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"I can't believe I'm doing this"

"Why are you going back then?"

"I just need a break from all of this" I signalled around the dressing room we were stood in. I was currently collecting up all my items from my station. Your probably wondering who I am. Well I'm Bella Swan, 18 years old and currently a model but I am aiming to go back to finish school. Within the media I am known as Angel as I mostly do run way shows for Victoria Secret and other designers.

I became a model after being spotted in shop while on holiday with my Mom in New York. At first I wasn't completely sure but Mom convinced me to go ahead and that it would help me with my confidence. It sure has, if you told me two years ago that I would be walking on a catwalk in underwear I would have laughed in your face but now it seems like a natural thing to me.

"Doesn't it like rain all the time there?" My friend Ez asked me. She was one of my closet friends within the business. She wasn't a bitch like the rest and she welcomed me on my first day.

"Pretty much" I nodded while putting the remaining make-up in my bag. "What time is it?"

"Uh, 3.30" Ez answered me.

"Right I better go got a flight to catch and all. I'm so glad I sent my car there before me" I was heading back to the place where I grew up. Forks Washington, a small town that is way to green. I lived there from the age 5 till I just turned 16 and hated every moment of it. Not because of the colour surrounding me but the people. I was badly bullied by the "populars" and actually only had one friend, Jacob who I still speak to. I was only moving back for education reasons but also the fact that most of the small town won't know my job as a model; well that's what I'm hoping for anyway.

"We're going to miss you so much on our shows" Ez said to me as she moved forwards to give me a hug.

"Same here, I'll be thinking of you while stuck in class listening to a teacher droning on and on" We had a little giggle but both knew this wasn't the end. "I'll see you soon, I'll be back before you know it" She nodded and released me.

"Victoria wants to see you before you leave" (AN: Not the same Victoria) I nodded and grabbed my bag before heading off to Victoria's office. I knocked gently even though the door was open.

"Come in" There stood the most famous lingerie designer in the world in her element. Surrounded by paper work full of new designs and organisations of her catwalks. Also mannequins showing off her recent work.

"I'm off now V" She looked up and smiled. She walked round her huge oak desk and instantly pulled me into a hug.

"What am I going to do without my star for a whole year?" She dramatically sighed.

"You know I'm free during the holidays just give me a call" She nodded in response. She let go of me and walked back to her desk to pick up a pink envelope. "Victoria" I warned, she usually gave out big sums of money in pink envelopes.

"Shh you. Okay this only for you to enjoy the rest of your teenage years seeming as you're the youngest model, everyone chipped in, count it as your "going away present" and I don't want any complaints" She added at the end as she knew I didn't like people giving me things. When I first started working I found out Victoria gives you the underwear that you model to keep at first I wouldn't accept it but soon she persuaded me. I think I will need a whole wardrobe for the sets I have.

"Okay I'll take it, thank you for everything"

"Honey don't make it sound like it's a goodbye, we'll see you in a couple months for the Christmas party, remember its in New York this year, I'll send you an email with the information"

"Thanks V, I guess I better catch my flight, I'll see you at Christmas" We hugged once more. I grabbed my bag from the floor, I waved over my shoulder and headed down the stairs. Before I knew it I was sat on the plane on my way to Forks. I closed my eyes but suddenly my mind was full of memories I would rather forget.


Bella Aged 7

I was sat at a table in the cafeteria by myself as Jacob was at home sick. I was picking my food while looking around the room seeing all the people that ignore me everyday. I will admit I am plain looking, nothing special, the only thing that stood out was my hair due to its frizzyness. I decided that watching people would probably start making people question my sanity. I reached down into my bag to grab my copy of Romeo and Juliet. Even though I was young I already fell in love with the classics. I jumped at the sound of a tray hitting the floor. I looked up from my bag to see the tormenter of the past two years smiling down at me. I then realised that my tray wasn't in front of me anymore but on the floor.

"Oops" Edward smiled at me. My anger got worse but I knew better than to go off on one, which was the kind of reaction he wanted. Instead I got out of my seat to grab the tray. When I stood up the whole of his group were sat at the table I was sitting at chatting away animatedly completely ignoring the fact I was just sat there. I just huffed and grabbed my bag and stormed out the cafeteria. While I was leaving I heard loud laughter, I just shook the feeling off.

End of flashback

The worse thing is that wasn't the worst part of my life there in forks. That group of bullies were the reason I left forks in the first place.


I was walking towards the cafeteria when suddenly I heard a "heads up" I turned to the sound only to have my face hit with a football. I fell backwards into the lockers and slowly slid down. I held my hand to my face and felt the tears rushing to my eyes from the unbelievable amount of pain. Just then Emmett Cullen ran up towards me.

"Aw you okay" The thing is he wasn't asking me he was talking to the ball. "Did that big nerd hurt you" With that he looked at me and burst into laughter then walked off while shouting for Edward. My day got a bit better as the Cullen's and Hales didn't bother me anymore. At the end of the day I looked out the window to see that it was tipping with rain. I quickly ran out to my truck that I just got for my 16th only that it wouldn't start. I banged the steering wheel. I knew a little bit about cars through Jacob as he helped to restore this old bucket. I jumped out the car and pulled up the hood. I instantly saw the problem all the wires were missing.

"Looking for these" I turned to see that evil gang stood under the shelter holding up all the wires to my truck. I stormed over as I really wasn't in the mood.

"Give me those" I tried reaching for them but when I jumped up to reach Edwards arm I slipped and fell into a puddle which caused the whole group to laugh. "Why are you doing this to me" I was trying so hard not to cry right now.

"Cause your easy to pick on, you don't deserve to be here" Edward replied.

"The fact that you're a nerd just tops it off" Rosalie added.

"And don't forget ugly"

"And you're a loner" They started listing things off at me. I know they were trying to make me cry and they succeeded. I quickly stood up and ran to my truck to grab my bag. I could still hear their laughter a block away. I ran all the way home.

"Honey is that you?" My dad called out. I full out sobbed at that point which caused him to rush out of the living room. "What happened, it was that group again wasn't it" He was getting more angered by the second.

"Dad can I take up Mom's offer?" I sobbed into his chest, he froze.

"You want to move in with your Mom?" He asked sadly. I just nodded into his chest. "Okay it will probably do you some good to get away from those people. I'll miss you though kiddo" He held on to me closer. I left the next morning.

End of flashback

I still can't believe what happened over the years, I had silent tears running down my face after remembering that memory. I decided that because I have changed things will change and I will get pay back for all the things that they did to me.

Watch out Cullen, Payback's a bitch.

So? What you think, a new hot sexy Bella that's ready to kick some Cullen ass? Haha I love it already. Let me know what you think.