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The next thing Jaiden was aware of, she could hear the sounds of people talking softly by her bed. She slowly opened her eyes to see her mum talking to Blaise. She noticed immediately how worn out Hermione looked, and for a few seconds, she couldn't understand why or even where she was, but as her mind cleared and her memory returned, she gasped and flew up into a sitting position, immediately crying out as her body exploded with pain. She felt a firm pair of hands gently ease her back down and weakly she fell back against the soft pillows.

Hermione stepped forwards and Blaise stepped out of the room to give the two females some privacy. Jaiden turned her blue-grey eyes up to look at her mum and she started to cry.

"Mum, I'm so sorry! I tried...I really did try, but he...he just didn't..."

Unable to finish her sentence for the tears, she buried her head in her hands and began to sob uncontrollably, letting out all of her feelings. Hermione quickly and carefully sat on the bed and drew her daughter into a comforting embrace. Eventually Jaiden found herself unable to cry anymore and her eyes began to slowly drop as she fell into a deep sleep.

The next time she woke, Blaise was the only person in the room. He looked up as she moved and she sent him a small smile, which he returned with a small one of his own. He told her that he had sent her mum home, and she found that she was actually relieved that Hermione wasn't around at that point, as she needed to know something but didn't want her mother to be upset any further.

"My dad? What happened to him? And Lucius?"

A strange look flashed in his eyes, and Jaiden was immediately aware that it wasn't good news. She could tell he was reluctant to tell her, so she kept a steady gaze trained on his face until he eventually broke. He sighed in defeat, knowing that there was no way he was winning this round.

"When Harry and I went back, it was like we'd stumbled into a bomb site. Virtually the whole manor was caved in, which told us that your dad had put up one hell of a fight. We found Lucius' body relatively quickly, and we continued to search everywhere for Draco. We couldn't find him, only his wand which had been snapped in three pieces. The only thing we can think is that he's..."

Jaiden cut him off, a determined expression on her face, her voice certain and firm.

"He's not dead."

On the outside she seemed confident, but inside, she was highly doubtful. Based on what Blaise told her there was almost no way he could have escaped, but that small part of her refused to give up on him. She just knew that somehow, he managed to get away. Blaise put a hand on her shoulder and gently squeezed it. He admired the faith she had, and hoped with all his heart that somehow, Draco was alive.

Jaiden spent the following week sleeping a lot of the time, and when she was awake, she was constantly being prodded and poked by various doctors and nurses. When the day arrived for her to finally go home, she'd never felt so relieved. As she walked through the front door, she was greeted by a smiling Scott. She'd almost completely forgotten him over the past few weeks and she once again found herself crying as she ran forwards and hugged him tightly. When they parted, Scott took her bag off Blaise and the pair of them headed up to Jaiden's room. At first, Scott tried getting Jaiden to sit down and relax while he unpacked for her, but the look she sent him soon ended up with him sitting down meekly on the bed while she moved around doing the unpacking for herself.

They held a funeral a few days later for Jason, James and Claudine. There was also an empty grave for Draco. Hermione sobbed as Blaise held on to her. Jaiden was completely numb and stood as still as a stone, totally silent with a blank expression on her face, save the sorrow showing in her eyes. The only part of her that moved were a few strands of golden blonde hair that brushed against her face in the wind, and the few tears that rolled down her cheeks. She didn't look at the grave for Draco once, still refusing to believe he was gone. It was this that had stopped her from speaking to Hermione for almost a week. The argument the mother and daughter had gotten into over Draco had even sent Blaise running for his safety. This was now behind them though and they stood next to each other, neither speaking, yet feeling closer than they had done so since before Jaiden could even remember.

Another month passed and they were slowly moving on. Hermione had moved to another house, one that wouldn't remind her of her husband and children at every corner. Jaiden still lived with Blaise, and continued her degree, easily catching up on the work she had missed. Scott had been there every step of the way, but there was something different about him that Jaiden couldn't figure out. It wasn't until one evening that they were alone that he revealed why he was acting strange.

They were sitting on Jaiden's bed, Jaiden sitting up on the edge of the bed, typing notes onto her laptop, Scott leaning up casually against the wall, a book propped open on his lap. Jaiden suddenly felt the bed move and watched out of the corner of her eye as Scott cautiously picked her wand up. One of her eyebrows rose in confusion and interest and she quietly placed her laptop on the bed, all noted forgotten. She noticed that a regretful, pained expression crossed Scotts' face as he studied the wand, which just confused her more than she already was.

"Scott? You ok?"


"What's wrong?"

Scott looked up at her and gave her a look that she couldn't distinguish.

"The night Lucius attacked you, I was completely helpless. All I was able to do was run for help. You were left completely unprotected. I hate myself for being so weak. If only I had've gotten over my fear of magic and learnt some, maybe I could have prevented it."

Jaiden moved forwards and cupped her hands around his face, forcing him to look at her. Her heart melted at the sorrow in his hazel eyes and she gave him a warm smile.

"Even if you had've known magic, it probably would have still happened, and if you didn't run, I would have been burying you last month too. Don't regret it, just be glad that everything's ok now."

"I know, but I want you to teach me. I have to be able to protect you. I couldn't bear to lose you. Not ever."

Before she could say anything, he grasped her wrists and pulled her towards him, his lips pressing against hers. She was momentarily shocked that she was kissing her best friend, but she soon found herself returning the kiss, and the pair of them sank back onto the bed, never breaking contact. The sound of the front door shutting broke them apart, and Jaiden called a greeting down to Blaise, but was confused when there was no answer. She suddenly heard a grunt and a thud and she flew downstairs, wand at the ready. Her eyes widened at the sight that greeted her, and she launched forwards.