Everyone's a Critic

There was blood. No, that's wrong. There was blood everywhere.

Golden eyes widened with surprise and horror as he watched the scene unfold in front of him, his creation and daughter, being impaled with a huge spike intended to kill him. She jumped seconds before the blade could even touch the space only mere inches from his forehead.

"M… Mayuri-sama… I'm sorry." Dark green orbs glistened as the girl looked back at him as she started to fall. Her slim body crashing to the ground with too much force as he would've expected, lying in front of him with the huge blade still sticking out of her heart.

Mayuri was horrified. There was blood everywhere. The impact of the blade against the lieutenant's body was strong enough to let blood escape in spurts and rivers, most of the liquid getting on the Captain himself.

Ishida and Renji stared in shock and dread at what they just witnessed. Moments ago the painted Captain was executing attacks perfectly, the enemy, the fucking pink haired fairy was losing. Mayuri was winning; his attacks were hitting his opponent flawlessly. He knew this would be over soon.

Everything was going according to plan, the quincy and the red head told themselves in shaky reassurance. Surely Kurotsuchi-taichou can't be defeated. He planned everything ahead, they would win.

They will win.

That is, until the Espada decided to bring someone else into the fight. Aiming for the Lieutenant who was busy guarding the two rescues', he aimed, and fired. It was all he needed to distract the almost victorious man in front of him.

He was an expert in flash steps; that he knew. But Nemu, although he had created her with his own hands, knew she wouldn't make it. If that attack hit her, she would be gone. Gone, as to the point that he couldn't revive her no matter how hard he tried. His increasing worry showed in his eyes, if only for a second.

Flash stepping to Nemu was a grave mistake.

As if already seeing the future, he used whatever power he had left to control the huge spike. Instead of aiming for Nemu it had tilted, if by a little and started to aim at Kurotsuchi's head. Green eyes widened in realization and she gave a quick glance to her Captai- no. That's wrong. She looked at her father's face, shocked to see the concern flooding in his eyes as he tried to save her.

Given enough time by the large spike swerving, she was able to jump in front of him, her feet a few inches from the ground. Then she felt it. Her heart was pierced and everything became numb. Looking back at her father's horrified eyes she muttered a few last words and collapsed.

"O… Oi! Kurotsuchi! Be… behind you!" Ishida shouted despite the blood in his throat. He, along with Renji he guessed, had never seen such emotions pass through those sadistic golden eyes.

"Taichou!" Renji screamed.

"How disappointing, Kurotsuchi. You lost because of that liability of a lieutenant following in your shadow." The Octava Espada, using his Sonido appeared behind the still frozen Captain, lips curving into a sickening smile as he prepared to push the sword in. "And she died because of you, taichou." The last word was spit out with venom as he pushed.

Eyes widened as the blade pierced air. The Espada's eyes scanned his surroundings quickly, let out a surprised gasp as he felt a cold blade against his neck. Feeling a soft breath upon his neck, he gulped. Painted lips moved in closer to his ear, whispering with malice and regret dripping over the words.

"She's a liability of a daughter that died trying to save me."

A/N: No! It's not over yet… This is pretty much my first time trying to do something in this genre. But I hope I can fit Kenpachi in the next chapter. Hope I didn't do badly on this one.