Harmony Evens was a nice girl with a perfectly good life until she found out she was Taken.

Harmony walked into her huge house.(she was rich). "Mom? Mom? Are you here. she said as she walk in from mother Danyelle walked by. Danyelle said "Oh hi harms, do you wanna come with me to the store?" Harmony smiled. She flipped her dark brown hair and blinked her dark brown eyes. "yeah"she replied

When they got to the store Harmony ran to the missing kids board. "Harmony,you're not going to find anybody you know."Danyelle said. Harmony said "You never 's see Karen Varez,
Gabby garza, Alicia Halliwell..." Harmony froze and stared at the picture. "mom that looks exactly like me?" Danyelle walked up to the board and looked at it. Harmony looked at Danyelle.
"Mom?!" Danyelle stuttered. "There's something i..." Before Danyelle could finish her sentence Harmony ran off, "HARMONY!" Harmony kept running.

Theme song: (Avril Lavigne, I'm with you)

Im looking for a place I'm searching for a face is anybody here i know Cause nothings going right and everythings a mess and no one likes to be alone Isn't anyone trying to find me won't somebody come take me home Its a damn cold cold night trying to figure out this life.
won't you take me by the hand take me somewhere new i don't know who you are but I...I'm with you