Pokemon Battle University: The Wrath of Arceus

Prelude: The Legend of the 16

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, but I do own the idea of the Battle University. Also character you will see in their will be of my creation and anyone who is willing to participates.

Years ago when the world was young and Pokemon and humans were just starting to work together as a team. The great Pokemon God Arceus protected over them and watched them.

Even though life was good and just it was not to last, for wherever you have light you must also have dark. A shadow, created as the aftermath of all the positive emotions to balance them out was born. This shadow despised and envied all life since it could not have a true life of its own.

The shadow decided it would take over Arceus body and use him to decimate the life it hated so much. Slipping into the dreams of the Pokemon Lord he took over every aspect of Arceus body, mind, and soul.

When he had full control of the Pokemon god he started to enact his wrath on all the living through the god.

People and Pokemon perished at the hands of their once noble lord. No one could understand why Arceus would turn on them.

Out of the darkness that soon enveloped the world sixteen warriors were chosen. The Draco Guardian, the Guardian of Dread, the Earth Guardian, the Guardian of the Fist, Guardian of the Flame, Guardian of the Icicle, Guardian of the Insect, Guardian of Iron, Guardian of the Meadow, Guardian of the Mind, Guardian of the Sky, Guardian of the Splash, Guardian of the Spooky, Guardian of the Stone, Guardian of the Toxic, and the Guardian of Zap.

Each of these masters of their type held a magical item known as a plate that when brought together could imprison Arceus for eternity.

The sixteen warriors fought bravely through the hoards of Pokemon and trainers that were under Arceus's control. Finally they made it to the Pokemon god himself, when they saw him they saw the shadow that had grown in him and caused their lord to turn on them.

The battle between Arceus and the Shadow was an epic fight. When the battle was coming to a close and it looked like the warriors would win. The who had grown in power with the evil thoughts that now plagued the land, through up a barrier of pure shadow. This protected him from being sealed by the plates, but it took all his power to do it.

Sad that they couldn't purify their lord the 16 warriors decided to encase the shadow prison in a prison of their own design hoping that if the Shadow ever regained its power it could not break out of both prisons.

The warriors were not stupid though, they took the plates to the one place in the world where all the type came together in a nexus. A valley that few knew about and even fewer have seen. They sealed the plates in temples protected by challenged that only the noblest Pokemon and Trainer could pass. They knew that some day the Shadow would once more break loose from its prison and wreak havoc on the land, they needed to make sure that only the strongest trainer and Pokemon, along with a trainer with no evil intent in their hearts to wield the power of the plates.

As time went on the history turned to legend, which then turned to myth. Many people forgot about the brave warriors and the Pokemon god. Living there lives as they always had.

But once again if where there is good there must be evil. The Shadow's power are nearly fully recovered. The magic of the warriors have all but faded making the prison around him weak. Soon he will break free and once again terrorize all the good in this world through the use of the ancient Pokemon god Arceus.

People must choose a side. Those who crave power and lust for gold and riches will join the Shadow with the promise of these things. Those who have a pure heart and feel that all life is worth living will be the opponents, and once again the clash between life and death will shake the foundations of the earth. Whose side would you fight on?

Author's Notes

Alright this story is going to based off of a RPG site I run.

Anyone interested in becoming part of the story should check out . I promise you won't be disappointed.

It is pure Pokemon site with no outside influences.

If you want to join the fight or if you just want to become a top class trainer, coordinator, breeder, or whatever you dreams might entail I encourage you to check us out. We are active the plot is just started meaning you could have a major role in the events to come ahead.