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Long time no see! I know it's been 3 or 4 years since I updated and finished this story but I've been busy in my life, getting my degree, a job and a life basically! It's a bit short and unedited but I had a mass of emails asking for it to be completed and I thought I would sum up what happens to our lovely characters. Maybe in the future I will edit this whole story to make more sense, as when I read it back it made no sense to me ha-ha. Well I hope you guys aren't too disappointed, but remember it has been 4 years since I've written this kind of stuff so be kind please!

"Bella it was Jane" Victoria sighed into the phone. My muscles tensed as I leaned forward in my seat. Thoughts ran through my head, it took me a while before I could form an actual sentence.

"How?" Well not really a sentence, but it was what I need to know.

"She was outside the bathroom when James attacked you and heard everything. And you know how she is, she doesn't like competition and believed that by telling the press who you are, you'll stop your career and she'll be top model again". I felt my body sag back into the seat while everyone moved forward in theirs watching my every move.

"Right, thank you for finding out, guess I better let you get on and start working out what I want to do" I smiled sadly towards my new family and said a quiet goodbye to Victoria.

"Bells?" Dad's voiced echoed out into the quiet room; I looked towards him seeing him frowning, as was everybody else.

"It was Jane, another model, one of my biggest competitions, if you can call it that, she heard James call my name and decided to try ruining my career" I stood up from my seat and walked towards the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and leaned against the counter top. Edward stepped into the room and walked towards me, placing his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. It was the kind of comfort I needed right now.

"What's going to happen now?" He asked into my hair.

"Just going to carry on usual, there's no point making a big deal out of it. I will admit I am surprised that no one noticed before because I don't look that different. But depending on how school is, if it's just awful I'll have to leave but if not I get to finally do a full school year."

"Well let's hope for the best shall we" Edward leaned in a kissed me gently on the lips.

Next Day

I sat in my car staring at the people who stood in the parking lot in front of me. How will they react, will they treat me differently? I sucked in a deep breath and opened up my car door. The sound caused everyone to stop talking and look my way. A few people's eyes widened and a few jaws dropped. I just stared back blankly until someone touched my arm gently causing me to jump.

"It's only me" Edward whispered as he placed a comforting hand around my waist. I sunk into his side and took another deep breath. Edward started guiding me toward the school entrance and that's when the whispers began. I tried my best to ignore what was going on around me; my aim was to get through the day.

Many people would try to approach me and talk but they would get a few steps away and then retreat. I don't think it is from nervousness of being in the presence of me but mainly from Edward's constant glare. However by lunch the stares and whispers had calmed down enough that I didn't feel like I was being watched every second. It was only then that I could take a deep breath and let my muscles relax.

By the end of the week no one seemed to care what was going on, it was only when some stupid rumour was posted in the news that people would whisper and stare, but even then that was hardly anything. I was excited at the opportunity of completing my school year. Also V got in contact and said that because of the exposure I have received lots of model companies want to hire me, simply because I would be around a long time. It was a promising thought, but when I told Edward about the offers I could see the light in his eyes dim.

By the end of the school year I had a choice to make, college or modelling. After many meetings with V and colleges, as well as conversations with my parents and Edward's I decided to follow Edward to whichever college he chose. However I would not attend college but go back into modelling. But with the support of our parents Edward and I would move in together and start our lives finally.

Who knows what the future will bring us; although I am hoping to be married to the man of my dreams, 3 kids and a house with white picket fence and possibly a dog. I'll have to see what Edward thinks.

"I'm in Baby" was all Edward said to confirm our future together.

Ta da! I hope this sums up what happens in the future as well as what happened from the previous chapter. Thank you for following and loving this story, I never expected it to be so popular so many thanks to you lovely readers. Enjoy your fan fictions while they last!

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