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A hand on her shoulder broke Jaiden from her trance. She looked up to see Scott standing above her holding a cup of coffee that he handed to her silently. She took it with a small nod of thanks before slipping back into her trance, staring at the door to the healing room. Blaise and Hermione were on their way and Harry was already there, speaking with the healers. Jaiden hadn't left her seat since they'd arrived, and she vowed to not move until she knew he was ok and would make a full recovery.

Scott watched her with a worried expression. When she'd screamed, the first thing he'd done was grasp hold of her wand, not even caring that he knew no spells, then raced downstairs so fast he nearly fell down them then as he reached Jaiden, nearly couldn't stop in time, barely avoiding tripping over her. It had been the sight that greeted him that worried him. She was covered in fresh blood, but as he saw the pale blonde hair in her lap, he realised that it wasn't her blood. It was Draco's. Immediately, Jaiden had looked up at Scott and screamed for him to summon Harry, Blaise and Hermione. He hesitated for only a second before bracing himself and quickly throwing a handful of floo powder into the fire and thrusting his head into it, calling out for Harry. Harry, who had been sitting in silence reading through some paperwork and holding a cup of coffee, jumped violently in shock, spilling coffee everywhere. He turned, wand raised at the intruder, but as soon as he saw the panicked look on Scott's face, he asked what was wrong. When he knew, he told Blaise to completely come in and once the teenager fell into his office seconds later, Harry told him to find Blaise. Harry flooed back to Blaise's house, and when he saw Jaiden sitting on the floor, holding Draco and crying, he sprung into action, apparating with both her and Draco to St Mungo's, calling out for a healer the second his feet touched solid ground again. They were rushed up to the healing room, and as Draco was moved onto the bed, Harry and Jaiden were quickly ushered out of the room. Jaiden had stopped crying by that point, and when Harry sat her on one of the chairs, she stared blankly at the door. Even when Scott returned and Harry left to speak to the healers, she just stared.

She was broken once again from her staring when Blaise and Hermione both entered the room. Hermione immediately rushed over to her daughter and embraced her, while Blaise moved to Harry to find out what was going on. Jaiden hugged her mum back, swallowing down the tears that were threatening to fall. She heard snippets of what Harry was saying, such as 'head trauma' 'lacerations' 'bleeding', but she was too tired and too focused on the door in front of her to listen too much. After Blaise had also hugged her and she fought the tears once again, they all sat down, waiting for news.

"I guess we can get rid of that headstone now" Jaiden joked to lighten the mood.

Everyone smiled and Scott laughed softly before putting an arm round her and pulling her into his chest. This time she didn't resist and let the tears fall as Scott continued to hold her and comfort her, whispering into her ear that everything would be ok and back to as normal as it could be soon. A few more hours passed and finally when everyone was either asleep or nearing sleep, a healer came out of the room with a relieved smile on his face. Jaiden was the first one to stand as she was the most awake. Her movements woke Scott, who was the next to stand, closely followed by Hermione, Harry and then Blaise who had to be shaken awake.

"Well, it was very touch and go for a long time, but we finally have him stabilised. We still don't know, until he wakes, the extent of his injuries, but for now he will be fine. He's sleeping now, but you may go in one at a time to see him."

Jaiden wasted no time in running into the room, not caring if anyone wanted to be the first. As far as she was concerned, he was HER dad, and she was the only one entitled to go in first. She stopped dead at the sight of him lying on the bed, paler than normal, almost a deathly grey shade to his skin. He had large black bruises under his eyes, and though most had been healed, she could see the faint outlines of the numerous cuts that had been across his face. Shakily, Jaiden walked towards him, and as she reached him, she leant down to kiss him on the forehead, apologising when a tear dropped onto his nose as she pulled away. She quickly wiped the tear and sat down next to him, gently holding his hand.

"I missed you dad. I was so scared that you were hurt, but I knew you weren't dead. I just knew it."

A wide smile appeared on her face as it suddenly dawned on her. She HAD been right, he was alive after all. He was going to be ok, and she could continue her life without the fear that she would never see him again. Suppressing the urge to hug him as tightly as she could, Jaiden settled for kissing him on his cheek and moving back out of the room to give the others a chance to see him. Blaise was the next in, and as he moved into the room, Scott came up to Jaiden and wrapped an arm round her before kissing her temple. The happiness inside of her suddenly exploded and with a small squeal that caused Blaise to stop and turn round, leaving the door wide open, she spun round and flung her arms round him, crashing her lips onto his with great enthusiasm. He happily returned the kiss, and when they pulled apart, they both laughed to see everyone's mouths dropped.

"Ok, when did this happen?" Blaise asked in bewilderment.

Before they had chance to answer, a weak voice spoke.

"As long as it hasn't been long enough for them to be alone for too long I don't care."

Jaiden's eyes opened wide, and she spun round again, her hair hitting Scott in the face. Her mouth widened into a grin and she all but ran back into her dad's room, flinging her arms round him as much as she dared, hugging him tightly, then began to sob. Draco weakly put his arms round her and hugged her back, and when she pulled away, he looked up to see everyone else standing in the doorway with smiles on their faces. All except Blaise, who looked grim.


"You have a LOT of explaining to do, Draco Malfoy"