chapter 2

An Odd Request

Lee walked down a cement sidewalk, just a yard after he passed a pay phone it rang, it seemed like no one was going to answer it, oh well, why not? Lee thought. Lee picked up the phone, saying "Hello?".

A voice immediately answered "Lee we need you to get over here now."

Lee knew who the voice was, it was his boss when there weren't any jobs available.

"I'll be there in five minutes" Lee said.

"alright, what's up?" Lee asked the man standing in front of him, he was tall about 6' 3" with broad shoulders, a square jaw and horn rim glasses.

"we have a special job for you," the man said, "one only you can do, it's a protection job." the man explained.

"Alright, I haven't done a protection job in a while, but I suppose it works for me, where are they?" Lee asked.

"she'll be out here in a few seconds." the man said.

Lee stood impatiently in the room, his foot ticked in synchronization with the clock.

"ah, come on Gabriel, where is she?" Lee asked angrily.

"she should be out of been out here minutes ago." Gabriel said.

Lee fiddled with his wings, they were all dusty from the doors, which were clearly not built for him.

"anyways Gabe, what do I owe you? And don't bring up that time in Brazil, seriously man how was I supposed to know that goat was evil?"

"well you could have-" Lee cut him off.

"dude the question was rhetorical." Lee said. Just then a girl walked in. She looked a little taller than 5', she had golden hair with black highlights, her eyes looked like they were made from blue crystals, her skin was even paler than Lee's, and she looked around 14 or 15.

"Lee meet Anuganunnn; you can call her Sarah" said Gabriel, "it's spelled with three N's. This is the girl you're going to be protecting."

"Hi" is all "Sarah" could manage.

Lee walked over to greet her, he may have been a skilled weapon in combat but towards all lady's he was a polite gentleman.

"Hello, my name is Lee Wilks, my friend Gabe has told me about you, and apparently I am assigned to protect you." Lee explained

"I'm Sarah, nice to meet you " Sarah said.

Gabriel looked around the room, "well I think my business here is done, Lee you can take care of her?" Gabe asked.

"I'm good, how about you?" he asked Sarah.

"I'm fine." Sarah answered.

Lee rubbed his hands together, "well, lets get a move on."

"so tell me a little about yourself." Lee said.

They were at a small diner, Lee had ordered a small basket of fries and a burger, Sarah ordered piece of deep fried cod and fries which she had barely touched.

"well I was born in a orphanage, and grew up there until about five years ago, when this group of people who understood what I was inducted me into their 'family', they taught me to control my power and harness it whenever I needed it, so how about you, what was your past like?" Sarah asked.

Lee looked down into his fries, wondering whether he could muster the strength to tell the story of his past.

"Listen Sarah there are couple things that you don't want to ask me, I won't do anything to you, but these things bring up very bad memories, so please don't." Lee explained, "but I can tell you about myself, obviously you noticed my wings, um what else, of yeah I can….feel the

future" Sarah cocked her head at this, "what do you mean?"

"Well you know how when you have butterflies in your stomach or you just have a bad feeling about something, it's like a much more intensified version of that."

"I get it" Sarah said.

"I can also harness magical energy and transform it into weapon form." Lee explained.

"Hmm, sounds very interesting." Sarah said.

"Well, the sun is getting pretty low, we best get moving." Lee declared.

It was true; the sun was almost all the way below the horizon, Lee got up, headed over to the counter and paid the waitress at the cash register.

"Did you have any where in mind?" Sarah asked.

Lee looked a little embarrassed; his eyes were searching in his

Brain for answers.

"Well usually I stay at like a motel, but since I have a guest I should do something a little more high class, I suppose." Lee said.

"No, a motel sounds fine to me, just as long as it's good with you." Sarah said.

Lee let out a sigh of relief, "good because that was tomorrow's breakfast that I was risking by saying that," Lee looked around the room and found a map, "the nearest motel is a super 6 and it's about 20 miles away. Well, let's get to it."

"Are we going to fly? Because I would really like that." she said ecstatically.

"Yeah you see the problem with that is a boy with a girl on his back just suddenly levitating is really not good for unbelievers eyes." Lee said depressed, she looked at him and said "good point, so do we like get a cab?" she asked him.

"Pretty much." they stepped outside the diner, while Lee called for a taxi, Sarah wandered around the corner. She found a small butterfly on a flower, she reached for it but it flew away over to another flower. She started to hum a quiet tune, she then reached for it again and it lay still, she picked it up, it's wings flapped a little then it became still again. Then Lee's voice interrupted her hum and the butterfly flew away, "Sarah, we got to go; the taxi is here." Lee called.

Lee walked over to her.

"You ready?" Lee asked.

"Mhmm" Sarah answered.

"Let's go."

Lee drifted in and out of consciousness, every muscle in his body ached with feverish pain. Then he was completely immersed in sleep.

"YOU KNOW THE ONLY WAY OUT FOR YOU IS TO GIVE IN TO ME, AND YET YOU STILL RESIST ME, MY OFFER IS OPEN YOU WILL BE BETTER ,STRONGER ,AND MY RIGHT HAND MAN, SO MAKE THIS EASIER ON BOTH OF US AND JUST GIVE IN." Said the shadow's voice. Lee looked at the shadow with such rage that would make the toughest man in the world cry, but there was a small glimmer of happiness in him, just knowing that he was resisting a demon fed his strength.

"yeah I'd be better and stronger, but I'd be more like you, so make this easier on both of us and give up." Lee said with a grin on his face.

"THEN YOU LEAVE ME NO CHOICE, I'M AFRAID THIS IS , GOING TO HURT A LOT." Said the demon, it placed its hand on Lee's chest, and started tearing. Then he felt Sarah jostling him awake, "Lee, Lee! Wake up!" Sarah was yelling at him.

Lees eyes darted back and forth, he was In another dingy room, with Sarah leaning over him.

"what is it?" Lee asked her in a hoarse voice.

"you were screaming, I tried to calm you down, then you started getting violent and started to thrash about" She explained.

Lee got up and rushed over to the bathroom, he reached the sink and spat up blood, he examined himself after washing the blood down the drain, he had cuts on his back, Lee searched his brain for answers.

"Are you going to tell me what that was all about?" Sarah said very confused.

"Later, now we have to…." Lee was cut off by a feeling of intrusion. "Oh no, people are coming, pack your things." Lee told Sarah, without

another word she turned around and started packing, her face held a look of knowing, she knew what he meant.

Lee looked over at the clock it read 6:30 AM.

Sarah informed lee that she was done packing, "Good, now let's go."

They exited the room and went down the hall way. Lee examined the scene in the main room of the hotel: there were five people in the room

in all, two men were playing cards at a table, another man was reading a news paper, and two more men were enjoying the continental breakfast.

"Don't look but we're almost completely surrounded," Lee

nodded to the man reading with a smile "Newspaper," he then

nodded to the two men playing cards, "Cards, and only one of the ones eating breakfast, yes sir, we are surrounded, but I think I can take them, if they come at me first." Lee told her.

Lee and Sarah walked up to the cashier.

"We'd like to check out please, thanks." Lee told the cashier.

"Okay, how was your stay?" asked the cashier.

"It was great, can we hurry this up?" Lee asked, frustrated.

"Sure would you like to fill out a comment card?"

"No thank you." he handed her money "keep the change"

"Have a nice day." she said with a smile

They walked out into the parking lot; the three men followed them into the parking lot. Lee turned to face them; they stopped in their tracks not 3 yards from Lee and Sarah.

"What do you want?" Lee asked.

"I want the girl, give her to us and you can walk away without anything have happened." the man said in a gruff voice.

"Yeah, that's the thing, I would, but I promised I wouldn't." Lee said

"My patience is wearing thin." the three men said in unison.

"Now you see that's creepy." Lee said, Sarah nodded.

"Give her to me or I'll take her." they said in unison, three voices but one conscious.

What was this, three average guys talking in unison trying to take a girl wasn't normal; there was something different about them.

"What are you, you're not normal people. You're some sort of hive mind,

How'd you get in these people? I demand to know." Lee said in a strong tone

"I am the mind." the voices said.

"Well you're obviously not good so gotta run," Lee turned to Sarah "remember I told you that I would fly you somewhere, now is the time." she climbed on his back, Lee could feel her nervousness vibrating her across his back. Lee looped her Legs through his arms so he was

carrying her piggyback. Lee started to run, average speed than faster, faster, faster, until he was in

the air, it was harder with two people but he could manage. They were flying at about a hundred yards from the

ground, the wind rushed across Lees face, making his hair blow franticly like a writhing mass of whipping hair. The sun was peeking above the horizon line, tones of red and gold streaked the morning sky. Lee pointed to a small park to the right,

"That looks like a good place to land." Lee told Sarah. She nodded in response. Lee landed in the sand right by the swing set and the teeter-totter, he set Sarah down on the ground. She put her hand on her head, she looked dazed.

"Wow, I can honestly say that was one of the oddest things that has ever happened to me," Sarah declared. Lee looked at her, his eyes held a look of annoyance. "you're one to talk, I was the one flying with someone on my back." Lee took a deep breath in and said, "Wow, it's been a long time since I've flown with more than just me. Are you doing alright?" he asked Sarah.

"I'm okay, just a little dizzy, thanks for flying me out of there." She replied.

"No problem, it's my job," He said, Lee checked his watch it read 7:00 AM, the morning had begun, "time to go."

Lee took Sarah's hand and started to walk, they where near a city and it didn't take long for them to reach a major populated portion of the city. Lee explained to Sarah that the best way to stay hidden was to become a face in the crowd. They went into a diner and ordered breakfast, it was one of those diners that when you see them you think of one time period: the fifties. The floor was in a checkered pattern, everything was colored in bright red and white. A woman came up to Lee and Sarah and showed them their table. She pulled out a pen and paper, handed them two menus, and asked them what they wanted, Lee let Sarah order first.

"Um, I'll have scrambled eggs and toast." Sarah told the waitress,

"and you sir?" she asked lee.

"I'll have a banana." Lee answered.

"okay." The waitress said, she wrote down the orders and left taking the menus with her. They sat in silence for a moment.

"So, do you have any idea what those people were?" Sarah asked Lee.

He looked at her baffled, no thoughts came to his mind.

"no clue, most likely some sort of collective consciousness, I have no idea why they were after you but that's where my job comes in, but I'd better check with a colleague of mine."

"Is that where we're going?" Sarah asked.

"after my banana, good source of potassium, bananas are good." Lee told Sarah. Just then the waitress came up, and placed their plates in front of them.

"you two enjoy." the waitress said.

"We will," Lee looked eyed the banana, "yum."

Lee and Sarah walked down the side walk, just four feet from them traffic was backed up as far as the eye could see. Lee smiled, so odd what these people think is important, work, rent, all of them thinking, hearts beating, lungs breathing, but none of them actually living. Lee thought. Lee looked up: the sun was about mid point in the sky. The day seemed to pass so slowly, time was a bit like traffic sometimes it went fast other times it was backed as far as the eye could see, unable to move, but sometimes it just needed a push. just then I knife came around lee's neck. Lee lifted his hands signaling resignation.

"I am unarmed" Lee said.

"Lee you are never unarmed." said a voice Lee recognized.

The knife was removed from his throat.

The man turned lee around and gave him a big hug.

"oh man, why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

"um, okay I'm confused, do you guys know each other" Sarah said.

"Sarah meet Lenard Griff, Griff meet Sarah, Griff is the man that found me and taught me to use my inner energy." Lee explained. " he was basically my adopted dad.".

"um, okay." Sarah said.