A while ago, I drew a VERY short comic strip of the most annoying creature alive (it's on my DevAccount in case you're interested :P). Yes, that includes the Crazy Frog (for those of you who know what it is). To reach a level of annoyance that you are compared to the Crazy Frog, then there is something wrong with you. Okay, I admit, the Tails Doll is meant to be evil, psychotic and obsessed in eating souls. But what would happen if you threw away the curse (which doesn't exist in the first place! Logic behind the conspiracy, I have found (Yoda style XD)) and replaced it with the ability to annoy people to death? Ermm... probably similar as to what happens in this story. This is a relatively short chapter by the way.

Mechalo City is in Sonic Riders. If there is anything about it I have screwed up, then apologies, but I've never played Sonic Riders. Sadly. :( I only know of Mechalo City from the trailers 'n' stuff. All I know is the roads are long glass tubes that stretch across the city. Erm... that's about it.

Underlined words are emphasized, italisised is thoughts.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Tails Doll or any other Sonic characters. They are copyright Sega and Sonic team. And this disclaimer won't be repeated in any other chapter, only in this one because I really can't be bothered repeating myself over and over again.

Chapter 1: Too many chilli dogs

Sonic ran backwards across the motorway that lead to Mechalo City as a pair of Eggman's robots chased after him. Their high-powered engines flared brightly, straining to keep up as Sonic pretended to look at a watch.
'Are you going to hurry up and catch me already?' Sonic taunted them. I could fall asleep at this speed. The robots, although very thin to make them more streamlined, had very ineffective weapons and a considerably low speed. Sonic was only just running at one hundred miles per hour, occasionally looking over his shoulder to check he didn't bump into a car. He was in the clear though. Rarely anyone travelled down this motorway this early in the morning.

Just as Sonic finally considered finishing them off instead of allowing them to destroy themselves, he noticed something. Finally! Sonic thought to himself as the two robots began to run out of fuel. The fire began to slowly blink out and they floated steadily to the concrete below. Sparks began to fly as their undersides scraped against the tarmac. Sonic stuck his tongue out as one last insult before he rounded a corner, but seeing as the robots had no way in steering themselves anymore, they slammed into the barriers separating the motorway. They exploded on impact and their parts flew in every direction as Sonic turned on the spot and accelerated to a more suitable speed. There's the initial robots, so all I have to do now is wait for the main attack. Should be fun.

Sonic casually walked through the city streets, looking up at the towering buildings of Mechalo City. He passed an old alleyway, lined with wreaking bins and bin bags from the nearby restaurant, the smell only masked by a ventilation shaft that emitted the smell of many different types of food from the kitchens. Taking no notice, he strolled on by. Then something hit him. Something about the smell. He back-tracked to catch another whiff of the fumes. From the countless smells of various exotic and simple foods being emitted, from the natural smell of the city, to the scent of the large bins, there was particular smell that caught his attention.

Being highly addicted to chilli dogs his whole life, it had caused Sonic the innate ability to smell chilli dogs, no matter what masked them. Tails had tried this theory himself by placing Sonic next to a pool, blindfolded. He had told him that going one direction would drop him into the pool, while the other direction led him to the chilli dogs, which he had masked (along with the rest of the area to avoid cheating) with various powerful scents that would leave anyone else dumbfounded as to the location of the chilli-topped hot dogs and would have to go on guess-work. And probably end up in the pool. Typically, as soon as Tails had said 'go!', Sonic had rushed to the side of the chilli dogs and had devoured them in minutes.

Sonic sat in the restaurant, ordering chilli dog after chilli dog. The chefs, too busy to look at the customers, were confused on who was ordering so many chilli dogs. After the seventh one had been passed over the counter, the revelation struck one of the chefs.
'It's Sonic!' he exclaimed.
'And what makes ya so sure?' another asked.
'My cousin owns a chilli dog shop in a small village near Green Hill. He told me that Sonic visits him often for constant chilli dogs. He told me he never stops eating them!'
'So we're cooking for a...? Cool!' The second chef exclaimed excitedly at the thought of cooking for his number one hero and carried on with his work.

Sonic left the restaurant after his fifteenth helping. I never thought I'd say this but... If I eat another chilli dog, I'll burst! Sonic continued his casual walk through Mechalo City, minding his own business. He rounded a corner to a somewhat deserted residential area and continued his slow stroll. He still had some time to kill before Tails would be finished with his problem, so the abnormal speed (or lack of) would let him take in the city-scapes a little more thoroughly.

'Hello!' A childish voice rung out from behind him from out of the blue. Sonic spun on the spot to look for the source, but no one was there.
'Umm... Hello?' Sonic called back, but there was no response. He did one more sweep over the area before turning back round and carrying on with his unguided route as if nothing had happened.
'Hiya...' Came the childish voice again. Sonic spun around, now paranoid, fearing he was now being stalked by a three year old.
'Hey, whoever you are, c'mon out!' sonic said, looking around for any form of movement.
'Down here!' the voice called out in a high-pitched, menacing tone. Sonic looked down to find a small, yellow and white doll lying on the floor. The head was tilted onto the left shoulder, but was also looking up at him. A red gem hung from the top, where a metal rod protruded from the forehead. But there was something else that stuck out like a sore thumb, that made Sonic burst into tears of laughter. The doll was a crude imitation of Tails.

Sonic sprawled around on the floor in uncontrollable laughter, stopping only to breathe before carrying on.

'I... I th-hahahahaa! I think I had too many... too many chilli dogs!' Sonic managed blurt out between constant, side-splitting laughter. The deformed doll merely stared back with an emotionless expression. Eventually, when Sonic was able to see clearly, he noticed that the two-tailed doll had not so much as twitched. Sonic wiped his eyes, occasionally giving out short burst of laughter as he finally calmed down.

'Is this... some form of joke from Eggman? His latest 'evil scheme' o-or something?'
'Not really,' it replied in the same childish voice. 'Will you play with me? Please?' It added. Sonic felt this question very awkward – playing with a doll? A fifteen year old teenager with a doll that was supposed to look like Tails?
'No,' Sonic replied defiantly, before turning on the spot and marching away.
'Play with me! Please?' The last word trailed on for a second or so. Sonic huffed before turning round again. The doll was remained in the same spot, and he wondered if it was just some kids behind a nearby bush that was doing the voice.
'I said no!' Sonic said and turned on the spot.
'Why?' The voice was now ringing in Sonic's ears. How can something I hear every day sound so... so... annoying?!
'Because I-' Sonic shouted as he spun around, but abruptly stopped in mid-sentence. The doll was now defying gravity. It hovered just in front of him with the head still tilted to the left shoulder. Sonic jumped back in shock that an inanimate object was - well – animate.
'Gah! How did you-?'
'I can do a lot of things. Now, will you play with me? OR do you want to feel the sunshine?' Sonic stood absolutely still, with no idea as to what it was talking about.
'Feel the – what?'
'The sunshine. Play with me. Play with me. Play with me!' The doll kept repeating himself and Sonic quickly caught on. If this is Eggman, then this a really weird approach. Sonic stuck his fingers in his ears and walked away, trying not to listen to the pain that followed behind him, repeating 'play with me!'.
'NO!' Sonic shouted losing his temper. The voice abruptly stopped to Sonic's relief. After a few moments, Sonic removed his fingers and turned round. The doll floated there, unmoving with the exception of bobbing up and down. Sonic stared in the black, emotionless eyes of the small doll, the gem obscuring the left eye due to the fact the head was still tilted.
'Why?' It said after a few more moments silence. Sonic winced. He had no idea how much more he could take. Would it ever give in and just leave him alone? He had barely been with it for no more than a minute or so, and he already felt like this thing, whatever it was, to be more deadly than Eggman, when looked at in an entirely new angle. If this wasn't Eggman's doing, then whoever it was had one sick mind.

'Can you feel the sunshine?' The cheap imitation of Tails asked again and Sonic winced again. And the doll just stared back. The plain black eyes pierced him like a blade. He couldn't believe something so innocent was scaring him so much.
'Yes...' Sonic answered. After a moments thought, he could indeed feel the sun beating down on his back. But he had no idea what this 'threat' meant. Would he be burned to death? Eaten alive, and the last thing he would feel, other than razor sharp teeth, was the sun's heat?
'Do ya?!' it suddenly burst out.
'I just-'
'Do ya?!' The doll said again, zooming right up into Sonic's face. 'Do ya?! Do ya?! WELL?!' Sonic jumped back at this. And instinctively, he thrust his fist into the doll's face. It flew through the air, landing in an open bin and the lid closed on top. Sonic, completely bewildered, stood with his fist still out in the air, hoping upon hope that the doll didn't suddenly jump out of the bin and chase him down. Sonic turned on the spot, constantly looking over his shoulder as he ran to the doctors, where Tails was probably waiting for him. If he ever had to see that doll again, it would be too soon. Then an idea struck him. If this is all one big prank from Tails... The thought of a floating doll with very awkward threats and looking weirdly like Tails with an odd gem protruding from the forehead gave him the idea that Tails had set this all up – feigning his illness to try to annoy him. Nah, he wouldn't go through the trouble. Would he?

I told you it was short, didn't I? Yes, I can do long chapters (rolls eyes).