Harmony walked into the police station. A woman was in a room she was taken to. Harmony looked at the clock and it said 7:45. The day is almost over she thought to herself
"Hi Harmony my name is Maddie." Harmony didn't react. "I'm going to be your social worker for the time being."

"Why am i here?" Harmony asked Maddie. Maddie took a deep breath. " You were kidnapped Your real family misses you. I'm pretty sure of that. you have to be
a little bit curios." Harmony shook her head. "My real parents are the people who raised me!" Maddie sighed. The police were whispering again. They were talking about
the people who thought who were her real parents. "Yeah they kidnapped her when she was a baby. I mean 20 to 25 in the slammer... what kind of sick people do this.
If she was my daughter, i would find the people who kidnapped her and beat the crap out of them." Harmony said to herself they'll pay for saying mean things about my mom
and dad. Harmony started to cry.

Maddie walked towards Harmony and put her arm around her and said "Oh, honey, don't cry. why don't we get you to the hotel you're going to stay at?" she grabbed
Harmony's bags and they both walked out. When they got to the hotel her and Maddie walked up to the check in desk. "a room for one for 2 days please." the check in person
said. Harmony looked at the hotel and then the lady said "have a good stay at Best Western." Maddie led Harmony to room 46.

Maddie opened the door and took Harmony's bags in. "Here you go Harmony. I wanted to tell you that we reached the Halliwells and they said they got a tickets to come
here for 11:30 tonight which means they'll be here about 6:00 in the morning and said they'll meet us here at around 12:00." Harmony nodded and "I'm tired. I'm gonna go to bed."
Harmony said and Maddie. Maddie and nodded. "Okay well here's my card with my number on it. I'll see you tomorrow." Harmony nodded. Maddie walked out.

Harmony drugged in her bags and got the pregnancy test that she packed. She pulled it out and went to the restroom. Moments later... Harmony looked at herself in the mirror and then then she looked at the pregnancy test and then it said walked out of the restroom and got her cell called the Zac her boyfriend. RING! RING! "Hello?" a voice said "I'm pregnant, Zac and I just found out i was kidnapped from my real parents and my real name is Alicia Halliwell." Harmony had to take a breath and Zac replied "Harmony, where are you?" Harmony looked around her voice shacky "I'm at Best Western on Highway 15 room 14." Harmony rubbed her head and then Zac said "I'm on my way." and harmony hung up and shook her head. "Why me? Why now?" Harmony said to herself

There was a knock at the door and Harmony ran to the door and asked "who is it?" then there was a voice "It's Zac" Harmony hurried to unlock the door. Zac had darkish brown skin and dark black eyes and kind of a hair cut that swishes in the wind. She jumped into his arms. "Zac, i can't believe this would happen to us. me getting pregnant." zac took harmony to the bed and he held her close.

"Harmony, we'll be okay. we'll figure all of this when the time comes. so for right now you should get some rest" Harmony nodded and they both laied back and harmony closed her eyes "Zac, the people that i was kidnapped from are going to be here around 12:00 in the afternoon." Zac shhhed her and then said back "Don't worry I'm here and while I'm here nothing's going to happen to you." Harmony smiled and fell asleep and so did Zac.

The next morning...
KNOCK! KNOCK! "HARMONY YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP!" Maddie yelled. Harmony jumped up and then looked at the clock and yelled "I'm getting ready!" Harmony looked at Zac asleep and shook him awake "Zac, you have to get up! It's already 11:30" Zac looked at the clock and jumped out of the bed. He didn't have his shirt on and then he grabbed it and put it on also his shoes too. "Zac you have to go." Zac nodded and kissed her and said "Love ya" and walked out.

Harmony's hair was strait and her her black tights with her black and purple skirt and her shirt with a skull in the middle of it and of course her converse on. she grabbed her cell phone and iPod and put it in her purse. "Harmony there on their way we have to go!" Harmony yelled back "I'm getting my purse. she stuffed them in her purse and walked out the door. there was Maddie in black pants and a white shirt. "Wow Maddie you look really pretty." Maddie smiled and she replied "You look...adorable too." Harmony laughed and looked at her cloths and they both walked into a room with a long table with chairs around it.

"Go ahead and take a seat."Harmony nodded and sat down then asked "Since you we're waiting can i listen to my ipod?" Maddie nodded. she pulled it out of her purse and turned it on. it pulled up to a song, Daddy's little girl by frankie j. she also looked at her pictures of all her family. she smiled and then maddie shook her. Harmony pulled one side of her ear phones and maddie said "they've just walked through the lobby door." Harmony turned off her ipod and put it back in her purse.

Then three people walked in.