, ''I thought you said they would be here?'' Stella asks with a raised eyebrow, I give a small frown and look around the room thinking a little, ''Umm, yes, Hawkes told me that they would be here.'' I say with a puzzled look, hearing a laugh from Stella, I look at her still with a puzzled look, ''What?'' I ask still puzzled.
She gives me a little smile, ''You look cute with that puzzled look.'' she tells me and gives me a wink, shaking my head while a small smile creeps up on my face.

Looking around one more time, still not spotting the two guys but then I hear a familiar voice, ''You two looking for Danny and Hawkes?'' turning around I look at Lindsay, ''Yes, you know where they are?'' I ask her, she gives both me and Stella a smile ''Yeah, I know where they are, they are in the break room teasing Flack and Angell.'' she tells us and shakes her head.
''Okay, thanks.'' I say, ''I'll go get them.'' I say and walk towards the break room to find both of them there teasing Angell and Flack, ''What was it that you wanted to show us, Hawkes?'' I ask as I step into the room, he looks towards me, ''Umm, let's go back to the lab and I'll show you.'' he says while he gets up and walks out of the break room with Danny next to him, I can see that both Angell and Flack are relieved that I got those two away from them.

Not long after, Danny and Hawkes are explaining to us what they found, ''Well, we looked through the pictures, we didn't find much, except this, from the surveillance video.'' Hawkes says, while Danny is doing something on the computer, then a second later a picture pops up on the big screen next to me, turning to look at it as Danny speaks up, ''It took a while before either of us noticed this but if you look close, over by the container you'll see something.'' he says, which makes both me and Stella study the picture, after a minute or two I see something, I raise my hand up to the screen and start to zoom in on the thing I saw, when I've zoomed enough to see more, I look towards Danny and Hawkes again, ''Is this the something we're supposed to see?'' I ask them.

They both nod, ''Yep, that was the thing you were supposed to see.'' Danny says with a little smile, ''Do you see what it is?'' Hawkes asks, I look at the screen again, then at Stella who is looking at me.

Looking back at the screen, I notice that it's a mirror image of, straining my eyes to focus some more, I notice that it's a mirror image of someone, ''A mirror image of someone?''

''Right again.'' Hawkes says, and zooms in enough to see what the mirror image is, ''It's a mirror image of a person, it looks like a man,'' Danny continues to talk, but I just focus on the screen and not on what Danny is saying, as I come to realize that I've seen this person before, the clothes and the cap, it's the guy I saw before Stella and I left the second crime scene, the guy that stood out from the crowd, I get pulled out of my thoughts by Danny ''Hey Mac, you still with us?''

Looking towards him, ''I've seen this guy before.'' I say numbed, they look at me, ''What are you talking about, Mac?'' Stella asks, my eyes travel to the screen again, ''When we left the second crime scene, I saw him over by the crowd.'' I tell them.

''Mac, are you sure about that?'' I hear Stella ask, I nod ''Yes, the reason I recognize him is because he stood out from the crowd.'' I say and my eyes leave the screen and travel to meet Stella's eyes.

''Was he the reason for why you seemed distracted earlier?'' Stella asks, well rather says, I give her a nod as a reply again. ''How did he act when you saw him?'' Hawkes asks, I run my hand through my hair and then I look at Hawkes, ''He didn't seem nervous or anything, he was facing me, but at the same time not showing his face to me, his eyes were locked with mine for a few seconds, he was careful not to show his face to me.'' I say, going through the moment one more time in my head.

Everybody seems to be thinking or is in their own little world, because the room is covered in silence, but the silence soon is broken by my phone, I take it up and look at it, then up at the others in the room, ''We got a new crime scene.'' I tell them.

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