The lee Wilks chronicles

Chapter 1

a dreams visit

Lee sat in a dark, dank basement. The only light he could make out from behind his blindfold was coming above him. He tried to pull his hands out from behind him, he couldn't, he discovered that his feet were bound as well. Lee felt a hand moving across his head, it reached his blindfold and with a quick tug it came free. Lee gasped, his eyes searched his body he found that he was covered in blood and sweat from head to toe, several gashes riddled his body as well. He heard a soft laugh come from the corner, his eyes searched the room for the source, he found it, all he could see was a shadow with glowing yellow eyes, no, it wasn't a shadow it was the shadow. The shadow stepped forward, Lee looked on the now illuminated face.

"Get away from me, NOW!" Lee shouted, then…. Lee woke up.

He found himself in a dingy hotel room, lee examined the alarm clock next to his head, and it read 5:02 AM. Lee got up and went into the bathroom, he then found himself coughing up blood into the sink, As if these dreams were actually hurting me. Lee thought. This was just one of many dreams that had been haunting Lee for the past 5 months, but they only started to cause injury starting the night before last. Lee looked at himself in the mirror he was about 17 years old with a thick build, light brown hair, and an incredibly pale complexion. Lee wiped his face down with a cloth, he stood up straight, CLANK! His left wing had hit the shower rod. "Dang it." he groaned.

His watch then started to beep with life, it read 5:10 AM.

"Time to go." Lee sighed.

Lee went back into the main area of the hotel room, he went over to the bed and withdrew from underneath it a large duffel

bag containing clothes, money, and armaments'. He then put on a long sleeved blue T-shirt. He zipped up his duffel and went to the door, he looked around for one last solemn moment, this was just one of hundreds that he had called home for a single night. He opened the door and walked down the hall towards the front desk. no one was there.

"Hello?" Lee called.

No one answered, lee looked behind the front desk, and found a door with a sign that said "management" on it. He walked into the room, and found a man lying on a cot. Next to an exceedingly large pile of papers sat a bell, lee rang the bell and the man on the cot jumped up and asked in a groggy voice "Can I help you?".

"Yes, I just wanted to check out." Lee answered.

"Sure, sure, just hold your horses, alright?" the man got a bath robe on, and started to fumble with the cash register. Lee then paid and exited. He felt the crisp air on his face it felt so good to be out in the open air, lee tilted his head, he heard something in the distance, time to go he thought. He started running, faster, faster, then he unfurled his wings, and he was in the air. Free, free from all that lurked in the dark, well , at least all the things most people would know of, but this was not a night that most people would know of. Lee heard a loud bang come from behind a garbage can. He landed on a building, Lee watched the sight unfold: it was a man pointing a gun at another man, Lee knew what this was and didn't like it. The man started shouting to give him the others wallet, Lee glided down to where this was happening. The two men looked at him, the mugger started to tremble, his eyes turned black, he let go the man and started to step towards Lee, his movement was stopped by a large crack coming from himself. Then next thing hair started shooting from the mans body, he keeled over, his face started to change into more of muzzle, he had become a werewolf.

"Please, if you value your life, leave in peace." Lee shouted to the wolf.

If it charged at Lee he would have to defend himself. It made a quick thrust at him with its right arm. Lee evaded the attack just barely.

"If this is how it's going to be done, than fine!" Lee said.

Lee's body went numb, magic coursed through him, he then used his hands to channel the energy. It came out as purple and blue fire. The beast received most of the impact of the magic, it felt pain overwhelming it, and it collapsed on the ground. Lee knelt by its side.

"I'm sorry, I am so, so sorry, I warned you." lee said with sorrow brimming on his lower eyelids.

" I can take you to a place that's safe, would you like that?" lee asked.

It moaned in agreement, pain nearly destroying it's voice.

"But you must behave, understand?"

Lee scooped the beast up in his arms, and started to fly… he flew to a special place. He had visited this place time and time again, it was a haven for beings not of the norm. He placed the man inside the walls of this haven, trusting the man had learned that these powers come with an enforcer. Lee was the enforcer, he was near one of a kind, with his wings and his magic, people used to do this to they're children back in the middle ages, they used to call them farce angels, Lee preferred artificial angels, they used to take a pair of wings from a certain bat that shed it's wings, and when you pressed them to anything biological they would take hold and grow to scale with the body. He was lucky, most of them didn't survive the process, but he was from a strong family.

Lee stood at the edge of a tall building. It looked pretty old, made from brick and wood rather than metal and concrete. It reminded him a lot of himself, using out dated means, but still not meeting his end. He raised his head to see the sun brimming on the horizon, Time to look normal. He thought. It was nice that only magical beings could see his true self, but every once in a while a head would turn, they usually just shake it off and dismiss it as their eyes being tricked. He spiked his hair, making sure to look as normal as possible. Another day in the world had come, busses had just started to move, taxis started moving customers from point A to point B. simple lives; no idea what went on other than in their own little world. Lee had a new day, mostly he just hung out at cafés that accept his kind, but today he had an errand in town, a contact needed assistance.

"So, what do you need, Clement? There must be a dang good reason you dragged me down to the bowels of the city." Lee said

"Oh yeah, I got a reason, and I told you don't call me Clement; my street name is John." John the contact said.

Lee looked at him, amused.

"Well we aren't on the street now are we?"

"I suppose, now I'll just skip the argument and just show you the problem." 'John' said.

He pulled back a vale revealing two incredibly large arachnid like beings, with giant scissor like jaws, no eyes, eight to ten legs, and a camouflage coloring to them.

"Oh come on man, you know that I don't do bugs, besides what's the mater with them? They look healthy enough." Lee said.

"Yeah count how many there are." john said.

"Two." Lee answered.

"There used to be three." John replied.

Lee stood on his toes, surveying the interior of the cage, seeing shrapnel of the third on the ground.

"oh, yep, I can see that, so what do you want me to do?" Lee asked.

"I want you to get in there and put them in different cages." john replied.

" Alright, sounds easy enough." Lee said sarcastically.

Lee used a skeleton key to unlock a large steel door, it had rusted hinges, and squeaked loud enough to make the two arachnids turn there eyeless heads.

Lee stepped forward slowly, trying to evade the bug shrapnel on the floor.

"Easy little bug, nice bug." He soothed.

It made a giant hissing sound, Lee turned back to the pane of glass separating him and John.

"I'd like to come out now." Lee squeaked.

No reply came.

"Fantastic." Lee said.

Lee crept behind won and with a powerful leap he was on top of one's back. It reared up, bucking back and forth. He screamed, out of excitement and surprise. He pushed its face down into the ground hard enough to knock it out. He now dragged the incapacitated bug into another cage; it was lighter than it looked.

"Pay up." he said.

"Alright, but I think that was too easy, I think you should earn it." John whined.

Lee looked at John so angrily it took all his might not slap him upside the head.

"Dude, I had to jump on the back of giant bug, and you think that's easy, I'd like to see you try that." Lee exclaimed.

"Noted, Dizzy can you bring my wallet?" John called.

"Sure" A young women said from behind a book shelf.

She gave John the wallet, John reached in and pulled out several twenty dollar bills.

Lee snapped them from John's hands, saying "thank you."

Note to self: never do business with bugs again, Lee thought to himself.

Lee walked down the sidewalk to his favorite café; it was one of the cafés that accepted his kind. He stepped through the door, the café was made probably in the late 80's, with dark wood for the walls, a large pane of glass in front for a window, and tile and carpeting for the floor.

Lee immediately noticing the new crowd that filled the room: there couldn't have been more than 15 people in the building, excluding the man behind the counter. The group mainly consisted of abnormals; five goblins, three satyrs, a man that looked like he was made of solid gold, and several other types of odd creatures. One man sitting at the counter turned around to look at him, the odd thing about him was the fact that there was a plunger on the top of his head. Lee walked over to the man behind the counter, Lee and he were good friends, his name was Danny.

"Danny boy, how's it going?" Lee asked.

"It's going good I guess." Danny answered.

Lee leaned on the counter.

"Dude, what's up with the guy with the plunger on his head?" Lee asked baffled.

Danny looked at him surprised.

"Oh, I thought you knew." Danny said

Lee looked at him even more baffled.

"Knew what?"

"He's new to the whole fairies being real concept," he said

The man looked over at them, then gazed meaningfully into his drink as

If it knew his pain unlike any other person on earth.

"The guy came in here screaming about fairies being real, and you know how I like to keep 'the secret world' secret, so I put my most powerful relic on him." Danny explained.

"A magical plunger, that's the best you've got? Holy crap man, you've got a weak arsenal." Lee exclaimed.

Danny looked at him angrily.

"This magical plunger can stop a person from talking, completely shuts down their higher brain functions, not even a peep." Danny went on.

Lee looked at him mystified.

"You mean you found it? I thought it was only a legend." Lee looked at the plunger, Fingers inching towards it.

"And the best part is only the person that put it on can take it off." Danny said.

"Where did you find it?" Lee asked bewildered.

"I paid twenty bucks for it on eBay; the title of it was 'amazing

Plunger of silence'"

Lee laughed at the title, it wasn't every day he saw a powerful relic

"So, anyways, can I get you anything?" Danny asked Lee with a smile.

Lee looked a little surprised from the sudden change in topic.

"Um, sure how about a cup of coffee?" Lee requested.

Danny looked at Lee confused.

"Coffee? I thought you didn't drink coffee." Danny said.

"I had a bad night with a werewolf." Lee said blankly.

"Oh you need a cup of my special java." Danny suggested.


Danny turned around, pulled out a pot, walked over to a fridge,

Withdrew a carton of milk and eggs.

Lee looked at the items confused.

Danny placed the pot on the burners cracked two eggs in to it, added some milk then took a bag of coffee grounds from behind the counter,

and started to add them straight to the egg/milk mixture. It was a small bag but for some reason it kept on coming out, must have been bigger on the inside. Finally the grounds came to an end, the java sauce came to a boil and Danny served it to Lee. Once in a mug it actually looked quite refreshing, it wasn't lumpy or green or anything.

Lee sniffed it, he let out a sigh of comfort, it smelled like an amazing cup of coffee, he took a sip of the "special java" it tasted amazing it burst with strong, bitter, sweetness.

"Mmmm, this is really good." Lee said, this was probably the first cup of coffee he would actually enjoy, and most likely the last.

"Well, I gotta get going, see ya Danny." Lee said.

He walked towards the door turning back for one last word.

"Live forever guys!" Lee told the crowd.

The crowd shouted a loud "Hooh-rah" in response.

He exited the café with a smile on his face, he always did.